The Great White Brotherhood's New Clothing ;-)

Don Croft
20 Nov 2008 20:01
Subject: The Great White Brotherhood’s New Clothing
Yup, these occultish, would-be fashion plates (some still believe that they’re mankind’s only hope Wink ) are FINALLY parading their grotesque, worm-spewing fannies to the more discerning by now Cool

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Dear Don, and Carol

Well are you really still alive….i read the chemtrail story, and that scared the …. out of me.
I have had really many revelations today…not just by you, but also by the history of one of
the biggest grandmasters from the fremasons/illuminati- Leo Lyndon Zagami.
Anyway i want to make it short. You wrote that DB have a book, published under a co-authors name
about the subtle bodies, on amazon. I am a psychologyst, and a old student of Theosophy. Could
you please provide me with the title or something.
Is DB still alive?
What else did he say about the white brotherhood? My sole hope for humanity is lying in there hand
therefore it is very difficult for me to accept that they should be black masters. It
can be that DB havent found the real masters of the white brotherhood (since they are very hidden
and their powers withing the magical realm is bigger than anyone else, and they dont need people
like db to be there oracle, they perfectly master those abilities themself). There are many explanations,
however, please tell me some more if you have anything to add to this subject, it is very important to me.

Are they still haunting you?

Well i really hope you exists, and that you will answer my mail in some way:)
many sincerely regards from [a country beyond North America. ~D]
With love,


Doc, we’re fine, thanks, and the troubles that I wrote about in past years are quite diminished by now, perhaps due to the weakening of the corporate world order, which is progressing. We have no doubt that we’re contributing to their demise but it’s mainly humanity’s current awakening that’s doing it, of course.

If you’re fond of Theosophy you might be in for some rude awakenings, as DB experienced in the middle of the 1990s. If we’re mistaken, your beliefs aren’t threatened. There’s no doubt in our minds that the Great White Brotherhood is an essentially parasitic organization but I can’t say this with any authority, of coruse, due to their well-hidden nature. The only documented material is regarding their ‘middle management,’ in London and elsewhere but the same can be said of Al Bielek’s and Phil Schneider’s well-corroborated reports of underground bases and the attendant corporate/occult hierarchy, including the participation of predatory aliens.

I can offer that there seem to be hidden entities who guide the hands of anyone who is genuinely committed to making our world better but they’re certainly not as hidden as you suppose your own masters are because this is an educational, empowering process for us, after all, and we’re each guided through our own refined intuitive promptings, which one has to exercise some self discipline to hear over the din and cacaphony of disinformation and fashionable beliefs. We casually refer to these guiding entities as The Operators (a term DB coined) and they seem to be entirely free of dogma and organized belief paradigms.

Just knowing about the more mundane corporate world order is enough to allow us to eventually expose and discard the entire parasitic subculture that exploits humanity and seeks to poison our entire planet, though, and that will make it impossible for the dark masters to continue this agenda, after all. Grassroot dissemination of timely inventions like free energy tech, zappers, orgonite, etc., will easily undermine the global cartels that feed the corporate world order and I doubt anyone will have to fire a shot to achieve complete victory over the corporate parasites in a timely way.

In light of that, it perhaps doesn’t even matter what a few overweaning, ugly and very old aliens in a hyperdimensional, putrid enclave in the middle of the Gobi Desert do or at least crave to do to humanity while pretending to be our saviors.

I think that getting past institutionalized spirituality (dogma, such as what Theosophy and most organized religion is riddled with) is a necessary step toward achieving genuine faith and certitude.

DB was shot through the throat in 1999 and drowned in his own blood. Fortunately for him and for us, he was quickly retrieved (from among the dead) at a nearby hospital but on that day, all of his personal assets ($millions) were taken away, the FBI created a false criminal record for him so that he couldn’t be employed, his passport was revoked and he was forbidden to go to any airport without risking imprisonment.

Who else has (had Cool ) that kind of power and influence except his former masters and controllers? Before, he was one of the Great White Brotherhood’s charismatic guru darlings, was a frequent guest on Oprah’s TV show and was one of Shirley MacLaine’s psi trainers.

Theosophy was proudly promoted in the late 1800s as ‘Irrationalism.’ I’m happy to say that the rational faculty has finally come into fashion more recently Wink

Carol’s got a copy of the book you mentoined, somewhere. She’s shared it with a lot of friends and says it’s a very good primer on the dynamics of one’s own energy field.

DB is unquestionably a creative genius who has contributed to this unorganized movement in important, essential ways. Maybe one of the other contributors to EW will read this and share the title of the book. Carol’s rarely around when I’m online but I’ll ask here when I see her, tonight, and if she remembers the title or can get to the book without digging through boxes, I’ll certainly post the info in this thread.


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