The Shooting Stars

For You:

Wilhelm Reich, a man a few here should be familiar with(!) wrote a rather hard to find book called:
“Contact with space”.
It is a somewhat scientific book but it contains some rather interesting information that gave some of my own experiences a new perspective.
He discovered that by pointing his Cloudbuster at specific “stars” they would set off at great speed across the night sky like shooting stars do.
They were not shooting stars but UFO’s as he concluded and by pointing his Cloudbuster at them they were deprived of their negative energy field(DOR) that were sustaining them(from my understanding).

My experiences has been in the same realm but there is a "major" difference, that is that I have not conducted the experiment with a Cloudbuster or orgonite CB.
I will go back to my first experience with these seemingly shooting stars:

Back in 2004 I had read about Don Bradley’s “Yahweh” technique(look it up) and decided to give it a go out on my friends balcony in the dark of the night.
I did not do the technique as DB describes being that I did not use my voice to say/sing the word Yahweh, I did activate very strong positive forces within myself(focused breat and posture) that radiated through my heart and expanded that energy out across the heaven above me.
That night 5 shooting stars were clearly seen by both me and my friend as well as very large entities dancing above us it seemed like, I could see glimpses of their energy and my friend which has second sight could see them clearly.
It happened within a period of 20-30 minutes.
I could move what felt like the energy surrounding me with my hands, it was a very powerful experience.

I have had similiar experiences each time I have activated my "own" energy with that around me(at night time) and every time I have done that one or more shooting stars has blazed across the sky.
In addition to this I have also seen UFO aircraft move across the heavens above me although they are alot trickier to spot as they(without lights) look like moving shadows in a dark sky.
The energy is overwhelming and it feels like I connect with each atom around me within my visual distance and that I can at will enter into each atoms vibration, connect and raise that vibration.
I feel like a "small" nuclear plant pulsating when I do this.

I have even done the experiment at will to show a friend that I can "produce" a shooting star across the sky.
I think she was rather shocked when it really happened, me as well to a certain degree:)
I probably wont play around like this any more though, although it was fun that one time.

Thank you for your moment.
Be true

Little Cesco