The Dots video

Last week I posted this wonderful video by Larken Rose, promoting his book, on my blog:

The Dot

You need to watch this in order to get what this post is about; The Dots.

Late last week CTBusters was hacked along with 500,000 other OS Commerce-based websites and you can read about it [Here

Assuming you’re still with me and found your way back here after watching a video and reading my blog post, my comment is short and sweet: there are a lot of little Dots. The Dots are gangs. Petty thieves. Immoral criminal dirt bags. Bloods, Crips, Congressmen, Lobbyists, Federal Agencies, Google, all Dots, all little gangs of thugs that want to control us and to enrich themselves off of our labor. If they were all gathered together the resulting dot would still be tiny compared to us. I feel that right now all of us need to see this perspective in order for us to reclaim our power. We are not overwhelmed by numbers, just bullshit. We have the numbers and all they have is bullshit. That’s it. You were a good class today, but you still have to do your homework!

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That’s all I got, stories are attached.