The Gare's Post

I have always had it in My Mind that every post I made on this World’s
historic record of Wilhelm Reicht’s amazing life force restoring, to the
atmosphere’s, abilities woud be only
about Orgonite and this one will be no exception!

it was while I was a young Man that the Operators showed Me the attributes
of possessing physical silver that I could hear while I counted them… I
was 14('75) and every saturday morning
I counted dimes and quarters, from pinball machines, emptied out by My
Father’s 50/50 Partner in the orange julep variety food lane that He
operated in saskatoon sask….

I’m sure it was the high pitched sound of silver that triggered something
in Me. My Father’s Partner would always prod Me to buy every single pre
'66 CANADA dimes and quarters(80% si US pre '64 90%)for MySelf, that stash of coins was placed into a safety deposit
box and sat there undisturbed for over 30 yrs. actually I had long ago
given up on that safety box never thinking I would ever see them again
until. I believe, an Orgonite radionics box(hieronomous wishing machine) that has been running a
program to bring silver to Me since early '03 laid them in My lap! There was something else that happened in '75 that was far more important…. Mr. Katarinich, one of the Saskatoon high’s industrial arts teachers showed Me how to make a very crude “Orgone” generator unbeknownst to Us at the time… Was 2 silver $ coins along with a metal pen holder base encased in a super clear catalized resin [Image Can Not Be Found]. That pen holder sat as a paperweight
On My Fathers desk at His home office till being gifted back to Me as part of Dad’s estate 30 years later!
it was stolen by an MKID on a break in 3 years ago [Image Can Not Be Found]

it was 1999 that I finally listened to, what I was being shown 25 yrs.
before, and that was the year that I educated MySelf about the gold/silver
price suppression scheme and it’s certain failure by following the gold anti trust action team (gata)…another one
of gata’s fearless brave Warriors was murdered last thursday by THEIR CANCER weapon!!

wasn’t till 2001 that I
really started to stack si metal by utilizing “The rich man’s secret”(pay YOurSelf first)

as an etheric warrior I feel like the luckiest man in the world and this
never started till I was over 40(2001) was in late '01 early’02 that the
smartest young man, Thomas Nerbas, I knew of at the time visited Me for the
first time carrying a c/b, cd of cod a soda pulser on his arm(zapper) and
telling Me of Don&Carol Croft, Wilhelm Reicht and the hieronomous
machine(wishing machine)… I had a hard time accepting it all but I kept
coming back to the fact that He was smart!

decided to try the croft c/b
cause regina was souped in, for weeks on end day & night , just like Don
said 3 days later blue sky’s, I went wild and haven’t stopped…

There is not a shadow
Of a doubt that Regina sask is the most heavily gifted land on the globe and THEY
know it… I have travelled to and through a couple dozen countries since becoming aware of CHEMTRAILS and no where on earth gets SPRAYED like Regina that I’ve seen so far… The average day has 200 to 300 SPEWPLANE SPRAY overs and evenings I have no idea but its probably a lot more…
None of this is doing any damage as it all disappears mostly instantly or within a short time…
when I first moved to Regina in '99 the place stunk from all the crap the huge co-op oil refinery
Was releasing into the atmosphere, David Kennedy and I took care of that in one afternoon by ringing the entire complex with hundreds of t!b’s [Image Can Not Be Found]

There are 2 ways to win this WAR and were all doing the first way, Orgonite and We are all Orgonite Warriors against the same BANKSTER CABAL …. the second way is silver and
silver has been financing My gifting and the orgonite wishing machine
that karl welts first made is supplying the silver … along with alot of hard work…

the Operators have always looked after Me setting things up for Me to become a Warrior…The Ops obviously
knew what I was going to do so kept Me from dying in nov '96 (was in coma
for nearly 2 mnths)… there was another earlier time where I was set up to die but someOne else, very close, life got sacrificed instead of Mine so I could be here with You All… I never talk about it

always thought I couldn’t die yet cause had something
important to do like sacrifice My Life for My Children…

then 5 yrs later the
TOWERS came crashing down…

it was obvious to me to try to wake people up was
nobel but after 10 years of trying
it is a waste of My valuable Gifting time

