The Easter map

Church of Nativity in Jerusalem to Aleppo Citadel to Haditha power plant Dam. Turned on the tv box for Easter, and find out about a mass human sacrifica in Aleppo of people and children. Checked out the map, and draw a sort of square, (what is square anymore?). I joined the Electric Power Plant on the Lake Haditha, that looks as a sort of dragon, in direction of Baghdad, with the Citadel of Aleppo, about 500 kilometers and some, and on the other side at exactly the same lenght of side.
Church of Nativity in Jerusalem.For curiosity the middle line from the base of the triangle takes you all the way to Odessa, (yep but the maps cannot be trusted to much after a some amount of distance…?)

Berat Castle in Albania. Constantine big head.

Take from Zeus Temple in Pergammon, halfway to Rome at Villa Nazareth Foundation Tardini (1282 km about 800 miles), is the Berat city (iv century BC).

Double it and you are in Espagna, the Centro San Viator in San Cristobal, past the Bilbao Guggenheim.

EDIT with parks names! New map subdivision idea from Calcutta to France. Catch many country borders made with angles. Interesting the half way that comes down in Africa, again there are angles, Egypt, Sudan, The red points higlights them, the one in Italy is the Vesuvio Vulcan and Neaples. Over France the line arrives in Beziers and exit in Biscarrosse Parc Natural de Gascogne. Uganda Ruanda Botwsana on that axis started at border of Syria and Iraq where there are the artificial lakes.

Here the list of parks names over the line from the Middle East to Cape Town:

Al Khanafah Wildlife Sanctuary

Elba National Park Egypt

parc National de Virunga - Lake Eduard

Reseve National D’Intombwe

parc National de l’Upemba

Chobe National parc - Lynianti Sable Safaris

Mabuseube game reserve parc

Riemvasmaak Community Conservancy

Oops cubeupload free image server is down ‘server not found’.

Here is a fresh one, Milan Piazza Cairoli outside the Castle, to Turin Egyptian Museum (125.30 km) to Genoa Arch of Victory (adds to 249.45) Back to Milan Piazza Cairoli (adds to 369.50 km), in town the line is parallel to the Naviglio Canal.

The bisecting toward France down to Frejus a Roman town, to the right horizonatally to the river Arno the main river of Tuscany mouth in Marina di Pisa. Notice that the border Italy-France is passed at a place that is like an angled point.