The Maui Pod

25 Aug 2008 15:41
Subject: Maui Pod
We went to a bay on Maui last Sunday that sometimes has dolphins and got to swim with them this time after 4 previous dry runs. The wind and swell were calm this time, and that may have been the difference. Our other swims with the dolphins were at a neighboring island which makes for a much more involved outing. The observation is that the dolphins don’t visit a bay here when the swell is up or if it is windy.
Anyway we had 2 developmentally disabled keiki with us in the group so we brought a kayak. These dolphins are also spinners like on Lanai, but they were more just passing by us than the Lanai pod. Also they spent more of their time with the tour boats than with the swimmers. Maybe they are trying to influence the tourists. The humbacks seem to be more interested in the big tour boats also. Hopefully they can influence someone to stop the attacks on them.
Just as i was thinking my encounter would be limited to the brief above water sightings, the girl next to me in the water said they are right below us. i looked under water and there they were swimming in their graceful way. that is a sight that stays with you for some time, and the girl was so excited about it that she couldn’t stop talking about it. Just thinking about it gives me a great feeling. The pod moved around quite a bit and we were patient so got a few different encounters. After we gave up and went in we saw them out there again. Unfortunately there were reasons to leave and we didn’t head back out for more.
Guess we will just have to return some other day. Maybe they will warm up to us more text time.

01 Sep 2008 17:19
Subject: Re: Maui Pod
We went back to the dolphin bay of Maui again aweek later. No dolphins, but lots of rain puddles. Also clouds in the sky. Every other time we came to swim the sky was nearly cloud free. The gifting is starting to work out.
We had a front page story predicting drought for the rest of the year and this 1 month of rain we had this year won’t last.
We really stepped up the gifting a couple months ago, so i see this month of normal weather as a confirmation. i also take their drought threat as a challenge.
Every time i do the triangle exercise followed by asking the dolphins to jump thru as Carol Croft suggests in one of her posts, i am getting the feeling of enthusiasm from the dolphins since last Sunday’s swim/gifting w/ them.
the picture included is from a different swim.
the other pic is from a cellphone yesterday. underwater camera got water in it recently.

Don Croft
03 Sep 2008 06:47
Subject: Re: Maui Pod
Congratulations on your weather success, David! Thanks for putting it in the record, too.

Maui, where David lives, can be seen from the island of Hawaii so of course they’re in the same weather system. When Carol first arrived on the Big Island’s west (leeward) coast, several years ago, the energy was flat, even depressing but on that and subsequent visits she (and I) did a lot of specific gifting, focusing on water and volcanos. I didn’t see evidence of drought on the Big Island, even though we were on the downwind side, which traditionally gets less rain. I bet the Maui drought predictions are just the HAARPies wishful thinking. It’s good that they expose their agenda by promising droughts and then failing to keep their promise, thanks to David’s orgonite.

The Hawaiian Islands are mostly swiss cheeses of underground bases, so it’s going to take a LOT of earthpipes to drive those rats out from underground and reclaim those islands. The traditional, life-enhancing magic traditions are still strong there, fortunately, even though the ‘royal family’ are a co-opted horror story so I think that when secession occurs it’s going to be a fine republic.

A gifter on the eastern shore of Hawaii has been doing quite a lot in his area, too, and has put up a couple of orgonite cloudbusters, I think. There are busy gifters on some of the other islands but not much networking is happening, yet. Fortunately, this work doesn’t depend on organization.

Lately, we’ve witnessed some pretty clever attempts by others to take credit for what this unorganized network has been accomplishing for the past 8 years but, thanks to the reputable nature of EW’s posters, they’ll probably fail. The most imaginative ploy involves someone trying to take credit for DB’s gifting success in Los Angeles. I’ll be surprised if that develops momentum but I’m watching. LA has the best photo record of orgonite’s power to transform the environment, of cousre, because so many movies are made there. Fortunately, cinematographers seem to understand the uplifting nature of the appearance of Sylphs because these are seen over LA in a lot of contemporary films.

