The 'Croftians?'

This word is a standard joke among some of my closer friends.

Really, though, if Carol and I ever got pegged that way by sycophants and if our many close associates were then somehow painted as followers that would be quite damaging to this anti-organized effort.

See why Dr Reich detested sycophants?

So, for the record I’d like to suggest some other names for this movement that can be thrown in the mix if the CIA’s Monarch-programmed, noisy sycophant horde ever manage to put a name on this un-nameable movement. These names represent associates, after all, who have accomplished or will probably accomplish more than the Crofts:




The Smiths

Weise Ones



Kellyans or Grampa’s Chirrun (‘children’)

Cescites (should be pronounced, ‘Chess Kites’)

The Daum’d


Francifuls --Francescans?


Tetsuzians or Moriwakers

Carréans (not to be confused with ‘Koreans’)



‘The Vittorious’

Batiibwens, or ‘Intrepid Batmen’

Nicolaiskis or ‘Sushkovites’

The list can go on and on, of course, and there’s no top or bottom to the list [Image Can Not Be Found] and if you feel that your name should be included, please email me and I’ll post an addendum.


A sycophant is ‘a servile flatterer.’

I’m not like those writers who use a lot of arcane words just to impress; pedants. I’m self-educated, which is to say that I probably exemplify LaoTse’s admonition: There’s something ponderous and one-sided about the learning of the self-taught.

I love words, though, and sometimes the only words that work to make a point are the ones that people rarely use, so I try to be mindful to include definitions of those for the sake of our readers, many or most of whom don’t use English as their primary language.

English is a maddening language to learn because the structure is essentially irrational but, probably because its roots are in so many other languages and cultures, it’s also a very rich language for expressing subtleties. We can’t say it’s the best auxiliary language for the planet but it’s the most universal at the moment.

I hope that enough people thorughout the planet will hold an internet referendum and pick or invent a universal auxiliary language that is easier to learn, has an organic, rational structure and is still capable of expressing subtleties as well as technical data.

If the corporation-owned governments try to do this they’ll probably fail, judging by their track records regarding every other progressive effort. In fact, judging by the way that the corporate/occult world order has been trying so hard to dumb us all down, if their own violent and oppressive governments got behind this effort we’d all be talking to each other in grunts, squeaks and rude gestures after that, assuming that these governments could employ enough educators and police to enforce the plan.

I’d like for Spanish to be in the running as the auxiliary world language. I really believe that it’s the most suitable one.

You might not have noticed, yet, that there’s a lot of real power in uttering a new, timely idea in public. Anyone can do it. People with a lot of letters behind their names are the least likely to say anything that’s actually worthwhile, obviously. You can usually tell how powerful the utterance is by how vigorously it eventually gets assaulted by the stuffed-shirt, academic parasites and the What To Think Network’s talking heads. Or, they might evven throw deranged, masochistic psychiatrists/psychologists into the mix [Image Can Not Be Found] like the corporate/occult world order is now doing in Spain.

German Georg told me that when he was working in Rotterdam as part of an international crew of architects they adopted ‘Desperanto’ and it worked tolerably well in the short term (now, he’s an orgonite tycoon, of course) but a functional auxiliary global language will need to be more elaborate than that.

The last time I lived in the Pacific (mid-1980s) I met some people from Vanu Atu who spoke Pidgin English for intertribal social intercourse. It was actually musical & pleasant to hear but I don’t think it’s capable of carrying on a technical conversation. The people from that island country are very charming, by the way. Nearly every tribe has a separate language in that region, sort of like nearly every country in Europe has a separate language.

I even spent some time, in Western Samoa, with some vine jumpers from Tanna (an island in Vanu Atu) but these guys wear more than just the penis sheath when away from home. That was a fun time for me and I really hated to have to return to the US. Now, I’d like to stay in the US and keep working until the corporate, murderous federal government is peacefully dismantled.


May we call you “The Golden Don”?

or perhaps the pot addled new agers/hippies would prefer “Croftafarians”

Very valuable, partners, thx!

Cheech and Chong had a skit, back in the day, about a bornagain chump who said, ‘I used to be all messed up on drugs; now I’m all messed up on JEEEEEEsus!’

Maybe we’re all messed up on orgonite

If you’re keen to put your name on this unorganized global revolution (which would make you, too, a prime target of the CIA, MI6, perhaps also the Triads [Image Can Not Be Found] ), let me know in email, okay? Also, if any of the people whose names I mentioned at the top of the thread are offended, let me know and I’ll remove the name, okay?


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