I remained unshaven and tried very hard to persuade everyOne
if They would listen, or not, to protect ThemSelves by buying physical silver. gave up
on that 10 yrs to the day later(9/11/'11)
decided to put all My
efforts into gifting and building a life with My new Bride [Image Can Not Be Found]

so since the tenth yr anniversary of 9-11 -01 I now only give
silver investment advice here so please take heed and protect YourSelves

there is no One on the planet more deserving of this tip and stragedy then You
dedicated fearless warriors in selfless service to Humanity… I feel
confident that the Operators for sure want Me to tell You this and I can
further assure You that I am not the only Orgonite flinger member here as
the Operators have shown more gifters then Me these facts about silver…
if The Operators haven’t shown You yet Their probably just waiting for You
to ask to be shown?

a lot of Our generation are turned off by MONEY and
disdain CAPATILISM, I was always different, out of high school into
COMMERCE, waste of time… so became a property development company and
during My first year in COLLEGE I stacked up millions of dollars in revenue
property then THE FEDS raised FIAT interest rates to over 22% wiping Me
out… then I became a grower of fine herbs that lasted nearly 2 decades
that took Me out of the system but into a different box…

I’ve always had the ability to create wealth, learnt it from Dad no doubt,
he had a grade 6 education but could accomplish anything he put his mind
to, a true self made millionaire…

when I was 18 I thought He was an idiot by the time I turned 30 I realized how truly intelligent
Dad really was…

THEY murdered him with THEIR fast acting CANCER weapon in nov '04 i’m sure to punish me for what i was doing with Orgonite, they are so stupid cause when Dad died He left me 1/6th of
80% of his not so modest estate and I put it all into silver bullion!

the best advice I can give is to have a monthly
accumulation plan going, just pick a day of the month to buy si no matter
what the price [Image Can Not Be Found] also advise You to borrow every single dollar You can
and put 100% of Your wealth into physical silver bullion… You will be
paying back those loans with toilet PAPER cause today’s cash, is going to
be tomorrow’s trash …

EveryOne should know by now that this one last final attempt by THEM at unbacked
FIAT PAPER MONEY is going to end in disaster,You just don’t know when…

so what are You waiting for?

I believe that PAPER silver will crash down close to zero as there
will be a complete disconnect from anything PAPER and anything real…
mining shares are only PAPER when all the countries of the world
nationalize all the mines… the only MINING SHARES I’ve ever bought
are in a fund for the children cause was only way that MONEY could be invested ;-(

free energy is one of My favorite things to talk about and mainly cause
when We have it there will no longer be a need for silver and gold cause
anyone could mine precious metals out of sea water for free but until We
get there a lot of resources is going into building over priced solar
panels that is already taking up 11% of annual worldwide silver
production… how long before it takes up 100%? Heck china wants to build
an enormous amount of terra watts by 2020 …. The silver just ain’t there [Image Can Not Be Found]

some day it will run out, silver is the first metal on the endangered list and is due to
run out by 2020… when it does it will be valued at least the same as gold and probably a lot more!!

Interesting story Gare. You are a madman gifter! [Image Can Not Be Found]; I just bought more silver bars and coins today. I found a good silver source that will let you fund your IRA’s with silver. I only keep 20% of my portfolio in metals now, but may increase my holdings too. I’m now starting to hoard GMO-Free seeds of all sorts. Those could be more valuable than silver someday. Just make sure there are stored to last a long time. I also want to store massive amounts of orgonite and Gravity water filters with Shungite medium. I’m looking at moving to a 5 acre lot with rich soil and clean springs in the next few years.The operators are getting to me too!

Aaah Gare and Bear Claw, can I hug you both strongly. I have read and be inspired by your gifitng mighty, I am not leaving out Toby, Ben, Braikar, HKJ, DON, Carol, Mr. Bradley, Hyperion, Kristian in Sweden, the Teutonic gifters, the Alpine gifters, and awseome British gifters, and many many others unknown, at the origins whom myself, from much lower and minimal place and stance I accompanied my self to you example looking up toward the the path of greatness. Dancan and Chris, George, and what to say for their unique African mamas and sisters the most patient, merciful, but fearless courageous unique and intrepid. You all area like the supernovas that come and change the surface of the planet. Forever thanks.
We dont’ have money for anything at the moment but are trying to manifest the positivity against the destructive centripetal minds of the parasitic perverted and old and decaying ruling racket mobbing over of the poor old senile and confused continent.