The triangle exercise is apparently a good way for people to get ready to interact with dolphins or to enhance our intuitive and emotional connections with them. Once someone has become integrated with their energy, as David has done, the door is open to more direct communication. They’ll only let us close to them in the water when they’re comfortable with us but other interactions are easier and quicker. If one will visit the same area of shore or harbor to toss orgonite regularly, for instance, it’s likely that dolphins or whales will show up.

A good way to break thru the denial/unbelief barrier is to carefully note the smoggy condition over the sea before one starts tossing towerbusters out for the dolphins, then watch the smog disappear in increments after each visit. Thanks to the recent construction of perhaps millions of death transmitters on the seabed it’s likely that the area above the sea where you live is smoggy, unless someone has already done the gifting. It’s a safe bet that tossing towerbusters in your local harbor can’t account for the disappearance of smog many miles away so one can assume that someone has taken your towerbusters to the death transmitter sites that were responsible for generating all that DOR smog.

Several sea gifters have told me they’ve witnessed this but it’s been like pulling teeth to get them to post about their observations. Dan in Indonesia has done it and has even posted photo documentation. I wish we had the photo documentation of the disappearance of the dense smog off Los Angeles’ shore, several years ago. That was mainly accomplished by DB’s persistent sea tosses. Carol and I didn’t take any pictures when the dolphins and us were erasign all the smog from South Florida’s seas, sorry to say, nor did we post our photo of the restored coral reef in the Keys so I’m not in a position to judge Cool .


10 Nov 2008 18:48
Subject: Re: Maui Pod

didn’t have battery power for the new optio camera today, so these are pics from april08 in Lanai. the water is more clear there anyway.

dolphin contact at la peruse today!
the winds were up already at 730am and we didn’t head out until a very enthusiastic group of people spotted the pod out in the bay. the two tour boats kept the pod occupied until all of us from the beach got out in the water. those people were so enthusiastic that they got in the water by going right over the sharp lava.
i was kinda lagging behind the rest of the people and dropping tbs. when the pod swam under me it was obvious that they were much happier this time than when we last saw them. they were talking or singing, what ever their sounds are, and there was just a general vibe of happiness about them. they hung out for a couple slow passes, did some belly rubs w/each other, paused a bit, then went off and did some jumping. we pretty much got blown out of the water after that. we couldn’t even make headway against the wind in the kayak.
could be that the psychics working on the hawaiian vortexes in the chat helped quite a bit. the weird cloud over iao valley is having a hard time forming lately. when we put aprox. 24 tbs there a few months ago, it helped, but didn’t quite fix the problem all the way. we are starting to get the normal windward and mauka showers, and the white out that has covered us almost every day since the “bail out” is breaking up. is it a bail out or a pay off to the ones that caused the problem? it felt like some of the money went to extra spraying as well.
the dolphins were happy about something….maybe a combination of things getting better and them getting used to the orgone devices. on the way to the bay we were talking about how i only had a 1 in ten trips contact rate w/ this pod, but my wife had a 20% since she has been going there longer. so we were due to see them soon. what a surprise on such a blustery day. we had thought in the past that they only came around on the calm water days, but today the waves had 20 foot faces at the surf spot on the far side of the bay, and the winds were way up, and they were there anyway.

this pic seems to show the breaking up of our incessant white out.11-14-08

Thanks to Dooney for being a such a positive influence for us. i highly recommend copying the grounding instructions from her site and practicing them. it’s no wonder Don Croft calls her coach. everyone involved in this positive effort around the world is doing great things for the world……thank you!

Don Croft
10 Nov 2008 20:24
Subject: Re: Maui Pod
Thanks for the photos of your spinner dolphin friends, David, and I’m very happy that you’re picking up on what they’re feeling.

They develop friendships with us just the same way we do with each other, so it’s no wonder that your wife has had more direct contact on account of having made more trips to see them, I think.

