The Jewish people and Zionism

Was discussing by email with Don recently about the two schizophrenic propagandas painting Jews as angels/devils.

On one hand you cannot question the oficial Holocaust narrative in certain countries without risking imprisionament or a fine. These are the Western, democratic bastions of freedom and scientific enquiry we were thaught to respect and look up to, by the way. The same countries who educate us to see the Jewish people only as victims and deny us mainstream coverage of events in Palestine.

On the other hand many conspiracy authors place the Jewish people as the controllers of the parasitic oligarchy. I see this one in comments’ sections throughout the internet. That is not to say there isn’t a very high proportion of Jews in the top (or is it bottom?) layers of the oligarchy. Personally I think they are being duped, hard. Zionism makes for a useful bully but can also make for an easy scapegoat at a convenient time (same goes for the world leg-breakers, the US of A federal government).

All this propaganda ignores the many Jews who simply do not support Zionism or are even actively against it. Unfortunately in many peoples’ minds, Zionism sticks to the Jewish like fly paper.

As an example to counter that image you have high school kids in Israel who refuse to take part in the compulsory military service. Every one of those kids risks imprisionment for refusing to be part of oppression and at age 18 that’s quite a sacrifice to make deliberately.

Thanks for starting this thread, Carlos. We have many terrific email discussions and I keep thinking that it’s too bad we don’t just post them

A sane discussion about Jews is almost unheard of so I’m quite proud that this forum is going to host perhaps the first public one.

My interest in having an objective public discussion was piqued by reading Miles Mathis’ papers because he kept wondering aloud about the preponderance of Jewish families in the oligarchy and also noticed a lot of obvious censorship, ‘editing,’ and redacting of geneological records among most of the corporate order’s prominent families. This was after I read Admiral Flavio Barbieri’s impressive book about the creation of Mithraism and the subsequent Roman church by a few surviving Jewish temple priests, headed by Josephus Flavius (yup–the ‘noted historian’ of the Roman period) after the destruction of Jerusalem by Flavius, his namesake and later emperor.

Earlier, the forum’s previous administrator, Alejandro Colodro Mailer, visited us for a month in 2009 and we talked endlessly about Zionism and Jews in history. I think it was the first time I had an opportunity to talk to a Jew about these things. His grandfather was Norman Mailer and his dad is quite wealthy and influential in Chile; also once played chess with Che Guevara on a commercial flight (presumably as first class passengers) .

Before that, the only intelligent material I’d read about Zionism was published by LaRouche’s Franklin Press. He was railroaded into prison in the late 80s at behest of the Southern Poverty Law Center (Antidefamation League of B’nai Brith) claiming that he was antisemitic. The public apparently wasn’t interested in the fact that his prominent authors were Jews . That wouldn’t be possible, now, because thanks to the internet, too many people are paying attention to such things and publicly commenting on them. At the time, ADL was being led by Meyer Lansky’s daughter. For those who don’t follow current events, Meyer Lansky was the head of the Jewish Mafia and controlled Central America and Cuba on behalf of the criminal regime in Washington, back in the day. There never was a clear demarcations between the CIA and the big corporations.

The hatred of Jews in popular culture is obviously encouraged and may have been started by Zionists in the late middle ages. David Livingstone has done a pretty thorough job tracing that and also the interface between Zionism and destructive Islamic cults in that period, presumably through Venetian (later; British) influences since both pseudo-religious groups are luciferic, just like theosophy and masonry, two of their other major intelligence operations, are. The Mossadomites, who are still the pre-eminent terrorist organization in the Mideast, might be the best example of the corporate order’s centuries-old, sadomasochistic (schizophrenic, as Carlos observed) mindset. Livingstone’s Black Terror; White Soldiers has the historical data.

The ‘Jewish Homeland’ idea is fundamentally flawed because even when the Kingdom of Israel existed the Jews were subject to one or another of the major empires of the period. Until the Zionists began systematically slaughtering Palestinian Muslims and Christians and seizing their property after WWI the Jews were always welcome to live there and they were treated much better in Islamic cultures than they were in Europe. They never had national sovereignty until 1947 and even now Israel is entirely subject to the whims of the US and British combined oligarchy, which might be traced to ancient Babylon, by the way.

