The Language Barrier

During the year that I’ve spent gifting Bali, I’ve managed to get a sum total of nobody interested in either orgoite in general or gifting Bali in particular.

In an attempt to rectify this, I set up a little homepage (with technical help from Hari in Malaysia) and posted the only available orgonite info’ on the internet translated into Indonesian.

There is a free newspaper in Bali that offers ‘Advertising for the Expatriate Community’ and they agreed to print a little note of the site for free each fortnight and things have started to pick up.

I received one contact from a Balinese guy through ‘baligifter’ who is very interested in learning about orgonite.

Then another from someone in Jakarta who found EW on a net search, noticed my Bali Gifting reports, went to my profile and found my homepage, read the Indonesian information and clicked the Contact link.

In addition to this (and by pure chance) one of the village elders came by the other day on an administrative matter and as he was leaving, asked what the CB was.

I told him and his eyes lit up; he asked for any written material I had and went off with ideas of getting all the villagers making orgonite.

I think there must be many places in Asia where English isn’t widely spoken and internet use is beyond many people’s grasp yet where orgonite would be accepted with ease and it’s no wonder that most gifters speak English.

I recently came across an old friend form Hong Kong who lives now in mainland China (the most populous country on Earth) and I told him about orgonite.

His English isn’t up to technical standard and so he sought further information by searching the Chinese version of Google and found nothing on orgonite at all.

He resorted to running Chinese computer translations of English language websites and managed to understand a little more from the garbled results.

I’ve noticed that if I bring orgonite to someone’s attention, they generally find some way of politely rejecting it but if they find out about it themselves, they become drawn on a voyage of discovery.

This voyage seems to have no embarkation point for those outside the English language club.

Good point Dan. That seems to be true throughout Southeast Asia. From my trips there, I suspect the latent interest is there: the problem is lack of exposure.

It is also due to the fact that fewer people in the area have access to the internet than those of the West. But this is gradually changing of course.

Many websites are blocked in China , inc mine, see

According to ; so is , and .

On the point of many websites being blocked by China; I decided to check the findings from with a friend who lives in mainland China now.

He had no trouble getting into either or even though both sites were reported blocked by (in fact every site I tried was reported blocked by gfc).

I don’t know what the explanation is unless there are different levels of internet access in China.


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