The cloudbusting

rain is a good thing as we all know in moderate amounts when the ground and plants need it. thunderstorms also as we know can be used as weapons by haarpicrats. gifting sorties in boats can be severely hampered or thwarted by heavy weather. on the open seas heavy weather can be a downright safety factor.

there is a solution to heavy or violent weather intrusion on your gifting runs. everyone here knows that if you point a cloudbuster at a thunderstorm cell the storm will weaken and dissipate into a gentle nourishing rain with little or no wind and lightening.

something maybe some here don’t know is that don and carol have produced a minicloudbuster that is powerful and interactive. i say don and carol invented it because every time i mention to some person i’m talking to when don is there, “and here is the inventor of the orgonite cloudbuster, don croft” he mentions that it was he AND carol who invented these things. that makes sense too because they are a team. their cross-consultation has produced how many orgonite inventions? seven, eight or nine commonly known things?

well, this latest one is a real strong thing. my first actual personal experience with it was during the gifting sortie by boat of the entire biscayne bay, that water body that stretches from miami to key largo, florida. we were on the return leg of that fourty or fifty mile run when we witnessed repeated lightening strikes out of the clear blue sky, an area somewhat clear of a threatening thunderstorm moving into our path of progression. i decided to hold and point the mini-cb at the storm and began blasting through the device.

about fifteen minutes of off and on blasting and the storm began to rapidly diminish. the deep navy blue clouds thinned to lighter shades of gray and the lightening stopped. ten minutes later and the rain had stopped to a drizzle and the storm cell had spread out into a thin light gray cloudbank with a minimal sprinkle. jeez at this rate i expected to see a glorious rainbow next.

by this time i was realizing that i had a powerful weather enhancing tool in my hands and had just then personally helped nature adjust an artificial weather tampering situation into a natural one by aggressively removing dor from a local event. how empowering!

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