I’m now also reading a book that presents good evidence that the vast majority of Jews who migrated from Egypt were Egyptian converts, by the way. Freud was evidently the first to propose that the pharaoh, Akhenaton, was Moses but he died before that manuscript was published. I’m no fan of Freud and at the time he was running Tavistock Institute (his daughter ran it after that) but it was worth mentioning. Akhenaton was the only pharaoh who was monotheistic and was allegedly Joseph’s grandson. He wasn’t allowed to live in Thebes and had to set up a separate city, downstream, for his reign. According to the Bible, only 81 Hebrews arrived in Egypt in the time of Joseph but 300,000 of them left Egypt with Moses, only two generations later. Even rabbits aren’t that prolific Cool. Joseph’s daughter and Aknenaton’s mother was Queen Tiye, married to Amenhotep III. Several reputable sources indicate that Moses’ first wife was Ethiopian, by the way, and that their son was the first high priest of Israel after the exodus.

Later today, I’m going to copy something written by one of Mathis’ guest writers. He’s an American Jew who is outspoken in his criticism of Zionism and it’s part of a paper he’d written about the Dreyfus Affair in France in the late 1800s, which was a watershed event in the current Zionist S&M agenda:

If one pays enough attention it becomes obvious that all popular culture, including all popular alternative culture (including mind-crushing theosophy) are intelligence operations. It was only after the internet became established that we’ve had recourse to creating a more objective and empowering culture. I think Miles Mathis’ papers are the best present antidote to popular culture mind control protocols.

I’m operating on the assumption that Barbieri’s comment, ‘The Jews are the greatest protagonists in history,’ is not an exaggeration, by the way. I’ve interacted with other ethnic groups who are also great protagonists, such as the Cubans, the Garifuna (Black Caribs) and based on the achievements of our kikundi we could include the Luo Tribe of East Africa, I suppose. I can’t help but admire the Jews for the vast scope of their collective influence, both positive and negative, throughout recorded history.

I was going to start this thread with another name, 'Jews named Adolph, but Carlos got the jump on me and I’m happy that he did.

Josh, the author of the Dreyfus Affair exposé, brought up the subject of Jews named Adolph to tie in to Mathis’ exposé of Adolph Hitler’s predominantly Jewish ancestry with a tongue-in-cheek mention that Harpo Marx’s birth name was Adolph. He then had the notion that the Marx Brothers could well be related to another prominent Jew, Karl Marx, because they were born in the same area where a small crowd of Jewish major players for the corporate order originated. Mathis thoroughly demontrates that nobody gets to achieve celebrity on his/her own; it’s always arranged by the corporate order for their own ends and it’s strictly controlled.

A burning question might be, ‘How did this relatively small and widely dispersed ethnic group come to have so much influence in the world?’ I have a few theories that might be worth considering. One reason could be that they’re naturally intelligent and resourceful & were never rooted to a homeland. From their earliest times, when Abraham was alive, they have been essentially nomadic. Since I rely on more than just the Bible for historical data I learned that there’s evidence showing that the earliest Hebrews were at home in Palestine even during Abraham’s generation. One of the reputable archaeologists I’m reading stated that Abraham’s father was a close friend of Melchizedek, who was the King of Jerusalem at the time. If one wants to get a better view of ancient history I think its essential to read the work of the archaeologists who worked together, internationally, in the 19th Century. After that, British Freemasonry started cr@pp!n& in the punchbowl in a big way and had fillled the universities with their own shills. Very little useful info has been published since then, with a few exceptions, who I assume were marginalized. Egyptology, in particular, got really goofy and became a catchall for popular cult dogmae. Even the genuine, earlier archaeologists only broke the surface on the subject of Egypt’s primary African origins; the freemasons’ propagandists bludgeon us with Atlantis mumbo jumbo, meanwhile. Aynyone who agrees to work for the corporate order has already eagerly abandoned intellectual integrity, of course. I think it’s how they get the Old Parasite’s attention in the first place.