Thanks, too, for some subjective confirmation that our assaults on the underground bases and other etheric piracy in the islands has been producing visible results. Sure, the chemtrail jets carry out specific campaigns at certain times and certain places. The explosion of Sylph activity during the summer, here, apparently on account of my extensive mountaintop deathray-array busting in May and our heavily hitting the nearby underwater/ground US Navy $#!+hole in Lake Pend Oreille excited them quite a bit, so the air parasites carried out an attempted reprisal campaign for several weeks with a dozen or so chemtrail jets overhead, trying in vain to make checkerboards. I think they gave up and went home by now.

If you haven’t witnessed Sylphs in your sky, yet, please watch for them because (as far as we can tell) their presence indicates an irreversible shift in atmospheric energy to the positive side.

Only earthpipes will likely drive the US Armed Forces mercenary rats out from underground on those islands and it wouldn’t surprise me if Hawaii regains its independence after that happy development.

We in the chats feel pretty good about the more arcane etheric efforts to undermine the corporate world order and some corroborative observations, even if they’re only subjective, are priceless to us but we sort of look at the etheric efforts as ‘air assaults’ and to win any war, the army on the ground has to take and hold the territory. You’re the army on the ground on Maui Cool and your arsenal is orgonite. Also, an infantry can’t get the job done with just pistols and rifles–some more specialized weapons are needed. Maybe we can say that towerbusters and holy handgrenades are hand weapons and earthpipes are bazookas and landmines Wink

When the underground corporate rathole on your island is finally disabled, the horror cloud in the atmosphere over it will be gone for good, don’t worry. It might be that the base will have to be disabled before the Sylphs are willing to show themselves–who knows?

All analogies break down, of course, and the saccharine-spewing, militant, theosophical Care Bear pacifists who have the fortitude to at least read EW postings want to pinch my head off whenever I suggest war analogiies for gifting but I’m confident that our readers who demonstrate personal commitment are more rational than that and are at least entertained by my eccentricity.

Thanks, yet again, for plugging The Coach. I predict that over the years Dooney will have introduced hundreds of mature, balanced psychics with consciences to this effort and I believe that they will collectively (and spontaneously Wink ) seal the doom of the corporate world order.

I still believe that there will be a lot of dolphin pods before long who are willing to meet people in the water. Right now, David, you’re the only person keeping this in people’s awareness through your posts on Etheric Warriors. Carol’s going to figure out if we can afford to go to Florida this winter. I really want to meet that bottlenose pod south of Sanibel Island again because they were the most overtly friendly ones I’ve encountered and Jeff and I met them about forty miles offshore when a vortex we were gifting got kind of weird–the horizon disappeared on a cloudless morning for a few minutes while the dolphins were swimming around the boat, trying to persuade us to jump in with them and the water suddenly became glass smooth, then. We both later kicked ourselves for not swimming with them, then, and on our way back to shore they kept their distance.

How will it be when thousands of people are having these experiences all the time, then millions of people? I think it’s prudent to look to the possible long-range developments while focusing on present needs because talking about good stuff goes a long way toward bringing it all into 3D in a timely way.


