The State Of Drought In Spain CANCELLED!

The tirani plans for Spain are the entire desertification (depopulation) to give example to the rest of Europe of which the climatic change was real. Yes, WAS. After gifting of the most importan haarp installations (behind phone, tv and radio towers) and military targets the rain was again natural thing,
Some Spanish comunities are cancelled their drought state after abundant rains in our country, a traditional thing for a harmonic planet that thermos flask regulates with the rains and it fulfills all needs. (If they it leave skylight alone of course)

Here the Spanish reports: (sorry, so little reports because the media dont inform about it (its not convenient for them, they need to continue with the lie until the end) )

Catalunya: … -t1363.htm … uvias.html

Andalucía, Mágala:

Andalucía, Almería (Desierto de Tabernas)


And more but not published still.

Lagunas de Ruidera (Important Lakes) in center of Spain full after years of drought !

This lakes are the born of a big spanish river, (Guadiana) this zone was the first zona that i gifted in Spain. Not only the towers and lakes, but all towers of the born river mountains that this year had snow again.

Here the spanish report (please, see video and compare Redondillas lake 06/09):

All the best

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