Even Egypt’s top archaeologists are sponsored by the masons and were trained by them. Edgar Cayce was a prominent mason and had a dominant dark side that the corporate order made an effort to hide in popular alternative culture. A whole lot of his ‘prophecies’ failed to come true, by the way. Attending the school in South Carolina that was ‘founded on Cayce’s teachings’ is part of the mandatory curriculum for anyone in Egypt who wants a career in archaeology, which is partly how the Egypt Department of Antiquities controls information access. That’s well documented in the 1990s book, The Stargate Conspiracy, which Carol bought for me, years ago. I don’t doubt the existence of Atlantis but I do question its alleged role in ancient history. Undue attention to Atlantis is an example of how alternative popular culture is created and maintained by the intelligence agencies. Mathis correctly notes that satanism and the occult are always synonymous with these agencies but he evidently hasn’t yet learned that magic is real and powerful. He evidently believes it’s all just secret-handshake sillness but since he starts all of his papers with the caveat that ‘this is all just my opinion, gained from research,’ I can’t fault him for anything that I disagree with. I particularly appreciate that WiCIApedia has to scramble their propagandists to re-write each of their obfuscating articles that he has outed–that’s a wonderful confirmation of his overall effectiveness. I think we all have a flat part on our wheel in terms of discernment, which is why I like to talk openly with lots of people and get their views. I want a round wheel.

Whether the Jews were ever predominantly Semitic is debatable, since Chaldea, where Abraham’s father had been the high priest, was a Mesopotamian civilization (north of Babylon) populated by people who had fair skin, blue eyes and reddish hair at the time. The Phoenicians, who originated in the vicinity of the mouth of the Euphrates River and migrated to the coast of what is now called Lebanon, were Semitic. The ethnic group which are most closely related to the Biblical Jews are the Irish people that have red hair, fair skin and blue eyes.

I used to assume that the predominance of Aryan features among Jews was due to a mass conversion of Khazars in the 11th Century of the present era. Aryan Jews are generally referred to as Ashkenazi and these are the ones who mainly promote Zionism. Mathis suggests that ‘Nazi’ may be the short version of Ashkenazi, which makes more sense than it being an acronym for the National Socialist party. The Khazars had a relatively peaceful trading empire that covered most of what is now Russia, west of the Ural Mountains. The Turks (who also look more Semitic than the Jews) and Mongols inhabited nearly all of the area East of those mountains. Scythia was the general steppe region north and northwest of the Caucasus Mountains. That’s also where the Celts and the nordic people originated. The Kurds, who are in the western part of that region, are referred to by some as proto-Aryan.

The Khazars, a swarthy Turkic race, had presumably come from Scythia perhaps in the Roman period and they more closely resembled Semites than most Jews now do. Pugnacious Slavs displaced them in the period just after the mass conversion to Judaism and they mass converted to Greek Christianity not long after that. I haven’t gotten a clear idea where the Slavs had come from, yet, but the Russians were the only people who didn’t submit to being ruled by the Mongols and they paid dearly for it when the rest of the vast Mongol Empire had achieved relative peace and prosperity for everyone within it.

The Black Plague quickly ended the Mongol Empire because there were only 100,000 Mongols available to govern the largest land empire in human history and to also protect the trade routes, so when the plague began to decimate that skeleton crew anarchy soon prevailed. I bet more than half that number were just in Russia. In Kublai Khan’s China there were only a few Mongols; they hired people from all over the civilized world to administer that part of the empire and I think all of the Mongol khans had adopted the Armenian script for record keeping, business and history. Some of the Mongol khans were Christians, some were Muslims and Kublai Khan had made Tibetan Buddhism the state religion of China, though genuine personal religious freedom was enforced there… The Tibetans are descended from the Mongols. Genghis Khan remained pagan.

The descendents of those early Slavs are now keeping US/Brit/Israel proxy ISIS aggression in Syria at bay Cool.

Drawing from from your reading of Flavio Barbieri or others, can anything be said about Jewish influence in the Roman Empire, then also on the Church above the Mithraic cult, then Vatican condoms relations with the Nazi and the European Black Nobility?