For this discussion, I have seen an example of trading material of the past, the Baltic Amber that was a precious stuff and it still is valued much for healing and enhancing life, in the bronze age the amber was commerce, for example along other metals like tin, salt, silk, so it was possible to trade in various means of exchange according the need and circumstance. It was just one example of the many riches and resources that Earth provides. With the exception that now the parasites has to give it back to us, they better be doing that soon.

Get the land get it to work it is the way, away from the boxed prisons of the parasitic and toxic unnatural metropolis.

Thank you all

is this madMan enough for You BearClaw?
will post the accompanying gifting reports soon in the appropriate column ok?
just a little busy right now cleaning cloth diapers full of kaka…

Yes, Thats madman enough! How long it take you to do the pyramid? how many tbs? Is Thailand almost done?

That’s the third pyramid, albut the biggest… Na supervised the factory while I went to find MONEY… THEY made that one in about 3.5 months, near 20,000 there …

Thailand has total over 50K gifted with at least 10K distributed by the Dolphins sure… Bkk got near 10k into main river and canals…

will never forget that Frode bought 3 drums of resin for bkk… A true selfless Warrior!

Thailand is near done… still want to take a couple of swings through isan(eastern Thailand)
Also a trip over along the loas border and another on the western border with Myanmar and a couple in the far south… then it is done! Truck can carry 3000 tbs a trip along with ep’s and gear… The average trip is 5000k…

keep stacking Your silver Bear its about to start paying off in a big way!
it’s now looking more and more, that this 22 mnth orchestrated correction is over grid willing…

50K Holy Cow! [Image Can Not Be Found] Thats awesome! and 10k in ocean! Wow! Thailand is on fire.I buy a lot of produce from Thailand and enjoy the fact that’s it’s gifted. Thanks. You mentioned you would tell the story how you got spooked in the beginning of your gifting? remember? I’ve been waiting ; One last question; How much have you done in Canada?

Yw Bear… The dolphins got many 1000’s all thrown off the west coast ferries mostly, hard to say exactly how many as used to pile up 3.6 l tins, then 20 kg pails, then 220kg drums of resin but they got thrown out over the last 11 yrs… By far the majority went to greenhouse customers as gifts with purchases… Were talking 10s ofthousands and all those are in Regina and surrounding area… That’s what really did the job there, besides busting up all sources of DOR of course…

the only thing I can think of is the MKIDS and I now have reservations bout posting that stuff yet, which post was it?


wonder what you plan when you finally sell your silver.

how many tbs for one oz? 100? 200? 1000? consider rising costs, which will be easily compensated by the exploding silver price…


Thx Habibi… Yes silver will buy a lot more resin than it does now, that’s for sure!
Consider from when I first stared in '02 it has been up well over 1000%…
and is still up considerably but silver is the biggest “canary in the coalmine” there is,
And is why THEY have to attack it like THEY have been for the last 22 months…

A rising silver & gold price tend to wake People up the fastest to FIATS

Thailand is only the start to Asia, have also done some gifting in Cambodia, loas, berma(Myanmar),
S Korea and Malaysia but the big one is My goal [Image Can Not Be Found] so far the only gifting We’ve been able to do there was at the
airport in peking(Beijing) …

when HKJ visited Thailand, on Xmas vacation a couple years ago, I express posted Him a 10 kg package(100 tbs)
To samui island with a request that they be used to help bust up HONG KONG but HE chose to travel with organic
goats milk or something like that instead [Image Can Not Be Found] … I’ve always been soar about that and it won’t go away and makes
Me wonder what’s going on?

when Na and I flew through HONG KONG, 3 years ago, it had the worst DOR filled skies Ive ever seen, never seen anything
like it in the world, Peking was equally as bad…

