The Mad Tea Party

Don Croft
05 Aug 2008 04:05
Subject: The Mad Tea Party
I bet you’ll get a kick out of

Some of the features of the painting that tickled me are the cadaverous BushSr, the little fake president (in Cheney’s lap) that looks like Alfred E Newman and Cheney is guiding the grinning little fake president’s hand, which is holding a knife, to cut up the ‘world cake.’ Cool

There are lots of other telling signs and I assume you recognize that all of these characters are merely hired thugs; not masterminds. I suppose that if the real players were shown, just about nobody would recognize them, though many or most of the top parasites, by now, might be Chinese.

We spent Sunday’s chat session looking for mischief around the opening of the Olympic Games and it took a couple of hours of hunting for the psychics to find a planned ritual, energized by the crowd. The day before, Dooney’s chat session was dedicated to finding and preventing a mass murder event in China.

The main thrust of the world odor, right now, seems to be to get overt martial law in the US, apparently very soon.

Carol and I were driving back from Coeur d’Alene, last week, and she remarked that all of the traffic intersection cameras are now operating; before, only a few of them were operating. She was pretty annoyed.

We were in our favorite breakfast restaurant, this morning, when two military guys in military fatigues, with sidearms, got out of a Coeur 'dAlene Police squad car and strolled into the restaurant. I was a little creeped out. Carol looked in their heads and told me that they’re part of a Homeland Security exercise adn are regular cops, dressed up like soldiers. She was apparently surprised that they didn’t seem malicious; only manipulable. Some of the cops we’ve seen, like the ones who shave their heads and always wear bullet proof vests, are obviously thugs but most of the cops we’ve seen are not that way. The FBI tries very hard to pump ordinary cops up into a paranoid frenzy but in the absence of any ‘terrorist attacks’ in the seven years since the feds blew up the World Trade Center, it’s getting harder and harder for the feds to terrorize these chump cops.

Carol laughed and said that if martial law is declared, these two guys, along with most other cops, would probably tear off their terrorist uniforms to avoid getting shot by the armed populace Wink

Meanwhile, we’re going to try very, very hard in the chats this month to find and neutralize any US federal or other attempts to commit mass murder. This month seems to be the kicker.


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