The Cult of Personal Integrity

Honigblume, who diligently manages the German orgonite forum, sent me a translation of some virulent character assaults from an ‘old hand’ in Europe who had previously attempted to destroy (June, 2007) and has raised his head, again, after an absence of almost two years. I expressed my thanks to her because even though I’m not multilingual I know how much time and effort is needed to translate & it’s also very useful for me to know what our assailants are saying in the moment.

Thanks again, Honigblume!

The gist of the very extensive and detailed sabotage strategy is that everyone who follows our advice has foolishlly subjected him/herself to cult influence: the Don Croft Cult. I think he also said that orgonite doesn’t disable death towers

Another detractor on this side of the Atlantic had published but he immedately took it offline as soon as I published the accusatory link, with my ‘answer back’ comments. That site featured a history of all the moles and saboteurs whom I had personally and quietly dissociated from over the previous years and the author was claiming that I had rather betrayed them because I stopped promoting them. I very rarely broadcast the names of our betrayors and detractors because part of the design of the agencies who use these sociopaths is to get us to engage in public contention. Contentious people are rightly seen as foolish and self-seeking, after all. The current poisonmonger in Europe, though, is a lot more clever than this American fellow and he uses several names for himself in order to sneak into people’s confidence. A couple of saboteurs over here also use multiple names.

I don’t think it’s necessary to name him because (1) I’ve never invited him to post, here; (2) I’m pretty sure he’s spoiling for a public ‘debate,’ and to debate slanderers in public is just like wrestling with a pig in the mud: you just get exhausted and filthy and the pig glories in it.

The reason the accusation of ‘cult leader’ doesn’t stick to me is because I don’t make any authoritarian claims and none of us are organized–there’s no hierarchy; everything any of us do or say which seems questionable can and should be challenged in a sincere way and we’re compelled to answer those challenges for the record. Mere sniping is another category, of course–an act of psychological warfare that warrants another kind of honest response. Destroying someone’s character with backbiting is worse, I think, than merely destroying the body.

I make it clear to new contributors to EW, after asking them whether they wish to participate, that the only rules EW has is ‘no preaching,’ and ‘stick mainly to the subject matter of the forum.’ I also tell them that this is unabashedly a war-oriented forum but that nobody is mandated to participate in our war-waging international weekly chat sessions. I ask them not to promote militant pacificism, since that would confuse our readers.

One of our posters, last year, started preaching theosophy and posting related disinformation websites and I didn’t censor him or kick him out, even though some readers complained about him. I did ask him to stop doing it and he agreed to that. He’s a fantastic gifter and writes good reports, which is why I invited him. A lot of the good gifters whom I invite choose not to join and in that case I often post their reports, which I get in email. I generally ask their permission, first. I always want good gifting and observation reports from reputable people, for the record. If we don’t keep that record, who will? Answer: evidently nobody else at the moment. Some agency fakers have even tried to steal credit for our accomplishments. Magically, when I post about those attempts the fakers back off, or have done, so far

I mention ‘integrity’ in the subject line because this is what guides our general enquiry. People who are dishonest are never comfortable with this approach and when they work for the $#!+bird agencies and can write well, perhaps also exude charisma, they enthusiastically attack us from behind on account of it. Those people are always the minority, just like people who strive for personal integrity are another minority. In the middle are the huge majority: the PJ folks who flee from personal accountability and discernment as though they were genital warts. Since the majority are merely reactive we don’t concern ourselves with them, much, though of course we love them and we’re not superior to them, nor are we essentially superior to our detractors, who remain capable of acting from personal integrity as long as they’re drawing breath.

The curious thing about personal integrity is that it’s something we each will only ever have in the moment, which means that everything we write, here, has to be reviewed and considered by the writer with that standard in mind before it’s offered publicly.

One of the motivators of this cautious approach is that some aggressive people, like this sleepless fellow, line up in ranks to catch the faintest whiff of inaccuracy or self-motivation in all of the reports that are posted, here. I don’t even have time to read all the posts on my own forum, so I assume that a whole lot of agency people study them in detail, over a long period, before fashioning an ‘individual’s’ sabotage campaign. i’ve never had the impression that any of our more persistent detractors are acting singly. A well known one in the US says he works three full time jobs and reads all the posts on several forums, even claims to have a constant sttream of lovers–go figure.

I’m walking a tightrope with comments like that, but those two frontline detractors, whom I haven’t named, are going to be tempted to dramatically wail, perhaps with an accompanying Greek chorus of Monarch sociopaths in forums, that I’m attacking them and they’ll expose their true nature to even more people if they do so Poor babies.

I specifically watch for gifters, to post on EW, who show signs of having a conscience because then I don’t have to micromanage this forum. Alejandro, who generously administers EW for me, is only concerned with the technical integrity of the forum and with helping people get regiistered, which leaves time for him to post his incredible, historic gifting reports from Chile. In this happy circumstance I can trust everyone to post substantive material that will inspire and educate our readers and will make the public record of empirical evidence that supports the validity of our work even more robust and unassailable.