HONG KONG is on a key energy vortex and maybe that explains it hmmm…
maybe HKJ has lots of wonderful Sylph photos He would like to show Us over HONG KONG harbor?
that would certainly alleviate some of My concerns, how about it?

hi gare,

i totally agree concerning silver, it’s not only the canary in the coalmine for the entire financial system, it is the “achilles ferse”, as we germans say, the weakest link where the big theft will be unveiled.

but please don’t be sour about hkj or anybody else, probably your tbs would be more useful in hongkong than in the countryside, but still they do work somewhere and nobody knows the positive effects.

by the way i have managed to bring one hhg into china, one seed at least.

not always things go like planned, especially when somone else is involved. happened to me too, only a small part of the planned orgonite went to frankfurt, so lets have faith it will do even better elsewhere, and our task is to do hongkong or frankfurt later – consider that the time is a model, everything has already happened, so nothing can stop it from happening.


Hi Habibi,

it would be cool if we started a western kikundi for West Africa, so that one day they could reunite somewhere in the center.

As I am already sponsoring regurarly a bit the eastern kikundi I could help also a bit but less unfortunately but if we reunite some good wills here on ew, we could do great things all together.

for me, in the moment, the main work in morokko is done – it’s all much more complicated for me due to a divorce, and the only
help i had came from the family of my ex – busting alone there is possible, but really dangerous.

there are no kukundi in marokko, they need constant surveillence. they can work really hard, but you have to push them. no badmouthing,
they are a very friendly population, but a bit lethargic sometimes, their life is dominated too much by the islam.
i need to convice some berbers, in fact my best assistant is berber.

but look at all the rain all over portugal, spain, marokko, algeria and tunesia. since the huge thing that francesco did with my and a couple of
french assists, which all fitted together perfectly, the blockade is down just in time and there is abundant rain.

to improve things gifting must go towards the desert, and there are some targets on the way to marrakesch remaining to be done, 80 % we did.
i’ll think about all that.


I am sure that you already did a lot, Habibi, and I wish you a prompt recovering in your private life. I just wanted to see if we could launch such a momentum as in East Africa. I am sure we will in a not so far future. That’s my dream anyway. [Image Can Not Be Found];

my family situation is o.k., thank you for your kind wishes.

regarding marokko, things need time and the orgonite does its work – a movement might develop later, or possibly i will do some
busting with my daughter, when she is bigger- let’s see.


Gare your post has changed directions….Worst DOR filed skies in the world in Hong Kong? I agree Hong Kong is ‘geo strategic’. Isn’t that where bankers infiltrated the east? It’s on a energy line too I thought HKJ would have done some gifting there?If you did? show some pictures or post some reports HKJ! 100 tbs doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you calculate 2,000 people per tower and 100 towers busted…on a human scale it’s immense!Not to mention the other life forms.

thx for the support BearClaw, yes Laurent seems to want My post to turn into an african safari or maybe He’s just pissed at Me for calling HKJ onto the carpet?

yes hk is where the BANKERS started to infiltrate then tokyo and now singapore as well along with other locations throughout the east…

Didier and I have gifted Hong Kong. But there is always a greater need for more TB’s. i’ll email you Gare and the next time I’m in Thailand I’ll be sure to take some TB’s back with me and gift them. i thought the 100 you sent to samui were for Scott…but maybe i was wrong.

The Hong kong sky is especially a mess when the wind is blowing from the north with all the factories in Shenzhen. Yet I have seen sylphs appear and they seem to have the power to suck the pollution right out of the sky and transform it. i did a gifting report a few years back with photos of the sylphs over Hong Kong.

Anyway Gare…great gifting work and a true inspiration. Thanks and much appreciated…


Sorry Gare, if I obfuscate you, I don’t want to minimize any of what you are doing to the planet, I am very impressed to say the least. Just wanted to grab the occasion to call out Habibi and you are also very welcome when you have finished with Asia

no problem Laurent kinda got used to being obfuscated shortly after I became a rather large scale Gifter…
thx for the invite but where do I find You as there is no flag by Your name? I don’t much like that CANADIAN flag
by My name either… it is a MILITARY flag in case People don’t know…

when We’re finally done with asia I have a feeling the whole world will be a much better place and that’s why I’m here