Also if you can say more about the Jewish Mafia, and if mafia is parts of the satanism corporate agenda?

" Victor Hugo was the third son of Joseph Léopold Sigisbert Hugo (1774-1828) and Sophie Trébuchet (1772-1821); his brothers were Abel Joseph Hugo (1798 …"

The last wife of Hugo’s son Jean was a Italian Princess… Her castle was frequented by artists and intellectuals, Cocteau, Mary Pickford, Elsa Maxwell, Max Ernst.


Don, to your point, re: “The Khazars, a swarthy Turkic race, had presumably come from Scythia perhaps in the Roman period and they more closely resembled Semites than most Jews now do.”

I think that what we now call Khazars took over for the Scyths in that region when the Scyths headed for greener pastures. The original Scyths were red-haired, blue-eyed, metallurgists, horsemen. They were white, snow-white, " Caucasians “, as in, from the Caucasus: (Wiki) " Ancient Greek historians spoke of Scythians who lived north of the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains .”

Those Khazars, whom we now call “European Jewry” were and are, as you noted, darker, swarthier, with pronounced noses - the very pejorative stereotype of the Jew put forth in British-agent Hitler’s propaganda. Things have been socially-engineered to the point where people generally think “that’s what Jews look like.” When in fact I believe that what has been obfuscated is the whiteness of the Hebrews, the Israelites.

Scyths, Wiki, continued: " Based in what is modern-day Ukraine, Southern European Russia, and Crimea, the western Scythians were ruled by a wealthy class known as the Royal Scyths. The Scythians established and controlled a vast trade network connecting Greece, Persia, India and China, perhaps contributing to the contemporary flourishing of those civilizations. [1"

Those Seafaring Royal Scyths would be the red-haired, blue-eyed, globe-dominating “Phoenicians.” So mysterious, the Phoenicians! Mystery, baffled, puzzled.

“Phoenician” being a cover-meme for the Israelite tribe of Dan, the Danites, who named the Danube river.

“The Tribe of Dan (Hebrew: דָּן ), meaning, “Judge,” was one of the tribes of Israel , according to … was seafaring, unusual for the Israelite tribes . In the Song of Deborah the tribe is said to have stayed on their ships with their belongings.”

“The Serpent’s Trail” – The Mysterious Tribe of Dan"

Mystery, ah, mirth.

There were twelve Israelite tribes, all related, all descended from Abraham, and so, thus, all of one race . Way back when, two of those twelve tribes of Israel remained Torah-observant and stayed in the Holy Land, never left. While the other ten were booted from what was then the known world for their unrepentant Ba’al worship, human sacrifice, and cannibalism. Actually, I think they were booted, but left smoothly in their stupendous ships, with their world’s-best metal weapons, and their longbows, and went to new towns, in other countries, to work the con on peoples less able or completely unable to defend themselves. Ask the original inhabitants of what we now call “the British Isles” - the invaders were the snow-white, red haired, blue-eyed Saxons, the Sacae, the Saca, the Scythians. Greener pastures than East Asia, indeed!

Establishment history hilariously describes them as the “ten lost tribes”, although anyone lifting a finger of scholarship - particularly via linguistic analyses, although genetics are also rapidly bringing down the con - can easily trace them to the foundation of what we now call the European nations.

The Hebrews, the “sons of Abraham”, were very particular, didn’t mix with other tribes. King David was Ruddy, red-haired. The subset of that one very-white Israelite race represented by the, er, “lost” tribes, were originally Jews, or perhaps more correctly came from within the Hebrew culture, but were always into their own thing, golden calves, yada. They documentedly wouldn’t put it down when Moses asked them. They were and are the Serpent Cult .

What we now call “Jews” - who are in fact the swarthier, darker Khazars - were Jewish in religion, but not in genetics . And they’re the one’s who, later in history, in the Holocaust, were the Patsies who got handed the bag by the actual Israelites - or, more correctly, the depraved , majority subset of the otherwise-upstanding actual Israelites. The depraved subset who got “lost”, so lost, we just can’t find them.

So lost, we just can’t find them! When in actuality they went to what we now call “Europe”, to continue to unrepentantly practice Ba’al worship, human sacrifice and cannibalism, albeit much more so on the down-low.

