The Resin connection

Inexpensive resin is now available to anyone interested in making orgonite.

Brandon, in Charleston, South Carolina has offered his resin connection to the EW community. Typically, he can get 5 gallons of pretty pink resin for 50 dollars, and this includes the bucket. I used to buy resin from Home Depot or Lowes and it would cost about 32 dollars a gallon. This represents a phenomenal savings.

If you would like to pick some up, you’ll have to go to Charleston, of course. But Brandon is travelling this week to Florida, and he can bring some with, if you live down there. Contact me, pm or private email [email protected]. I’ll set it up with him and he will be most accommodating.

This offer extends to anyone who’d like to make orgonite, dear reader, so don’t be shy if you’re not a member of this board! -Todd

“let’s get to work”

Hi! All:

Now that I’ve read toddplazer post I wonder whether what it works here could work the same in the States; mainly because difference in price $$$€€€ is notorious. Without any doubt you’ll check it. When I started late Jul to buy resin first I noticed was it was very expensive: 14 € one litre in normal <font color="#000000">hardware store; then I moved to big “do-it-yourself” surfaces (like your HomeDepot) where price went down till € 12 (+/-) I still considered it was expensive, in the meanwhile I was asking everywhere and finally </font><img border=“0” alt=“Smile” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-smile.gif” /> a nice guy in a big car pieces supplayer told to go to a certain small truck carbodies reparing placed, in a big industrial area, just a few klms from there. And guess what??? € 4.5 one litre plus catalizer for free.

Hope this info could be useful, at least for European posters.

Best Regards



Great news, Pedro, the more we help each other along the easier it gets for everyone.

As for the resin connection in the states, I forgot to mention that hardener is also available for 20 dollars a gallon.


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