18 Nov 2008 02:24
Subject: Re: Maui Pod

This sunday a bigger pod was cruising in the corner of the bay where the big waves were last Sunday.
Saturday i told andrea, my wife, that it would be glassy tomorrow and we should get up early and go to La Peruse. Also had a strong feeling on Saturday that we would be swimming with the pod on Sunday.
there were a few raindrops and intermittent sun during the 4 hours that we were out on the water. we were with the pod the whole time except for the time it took us to kayak over to the far side of the bay and back. really started to get comfortable with their vibe. got to experience them in and under the water and while sitting at water level in the kayak. they just were coming right up to us and most everyone that was in the water to swim with them. near the beginning 2 dolphins, one at a time kind of aggressively swam right at me then veered off at the last moment. at first it was scary then i just accepted that they were not going to hurt me. don’t know what that was about because i was right by the boat and just being still and watching them go by. maybe they were jump starting me into another mental level. a test? a healing? something.
many of them gave me a nod as they passed by after that. some times you could swim with them only a few feet away. the water was calm and we were right by the low cliff most of the time. it felt sort of like a big swimming pool with dolphins and people. a couple in a small boat had a dog with a life jacket on that even jumped in with the dolphins. he seemed to want in on the action.
from time to time i tried boosting some of the dolphins, and that seemed ok. at one point i was thinking that humans didn’t have the hive or pod mind as i watched the dolphins, but the thought came back….are you sure about that?
got to watch some of the dolphins play the leaf game. sometimes they rest it on the tip of their nose. sometimes they tap it with their nose then catch it in their hand(side fin). oddly, i noticed this right after i was thinking that they don’t have hands. the ones playing with the leaves would sometimes jump in the air and spin with the leaf on their hand. it is kind of mesmerizing to watch them catching the leaf over and over again when it was only a short distance away. it is also great to just sit in the boat and soak up the energy and watch with them swarming around and jumping too. all in all this was my most memorable swim ever. quite a euphoric feeling has stayed with me for some time afterward.
i had never been giving the cetaceans their due respect in the past. Thanks to Don Croft for the encouragement to have more contact with them, and get to know them better.
i sure would like to see them pick up or catch one of the tbs that i leave for them….maybe that will happen one of these days. this pod has reportedly been gone from the bay for a while. maybe all the orgonite is changing whatever caused them to leave in the first place?

Don Croft
18 Nov 2008 15:13
Subject: Re: Maui Pod
Priceless report and photos, David, thanks!

You seem to be getting closer to them with each visit and that’s how it’s worked wiith me, too. I hope someone will film you swimming with them, one of these times. Carol says they always remember us, individually.

Group think seems to be a characteristic of parasites, more than of humans and dolphins, but universal feeling, tied to some level of telepathy, seems more to me like what I’ve seen with dolphins and with humans (when people are happy, of course).

We were in contact with perhaps a dozen pods around Florida, including spinners (like your friends) and bottlenose dolphins. Some pods came to us, apparently got the orgonite and took off; others more gradually approached the boat on successive visits to their territory.

Jeff told us that a friend of his had once swam with some dolphins in the Bahamas, leaving a yellow bandana with them. A few years later, he returned to that area and a dolphin, holding the yellow bandana in his mouth, swam up to his boat.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that the dolphins and whales are advanced beyond us, at a level that we probably can’t yet comprehend. I’m also sure that they don’t really care if we believe that nor not Cool so the only way one might find this conviction is through personal observation over time, while keeping one’s mind and heart open and not having any explicit expectations.

I think that the more simple towerbusters we’ll toss into the sea for the cetaceans, the closer humanity will be drawn toward the dolphins’ and whales’ own level of awareness. Here may be another aspect of human species-wide advancement. I think it’s the committed few who always influence the vast majority, this way, and that it’s probably always done without fanfare.

If you expect to see a dolphin with some orgonite in his mouth in order to be sure that they’re distributing it, you might or might not be disappointed. I’ve never known them to particularly meet my own expectations but they always show me new stuff, at least Wink and that’s even better. Jeff and I swam out beyond the surf and put a pile of orgonite on the seafloor where a buoy was anchored. This was before our boat got delivered, so we were taking orgonite out from beaches, then. I was going to return there to see if the pile had been removed but I lost interest and, besides, it was so stormy that the lifeguard on shore was practially having a seizure about us being out there in the maelsrtom, that day, so I probably couldn’t have located the right buoy, again. It apparently wasn’t important to Jeff, either.

As more and more people disregard the CIA’s glitzy online fakers and find inspiration from genuinely empowering websites and forums this process will continue to accelerate. The corporate world order and their $#!+slinging sewer rat agencies know that their coming demise is easily seen in the growth of commitment and accountability among ordinary folks like us.