The great “the Jews Did It!” canard was and is used by those bloodthirsty, booted lost-tribers to put the world off the scent of whom, exactly, is at the base of the shenanigans on this globe - and, oh, by the way, kill millions upon millions of, er, swarthier people. Misdirection, the key to any confidence game .

The ruse more complex, still, in that, in World War II, British-agent Hitler wasn’t just after “the Jews”, although the media tirelessly paints it that way. They were also after Gypsies, Slavs, anyone not white, not Caucasian . Oh, and don’t forget, the German concentration camp layouts from World War II were Babylonian . Great human sacrifice temples, same designs, same tribe, same dark religion, all the way back to Babylon, and before. The white-skinned Aryans, the Caucasians - from the Caucasus.

Yes, there are people within the Underlying Power Structure who are what we now call Jewish . But there are Fight Club members in every race, every religion.

But at its summit, it’s the Great White Brotherhood. All the ruling bloodlines on Earth, or most of them, all the highest castes, are those with the lightest skins. Ask the Okinawans. Or check out the general skin color of the Zionist Israeli’s, and compare it with that of the Palestinians. The con in that latter case is that the beef is religious .

p.s. I am a Caucasian, and must note that the depraved subset of my race under discussion, while wielding geopolitical power that is not insignificant, represents a minuscule proportion of the populace and should not, in my opinion, cast any generally negative light upon our race as a whole.

Silvio, the data in Barbieri’s book convinced me that Mithraism was created as a transitional belief system to move Romans from paganism to churchianity. It only lasted three hundred years and looks entirely manufactured. The military were apparently the main targets for that propaganda, which makes sense since they would be unopposable in any major transition.

I’m not suprised that Hugo was Jewish. According to Baigent and Lincoln, authors of Holy Blood; Holy Grail , Hugo was one of the heads of the Priory of Sion, a nominally Catholic masonic organization, alleged to have grown out of the same group that also formed the Knights Templar, that I assume is in place to keep the Cathars suppressed. I don’t know if the list they were given is genuine but it’s intriguing. Another on the list is Jules Verne and it’s easy to see the masonic agenda in his writings.

Influential Jews in history were only sometimes faithful to their religion, of course; I think that in many cases they still identify themselves as Jews on the basis of ethnicity rather than as participants in a religion, which may be why atheists such as Marx and Lennon are considered Jews and perhaps all of the popes throughout history, most of whom presumably believed in the principles of catholicism.

If you read Mathis’ paper about Hitler’s and the primary nazis’ geneology (they were all Jews) it may be clear why the Vatican was so closely allied to the nazis, I think. We know that the SS openly, even financially supported Jewish migration to Palestine in the 1930s and had a pact with some rabbis there.

Another good read is Gregg Hallett’s Hitler was a British Agent . The disgruntled, WWII-era Brit spooks who spilled their guts to Hallett about this provided the basic info, then Hallett spent the time and effort to gather an impressive body of supportive evidence. The other book that came from their disclosure is Stalin’s British Training .

Thanks, Jeff, for the terrific and thought-provoking history material! Another part of the Tribe of Dan evidently established Denmark Wink. The books I seek for info are the ones that are not written by authors who are promoting a personal ideological agenda or are institutionalized by the corporate order and that’s why I favor the older books in general–mainly written in the 1800s and perhaps until Tutenkhamen’s tomb was discovered in 1921–when the gate apparently slammed shut on intellectual integrity among archaeologists. Before the 1800s there was no archaeology to speak of because churchianity had a muzzle on such enquiries so the only sources people used in that period were the old Greek and Roman histories. The agenda authors’ info can be more useful when we can corroborate it from other sources. An example, for me, is Sitchin, whose major premise has always seemed infantile to me, but he’s the only one who ever published a lot of suppressed archaeological evidence and that’s where I learned that Solomon’s Temple was not unique at all but was a copy of other temples in the Babylonian empire, also that those pre-historic designs were simply carried forward from older, unknown civilizations and usually used for degrading purposes. It’s all orgone tech, I think. Catal Huyuk in Turkey might be a rare remnant of the prehistoric civilizations. A couple of other authors in the 90s also published some of the suppressed info but they used it to promote theosophy brainwashing.

