The Global Warming Big Lie Continues to Unravel

Paddy’s pal, Richard, sent me this link:

It’s a good report on how many of the scientists who originally supported the party line about manmade causes of climate change are recanting their claims publicly. The UN is apparently trying to punish them [Image Can Not Be Found] . Remember when alleged scientists were claiming with straight faces that cow farts were destroying the ‘ozone layer?’ Notice that they don’t push infantile silliness like that, any more. Reminds me of the early claim that blue monkeys caused AIDS

Dr Reich often mentioned cosmic orgone–the galactic sea that our solar system travels thru. Lots of Chicken Littles claim that we’re entering a hazardous zone of this stuff. Other people claim that the zone we’re entering is beneficial, rather. In any case, we can probably assume that adding longer pipes to enouggh cloudbusters can ensure that there won’t be any DOR in that cosmic mix. It will be fun to experiment. Dr Reich clearly stated that the earth’s orgone field interacts with cosmic orgone, by the way.

Reading books on aviation meteorology is giving me an even better appreciation of Dr Reich’s findings about how orgone and weather are connected. I hope more people will read the stuff.

Thanks again, Richard!


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