Some social integrity has been achieved on EW, thanks to everyone’s effort. Now that this has been achieved, the assaults from outside the legitimate informal network become merely free advertising; exciting the curiosity of the more substantive people who might have read the backbiting or gotten some wheedling email from our attackers…

I constantly state, when I report about efforts and observations that challenge our readers’ credulity, that I’m only offering my subjective view. When Je, in posts on EW, blasted people who believe in UFOs I didn’t censor or blame him because, after all, my experiences with UFOs are merely personal, not ‘provable.’ Nor is any of that particularly relevant to the work we’re all doing.

Even the psychics tell us that what they’re all seeing together in the etheric realm can only be reported as subjective material. We use their findings as ‘battlefield intelligence,’ not as proof, though we often get some interesting corroboration for their findings from other sources. The current assailant hasn’t gone after the psychics, by the way and is entirely focused on me at the moment.

I don’t have any personal authority and I certainly don’t want it, nor do I have or want a personal following. This is a big, worldwide and vital movement that Carol and I initiated in the spring of 2001 but the only bit of it that I’m responsible for is the quality of the content of this forum. She’s only going to take responsibility for her blogsite and for maintaining and improving the quality and value of her products.

My wife can tell you that I’m content to spend most of my days and nights with just her, rather, though I also visit my kids–all grownups–as often as I can. If I wanted followers I wouldn’t be as candid as I am in posts and in email correspondence. How many bornagain chumps or Theosophy-$#!+slingers do you think would like me if I didn’t constantly critiicise those grinning, braindead, corporate/occult paradigms, for instance?

Anyone who has an interest in reading posts on EW also sees that many of the contributors heartily disagree with some of my assumptions and are not afraid to say so. I even post criitical material like that from our readers, then answer back in a way that doesn’t insult their own characters. I don’t hesitate to criticise or laugh at the PJ folks’ spoonfed, destructive belief systems, though.

Personal integrity, along with being a moment-to-moment condition and subject to how well we can keep our egos in check, is also like being pregnant: nobody is ‘a little bit pregnant,’ and when someone lapses from that necessary standard no amount of posturing, charisma or fast talking will cover up the evidence when one has some discernment

Someone told me that medical students are often specifically trained to ‘look sincere,’ to their patients because ‘Sincerity is important, so if you can fake it, you’ve got it made!’ i have faith, by the way, that a few of these actually become sincere simply by acting that way and getting the heartfelt response from patients.

We don’t want to fake it, here, and I want someone to call each of us on it whenever we fall short of demonstrating personal integriity. Fortunately for us, that clever $#!+slinger in Europe is only advertising for us under the circumstances but I do think it’s a good idea to point out, from time to time, that this unorganized global work network is NOT an organization and that my position in it is dependent on my ability to demonstrate personal integrity from day to day. Nobody can rest on his laurels when there’s so much at stake.

Don’t kid yourself: we’re all destroying the Global Warming agenda, debilitating the Armaggedon agenda, also undermining the massive-scale brainwashing campaign of the CIA and MI6 and ‘stealing away’ many of their walking, programmed assets. We may even be undermining the Palestinian Holocaust, or perhaps some intrepid and conscientious Israeli gifters are about to stake that one in the corporate heart, finally. If you were an integral part of the CIA, MI6 or the Mossadomites®, what would you do to stop us? You couldn’t shoot us because that would speed up the demise of your corporate/genocidal/parasitic masters by drawing a whole lot of attention to our work, so your only option would be backbiting. How pitiful is that?

By the way, they now know that their efforts over the years to kill us with poison has backfired because we’ve thus been induced to start detoxification campaigns. Zappers stopped the organic poisons from killing us outright and the poison metals they dosed us all with are being expelled by some good products. Carol and I used the packaged colon/liver detox from and I think Stevo’s got some good recommendations, too. We’re getting healthier than before the agencies started trying to kill many of us with poison, six years or so ago. The Terminator zapper helps get toxic stuff out of the body but if one has been subjected to multiple poison and poisonous metal assaults some extra effort is needed, of course. Orgonite on or near the body evidently neutralizes radioactive poisons quite fast. This is something that’s easiily measured with appropriate instruments and, hopefully, some folks in Eastern Europe and/or Russia who are contaminated with radioactive material, either from US ‘dirty’ bombs on cities in the region or from nuclear powerplant ‘accidents,’ are a fertiile test group.

I hope that Carol and I will be around for the duration and I don’t think that any amount of clever character assaults will erase us as long as we’ve got something worthwhile to offer and as long as we don’t stink up the place with egoism. She’s about to get past her shyness and launch her crystal/gem blogsite, by the way.

We at play to the small global crowd who also value self-sacrifice, actually do this work (or intend to do it) and who value discernment. The $#!+slingers also play to that little crowd. We don’t really care if the vast Pajama People majority think we’re terrorists, cultists or con artists because it’s always the little minority that we’re playing to who actually determine the course of history.


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