The 'New' Bornagain Chumpism ;-)

I you have a taste for the surreal, you’ll appreciate this:


yes Don, music’s nice, american style

YIKES! I didn’t hear that freaky music on my computer so thx for pointing it out, Davide. Ale was reading the thread on the other computer, a few minutes ago and played the music. I have to say that it made my @$$ twitch and this sort of thing makes me ashamed of my heritage.

We can choose our friends and sometimes our mates but I suppose God chooses the country we’re born in so there’s no sense in grieving over things we can’t control, I suppose. Maybe, when this sort of thing happens, I ought to think of something positive that Americans have contributed to the planet, like aerosol cheese. I hope someone won’t show me that the Russians or French came up with that.


Hi Don,

Norman Lear produced the video and the cause. He’s the same guy that gave us All in the Family, Sanford and Sons, the Jeffersons, Maude, the list goes on and on. Norman Lear is an icon in tv show production.
He does have a serious side and supports Constitutional issues, so I can’t quite figure him out really.

Goto [Norman for info on him.

From what I’ve been reading Norman Lear is just another tool for the nwo. He’s behind People for the American Way and other organizations.

Norman Lear with Howard Schultz the founder of Starbucks. They’re discussing the new tv show ICONOCLASTS.

I didn’t know “gag-reflex” could be intitiated by a website.

I’m as big a fan as any of the brainier TV sitcoms and I once met a film director who tried his best to convey real, empowering info in his movies but the fact remains that the CIA owns/operates Hollywood and they use the mafia as enforcers.

In other words, nothing passes muster and gets viewed by the PJ folks unless it has the CIA’s stamp of approval. Layers and layers and layers of deception are implied; implicit.

Carol and I watch DVD versions of some TV series, mainly as entertainment but also to monitor disinformation tactics, which is also entertainment, of course. As the US Government and all its poisonous agencies spiral in flames toward oblivion the Hollywood mavens are constrained to look more and more genuine in order to keep the Pajama People hypnotized.

In the movie, ROUNDERS, the card shark character that Matt Damon portrays says in voiceover, ‘If you can’t spot the chump in the first five minutes, you ARE the chump.’


Actually, he said, ‘sucker,’ in the film, not ‘chump.’ The director (I forgot his name but he did some big name movies) I met told me that if he and his wife (a successful script writer) lost their Hollywood jobs they’d go back to doing Three Card Monte–no kidding; like carnies. He demonstrated it. The way I met them was that my girlfriend at the time had a young, gifted son who wrote a screenplay that the wife of the director was promoting. We were invited to their estate for a meal. It was a real eye opener–1995, right before I was sickened by chemttrails, which were still experimental then. Southern Californians are generally so myopic that the feds can drop anything on them from teh skies, after all.


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