The Life Etheric

Don Croft’s “The Life Etheric, with Carol Croft” reviewed:

I was first introduced to Don Croft almost 4 years ago through Ken Adachi’s website (like many others)where he published his Adventures.
Inspired by his writings I(like many others) decided to make a batch of orgonite(tb’s).
Since then a batch has become a mountain and a tower to countries “gifted” as well as befriending both Don and his wife Carol.

Don’s way of writing/communicating is direct, honest, humorous, inspirational, empowering, confrontational, educational, truthfull and most of all highly personal.
He is in no way afraid to put himself out there, I guess this lack of fear is his great strength and it gives him, combined with his direct observation of life, the life etheric, a solid level of integrity.

The book is rather easily read although his language is at times advanced, this gives me a little extra for my money as I need to look up a few words in a dictionary.
He has also(cleverly) built the book up around different key words that comes with the dictionary or personal translations, a nice red thread through out.
As I mentioned above, his way of writing is very direct, in an almost intimate sense, far from preachy it confronts and challenges you to do some critical thinking for yourself(about time!).
More than once I found myself laughing out loud, some of his word combinations are amazingly ridiculously funny, to a simpleton like me anyway:)
If you are familiar with Don and have made a batch or two of orgonite before I challenge you to not get inspired to pour a truckload more and distributing it before reaching halfway into the book.

His love for his wife Carol really vibrates throughout this book and it is at times a poetic declaration of that love.
Don gives you a very personal view of their relationship which is an extraordinary one, and even if I did not know them both personally it would give me a fair amount of respect for them both, which I already have but perhaps even abit more after venturing through the pages of this book.

His knowledge of history, politics and religion is quite extensive and further challenges your mind to do some more critical thinking (yes for yourself!).
The book includes with further reading references scattered throughout, usefull for a simpleton like me.
He even reveals his personal faith to those of you curious, if that really matters(!).

As an introspective to a key person of humanity this book serves its purpose well, Don Croft holds a key in his being which has allowed numerous people to walk through doors they probably never knew existed.
“The Life Etheric” I will recommended to all that have eyes to read and a brain to process it with.

My hat is off, my head is bowed and I congratulate him with his first book and hope that there will be many more to come.

Little Cesco

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