The Doctor's crazy!


My father told me today that he showed my messages on WM to a friend psychiatrist a while ago. He read everything and concluded that I suffer clearly from paranoia. Good to know, haha!

I can manage the diagnosis myself, but I feel sorry for the patients that get judged by this kind of MD’s everyday, and can only hope that they handle their patients with a bit of humanity.

But today I felt sorry for my father, he has to bear this crazy son of his, is worrying way too much, and I should keep my mouth shut about orgonite, talking about it does not accomplish much.


PS I’m sure you’re all being paranoid too, which makes this gifting movement an interesting phenomenon that would be worth investigating for mainstream science since it seems to be contagious. For those that are just passing by: be warned, you’re being infected!

To avoid going outside the box and seeing truth which would blow your mind you actually believe anyone there, believing that, is “mad”. I get this all the time re medical truths, and they will believe such insanity as mercury is perfectly safe to put in your’s and children mouths and babies bodies, vaccines don’t cause autism, and drugs are the best medicine, all alt med is quackery, anti-vax people are mad, etc.

How surprising to find that [email protected] is a full-on paranoid schizophrenic</–from an MD

The entire "" domain is nothing but a sideshow stage for people obsessed with showing off their individual and collective madness .-- - Bil

they really believe that. Hypnotism terminology calls it Rationalisation

Alan Cantwell even wrote an article about it

"Conspiracy theorist" is a covert way of saying "nut/cook" to brainwashing techniques.

at least it is not openly hostile <You really are complete scum, John. Do the world a favor – fuck off and die.

It is a 12 year journey for me, one after another, and we tend to forget where other people are, or we were years ago. My partner thinks I am pretty insane to think 911 was an inside job, Paul McCartnery was substituted, vaccines are used for genocide etc. And those are fairly tame beliefs.


“A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on.”–William Burroughs

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