The Original Water Revitalizer

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I think I have found the holy grail of water purifiers. I bought and installed the 3/4 inch OWR and OMG !

The OWR I think is a must have for everyone. Please do your own Due Diligence. I had to share this company and the Water Revitalizer with you all.

I hope it’s ok to endorse such an incredible invention on the forum. If you live near by you’re welcome to take a hot tub in this amazing water. Eric

The Original Water Revitalizer
Revitalizes your water in the shower, kitchen tap and main line
The Original Water Revitalizer runs your tap water through a double spiraling process creating a powerful vortex energy field. This restores the life force in the water. Natural power! The water delivers this energy to your body, plants and pets for instant absorption.

We have models for kitchen taps, for showers, for any other filter system plus different size whole house models as well as commercial sized models. Ask for what

See the list of benefits below and know there are many more benefits from using the OWR!……/a>.……ng>

Some of the beneficial effects of revitalized water

*** Revitalized water is instantly absorbed by the body and is ready to perform its wonderful work in all the biological processes in your body, maintaining good health.** *** Gives renewed energy to the human body and bloodstream, thereby improving the ability to provide cellular nourishment and eliminate body wastes and toxins.** *** Drinking revitalized water makes you feel refreshed and energized.** *** Because it is softer, revitalized water decreases dryness and irritation of the skin.** *** In the shower you will experience how effectively it rinses off soap, giving a clean feeling!** *** When used for washing both dishes and laundry it provides better and easier results with less detergent. It makes the detergent more effective and rinses better.** *** The Original Water Revitalizer improves the taste, smell and look of your tap water, even the taste and smell of chlorine often disappears within minutes.** *** It works well with any filtration system and can be installed before or after it or both.** *** Eliminates slime (bacteria build-up) and reduces mineral and rust deposits in coffee makers, cookware, humidifiers and plumbing.** *** Plants respond well, with increased and healthy growth, giving better healthier crops** *** The OWR increases the amount of dissolved oxygen to the natural level in the water** The most popular OWR model, the whole house in 3/4” copper Read about many more benefits on our web site:

Dr. David Schweitzer’s Bio Photon Research in Water from London, UK

Internal vortex device

Bio photons in our revitalized water – A massive increase in life force

Bio photons in your regular water -

This is what we call “dead water”

In nature, water is alive. However, when we distribute it through miles and miles of straight and narrow pipelines, it loses its vibrant life force. Consequently the water we consume has become stagnant, which results in bacteria buildup as well as in the growth of brown algae. The common solution is to add toxic chlorine to this already dead water. Is that wisdom?

When your tap water is run through the Original Water Revitalizer it changes back into real water, right there in your home. This can be seen and verified by simply observing the water. The revitalized water has the waters original features intact and healthy, restoring its full range of qualities. Now, the water can perform all the wonderful functions we need it to do for us.


“This Revitalizer makes the water much softer and it tastes great with no chlorine taste. The water seems to be so alive and I feel energized and refreshed drinking it and showering in this water. I thank you for the Original Water Revitalizer.”~ Craig Russel, Vancouver
"I cannot explain it: before I wouldn’t go near tap water. I collected jugs of spring water and lugged them home. Now I love to drink water right out of my tap using the Original Water Revitalizer”.~H.N., Canada
“I am a Registered Nurse (UK) and a Canadian Health Executive. I ran a glass full of water and could not believe that the sickening smell, which is usually present, had gone! I drank two glasses one after the other, and this from someone who never usually drinks water! I am very happy with the system” ~ Shirley Browne, RN (UK). CHE, Surrey, BC, Canada