The dolphins and whales evidently want us to get more and more adept at living in the moment and forgetting ourselves; distracted by joy and synergy. How can it get better than that? In the moment, there are no goals or expectations, of course.

That being said, I often exhort people who live near the sea to return to the same spot, again and again, and toss orgonite out for the dolphins and/or whales because I believe that the cetaceans will demonstrate some reciprocity by eventually showing up to acknowledge the gifts. After I suggested to Andy that he go to the beach and put some water-gifting on film, dolphins showed up as soon as he got there and he filmed them

Carol took me out on three successive mornings to swim with that big, wonderful pod of spinner dolphins in Kaleakakua Bay and in the few moments, on the last visit, when those dolphins finally swam with me, up close, time stopped. I was about fifteeen feet under Carol (who had the camera) when they approached me and they seemed to know that I needed to get a breath, so they swam slowly with me up to the surface, then departed. Getting it on film enabled me to share those amazingg moments with a lot of people, especially when Andy put it on YouTube Cool and I hope you’ll find many more opportunities to film and/or photograph your progress, too, David, because everyone who sees that is being brought along with you on your path!

There’s a lot of power in the ‘maybe’ and ‘what if?’ suppositions that occur to us, I think (like your comment about the dolphin pod returning to that area on account of the orgonite you had distributed, there). I doubt that any creative thought or observation will be unlocked except through an active imagination. When more and more dolphin pods come to swim with people who have been gifting a specific beach or bay the ‘maybe’ and ‘what if?’ suppositions are sort of transmuted into undoubted, observable processes, sort of like how a cloudbuster will always make a blue hole in any area that still has a death-energy balance in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, perhaps, those ‘pristine’ corporation-infected atmospheric $#!+holes are getting harder to find Cool so one usually has to first bust all the death towers in his town before the new orgonite cloudbuster can produce that wonderful visual effect.


22 Nov 2008 18:44
Subject: Re: Maui Pod
Here are 2 links to little videos from a regular camera in movie mode. some of the pictures above are from these videos.
the audio of dolphin “talking” is cool i think, even if some of the video is funky.

25 Nov 2008 06:40
Subject: Re: Maui Pod
I always love seeing new videos of dolphins and whales. I’ve been trying to catch episodes of “Whale Wars” on Animal Planet even if there isn’t much whale footage because it’s refreshing to see people get so fed up with whale slaughter they’re willing to go to Antarctica and pit themselves against the whalers. The Sea Shepherd Society has zodiacs going up against much larger vessels. Greenpeace has done that in the past but primarily to wave signs and take pictures; Sea Shepherd throws stink bombs on whaler’s decks, toss out rope contraptions to stop propellers, and try to be so harassing the whalers can’t do their grisly job. These tactics have often been decried as crazy actions by eco-terrorists, which is why Sea Shepherd’s founder Capt. Paul Watson was booted from Greenpeace from the first place. Japanese whalers go there to kill under the guise of scientific research; they take a few measurements, then butcher right and minke whales for meat. Meat that’s not even in much demand anymore, apparently, since they’ve been trying to get rid of it in school lunches. (And you thought cafeteria food was bad before!) They’ve been also reported as killing other species such as fin and humpback. Australia has declared 200 nautical miles in Australian Antarctic Territory as a whale sanctuary but Japan does not recognize their territorial claims. But as Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society once pointed out, “In 1942 they [Japan] did not recognize Australia’s claim to Australia.”

Yes, once you’ve established a good pick up spot with some cetacean people (water deep enough for them to swim in), keep putting it out there. If they want more, you may end up dreaming of whales and dolphins following you everywhere while bags of orgonite magically appear in your hand Smile They’ve even shown up when I never even gave a shout out that I’d be there. The last ones thought it was quite funny I mistook them for very large sea otters, I apologized since I had no idea certain porpoises could be so small.

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