The Key To Life

The Key to Life

Is there a key to life?
Yes indeed there is.
The key is to experience everything that comes
your way without judgement or resistance
and not as a means to an end.
It makes no difference what comes your way
pain, suffering, happy or sad
what is just is, good or bad
When you resist,
things persist
When you let go,
things start to flow.
In a universe of polarities,
Seen through the eyes of God
All Things Must Pass.

Louis Onder 10-10-2007


-same 10/11/07

The Divine Accident
Rapture occurrs in hemispheres of the brain
mindful separation discontinues
stillness experienced
person dissolves
one is ALL
all is ONE -LO 10-12-2007

(This will be the last installment to this post) Now you know why I call orgonite the GREAT AWAKENER !!!
I cannot tell you how thankful I am for orgonite, Since I started making orgonite my life has steadily changed for the better and I have learned more in the last five years than the 44 years previous. A good friend of mine told me I would have some unusual experiences but all would be well, and she was right. For the better part of six years I I have earnestly and steadfastly gifted anything and everything to bring balance everywhere I went. And the gifting continues….


You da man Louis !

Maybe in another thread you will

Tell us about the drought/non drought down your way.

The weather channel is showing us that Atlanta is under severe drought and that the main reseviour for the city is nearly empty. Thanks posting your very uplifting epiphany !

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