The Secret to Global Warming and why it's been so cool lat

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Here is my theory after viewing the current status quo for many years.

The secret in a nutshell is TECHNOLOGY, the solution is US and recently we have been successful in using orgonite to beat the elite at their own game. We must continue and understand that our children’s future is at stake.

As everyone knows we have been successful in keeping chemtrails and the cell towers under control for a while now and the result has been cooler weather. Let us examine chemtrails and cell towers to see where fit into the scheme of things.

First -chemtrails are composed of jet fuel, aluminum, barium and a host of different viruses. Aluminum is known to cause cancer and respiratory problems and barium can cause heart attacks.

Second -the heat from the sun and the microwaves from the cell towers react with the metals (aluminum and barium) by heating them up and this keeps the viruses alive. (All this enters the population’s bloodstream) The microwaves from the cell towers also work to keep the chemtrails suspended above our head to further the process.

Third -as the chemtrails cover the sky they prevent natural clouds from coming in and cause droughts. After a drought has occurred, the jet fuel from the chemtrails trickles down ever so slowly saturating everything in sight making it ever so easy to maintain the WILDFIRES they fuel ALL YEAR LONG! Remember how the illuminati promised to burn AMERICA prior to creating a one world government? Well, they’re doing it, and we are the only ones who can stop it with our gifting efforts.

Fourth -as this mess is suspended over our heads, it keeps the atmosphere artificially heated.

Fifth -cell towers especially GWEN towers which stands for ground wave ermergency network burrow deep into the earth’s crust which causes artificial heat under our feet. (These towers can also be used to create earth quakes) HAARP towers work in the upper atmosphere to create violent storms such as tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, etc. After a storm is created, the network of towers takes over to provide CONTINUOUS FUEL for these artificial storms.

Sixth as everyone already knows, cell towers emit ELF/microwaves. It has been said that the towers will be able to control humans who have internal artificial micro implants. The frequencies these towers use are the same as our brainwaves which causes depression in so many people these days. Why are so many people on PROZAC and ZOLOFT in recent years? Since microwaves can be used to heat our food up, then why wouldn’t they heat up everything around us. The vast network of cell towers contributes enormously to the global warming phenomena. Yes, they are microwave cooking us!

Seventh -there is also an underground cabling system which crosses the oceans that work in line with this network or grid to make sure every possible square inch of this planet is controlled by this network.

Eighth – the elite have been hiding cell towers and this technology in everything from church steeples to flag poles, and something we noticed last year was they were adding more antennas to the existing towers so we went back and gifted them to shut the network down again.

Nineth -there are several reasons for causing all the artificial heat on our planet. The human brain can only take so much heat and function properly, this why we try to bring a fever down before it causes brain damage.Too much heat also plays a big part in creating the mega-storms that they continue to attack America with on a regular basis.

Example of death tower (in the background) in need of gifting. This particular tower was recently modified and another row of antennas was added. About 3 years ago I was radiated by it when I got too close and immediately became nauseous and had a bad headache for almost a day. From that point on I have been using the DO NOT GET ANY CLOSER THAN 50 YARDS TO A CELL TOWER RULE! This episode made a believer out of me and to the “seriousness” of this subject. This is why I have sworn my allegiance to the most innovating grassroots movement we call GIFTING.



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Thanks for your article. I don’t know enough about the subject to comment on it. I don’t think we will know everything before this whole thing is over as it is really too hard to discern disinfo from truth. This doesn’t take away the fact that everyone of us will try to make up his own (temporary) picture of the situation. For me, it has been clear that they are heating the planet artificially ever since I saw the movie ‘The arrival’. Strange how that can be so, but it this.

Luckily, it is not really needed to know the whole score to gift and reverse the situation.

The reason I’m writing this is to attract your attention to the fact that in science viruses are not considered living beings. In fact it is controversial, and the accepted version in biology is that anything that cannot reproduce itself cannot be considered ‘alive’. I know there are people that would upon reading ‘and this keeps the viruses alive’ start consider you a simpleton. Maybe you allready knew that, and you don’t care. That’s ok, too. Just trying to inform.

I try to pick up the challenge to try to explain the actual situation to the most ‘asleep’ people possible. Avoiding to push their ‘knowledge/scientific’ buttons is crucial to get to them.




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Hi Louis!

Thank you for that article. You just summarized the whole reason we gift. This is a great article for all newbies.

I think that the whole “Global Warming” thing is just a made up explanation for what the NWO is trying to do to the planet through HAARP, NEXRAD, chemtrails, etc. Good to hear from you.

Ned Walsh


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Thanks for the replies.

The overall purpose of heating the viruses could be the penetration of our DNA and this would have astounding ramifications on the human race. I can only speculate that heat inactivation could possibly allow the virus to be inactive for a period of time and remain dormant. This virus could become activated at a later time and serve it’s intended purpose. Could this be the mystery to the bird flu propaganda? In that respect we must all have our zappers handy.

Here is some information on viruses and DNA I did some research and found this website:…../a>

Our results indicate that the heat-inactivated virus penetrates the cells, stimulates host DNA synthesis and induces synthesis of early MCMV antigens

The effect of heat-inactivated murine cytomegalovirus on host DNA synthesis of different cells

E Gonczol, J Stone and JM Melero

Heat-inactivated murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) stimulates cellular DNA synthesis in WME, NMG, 3T3, WgIA, chick and NIK-8 cells, but active or u.v.-irradiated MCMV does not. The stimulation of DNA synthesis in NIL- 8 and chick cells was studied in detail. We found that both the nuclear and the mitochondrial DNA synthesis were stimulated in these cells. There was no virus DNA synthesis during the period we studied (48 h). The stimulation of nuclear DNA synthesis was about threefold in NIL-8 and 2.5-fold in chick cells as measured by the rate of incorporation of 3H-thymidine (3H-dThd) in the CsCl fractions which banded at the density of cell DNA. The stimulation was about 9.5-fold in NIL-8 and 1.7-fold in chick cells as detected by autoradiography. There was a 3- fold and a 2.2-fold increase in the degree of incorporation of 3H-dThd into mitochondrial DNA of NIL-8 and chick cells, respectively. The amount of mitochondrial DNA obtained in infected cells of both kinds was about twice that in control cells. The synthesis of mitochondrial DNA was also stimulated by a factor of 2 in the thymidine kinaseless 3T3 cells which incorporate exogenous thymidine exclusively into mitochondrial DNA. There were no MCMV specific antigens detectable by immunofluorescence 5 h after infection, but diffuse nuclear fluorescence could be demonstrated 24 h after infection. Our results indicate that the heat-inactivated virus penetrates the cells, stimulates host DNA synthesis and induces synthesis of early MCMV antigens.