The most heavily relied on Roman source was Josephus Flavius, who Barbieri thoroughly tagged as the high priest of Judiaism who literally sold out (the temple treasury) to the Roman conquerer (Flavius; his later namesake) in exchange for his and 200 other Jews’ survival. Josephus was a world-class obfuscator who probably still makes the Old Parasite jealous–not a clean source at all. He may have been the main inventor of Mithraism and Roman churchianity. When I go to Egypt I want to meet some Coptic Christians because that’s an older church. I will have already been to France to look into Catharism (older than the Coptic church?) and their ancient Occitan language. Right now I’m eager to know whether Occitan resembles Aramaic. Carol bought a book on Aramaic and some calligraphy pens so we can learn to write it.

According to the Bible, the ten northern tribes were hauled off by the Assyrian conquerers a couple of centuries before the invading Babylonians took the other two tribes away and other research indicates that many of the members of the ten were delivered to Scythia, perhaps to serve as a northern buffer for the Assyrian Empire. All of the empires moved captive people around that way and the Romans established their own retired soldiers in the border regions for that purpose. The Byzantine emperors later did the most of that sort of strategic planning, I think, but the were also threatened more often by mobile ethnic hordes and from more directions. They moved a population of Armenians to Cilicia in the Eastern Anotolian peninsula to keep the Seljuq Turks at bay but that didn’t work and they earlier facilitated moving a horde of Schythians (Ostrogoths) into Bulgaria an Greece to divert their attention away from Constantinople.

There were a variety of racial types among the Scythians, even including some orientals, and all of them seemed to shift around a bit. Scythia is mainly a steppe region, after all–perfectly suited for moving herds of grazing livestock around. The engine for migrations and population displacements may have been the Mongol invaders. Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan are the best known examples. A more modern example of displaced populatoins may be Turkey, whose population was mostly replaced by the Ottoman Turks when the Mongols forced them to abandon their occupation of Persia following Genghis Khan’s initial campaigns. The Romans were the remnants of the defeated Trojans (Troy was in Turkey), as were some of the communities of Canaan when the Jews migrated from Egypt. The place where the Turks came from is now Turkestan, which is part of Scythia.

Recently, a Hungarian Gypsy scholar traced his race’s origin to a small part of Scythia and claimed that they were one of the ten tribes and they are typically dark; not Nordic. They spent several centuries in India after that, before migrating to the Mideast and Europe in the late middle ages. It looks to me like most of the popular traditional music and string instruments in the Mideast are from the Gypsies. We know that flamenco is. The article is quite compelling and I lost the link for it but I got it from Carlos, so hopefully he’ll post it, here.

To support Jeff’s comments, though, here’s some evidence that the Scots trace their origin to the Jews: . The self degradation of the Jews in the Biblical period is evidence for some that the conspiratorial view of history is legitimate because most of that population constantly conspired to break the laws that their prophets kept giving them and some of the prophets were even dirty. Ezra, after the return of a minority of captive Jews from Babylon, may have done a major rewrite of the Torah, for instance.

This is Barbieri’s book, which my dear wife bought for me at the Tucson Gem Show three years ago:

A few months ago I couldn’t find this book online, by the way, though it’s from a well-known publisher Cool

I hope this thread doesn’t look like Jew bashing, by the way. Lest we forget, Reich was a Jew Wink and I’m going to focus on positive contributions to history by other Jews, too, in following posts.

Don, I’m not sure this is the paper you mentioned but as far as I know it’s the only research which gives Jewish ancestry to the Gyspsies that we both have discussed. By the way, you’re the one who shared it, thanks again!

The website itself ( has more interesting history pages.
The author seems to be a staunch zionist, which is a good example of how valuable research can have strange - and unnecessary - ideological companions within the author’s body of work. Sometimes a sacrifice is required from the reader to ignore the unscholarly bits in order to get to the good stuff (something of a hurdle for me :-P)
Fortunately none of that is present in the Gypsy origins’ page and several others.