The Strange Objects On The Skies

Many people have seen flying objects on the sky, and no doubt some on this board, so I thought to open a thread for personal experiences.

My own experience happened a few weeks ago while I was sitting at a fire on the shore, peacefully watching the flames under the starlit sky in the evening. This place is a center for alternative military service where everyone in Finland making that choice has to come for one month. It used to be a war hospital, alcoholic treatment center, as well as a refugee center. So you understand the general atmoshpere for a more sensitive being was something to deal with. The first nights were like staying at ground zero in Hiroshima having the mobile CB with me. It surely was sucking all the bad vibes and transmuting them. Even in the next room the nights were restless, but things balanced soon.

The night I was sittting at the fire, I had gifted the nearest towers and cemeteries etc., also the lake. As I was sitting there, I looked up to the sky. There were three points of light forming a triangle, moving with the same velocity not changing distance to each other. As this sight was moving behind the tree, I was looking at my feet for a couple of seconds not to fall over when moving to see this phenomenom on the sky better. But there was nothing to be seen anymore.

The most interesting thing in this is of course relevant to the purpose of this forum, that this happened soon after gifting some spots, also the CB was in my room. One can ask if it was just a bunch of satellites, miraculously in this kind of formation fying with precisely same velocity. It is possible, that I am not denying, as I am more interested in knowing how things are than my own opinions about them.

If we are willing to concider the triangle being a ship, I have heard that governments are using this kind of ships, as instance. My guess in this case would Russians, but I have nothing to confirm that claim, except that Russia is not so far away from here.

Years ago when I was here last time for a while, we had to make a road on ice for about five meters wide and some kilometers long and it was snowing every day when it was not -20 degrees cold. One day we were on the frozen lake making that road, a trail was sprayed right above us. After awhile, some strange moist and cold fog decended surrounding us, hoovering half meter above the ice. We could see the legs of rest of the guys hundreds of meters away from us. We were already aware of experiementation on population and left immediately. This is just some background intel about this place. Witnessing craft of a foreign govenrment in this light makes sense. All young men who choose not to go to military must arrive here, unless they want to spend six months in prison, and people who refuse to go to army are a potential threat to the scum orchestra so exploiting them is nothing you could not expect to happen, sad to tell.

So I cannot say what was the purpose of what I was seeing, yet, assuming it was a craft. Maybe loss in their source of DOR due to orgonite made the ship visible? Who knows.

Another event closely associated with orgonite was over one year ago after we were coming back to south from our most massive gifting trip so far, when many people witnessed a strange light phenomenom on the sky which was also reported in the news. The air aviation department only said there was no air craft in that region at that time. And no one ever came up with a theory what it was afterwads. I take that as a kind of proof. Every once in awhile, we are joking having made it to the news. Orgonite is fun business. I wonder when they begin to consider the strange coincidential timing between gifting and all the weird stuff that happens right after.

When it comes to the beings who operate with subtle energies, I have experiences with this also over some years. Many of these contacts have happened in the dream-time, but myself being aware of it. All the interaction with them has increased my mental capasity and understanding about the multidimensional nature of reality and life. I think that’s the ultimate purpose anyway, practically applied understanding how to live a good life. If these experiences were not objectively real, it is extremely interesting to think what on Earth they were then.

My hope is, that we can gather useful intel about UFO activity in this thread. Maybe something begins to take form that helps us to understand more profoundly phenomena that are growing fast in their number. I believe this is the immediate result of rising awareness of humanity.

Be well,


there seems to be a reason starting this thread, as my browser was functioning fully well otherwise, except I could not submit the text last night, neither earlier today, this time I try from a different computer so we’ll see. Is it just me, or has anyone from this board ever had the same problem?

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