The Triad Storm?

08 Jun 2008 16:24
Subject: Triad Storm?
Well well, the big storm has landed and I’m betting it’s the last one too.
A lot of people have been hit, one way or another (Don’s plane crash being one example) but fortunately they didn’t manage to disable anyone… these guys and gals are tougher than nails Mr. Yellow and I’m betting they’re being well protected as well by the Operators. From my side, they consider me so insignificant I’m getting by quite unscathed (no medals for me uh?)

The thing is, it’s already over for the NWO… We know it, they pretend they don’t know it.
All we have to do is weather the storm and wait for that behemoth to collapse on itself… it’s their one last angry lash, and their putting everything they have into it and if you know what fear does to people, imagine what it does to cornered predators…
Of course, that being said it doesn’t mean we won’t hit them back hard – very lovingly of course – whenever we have the chance.


09 Jun 2008 00:11
Subject: Re: Triad Storm?
These pesky little creatures are putting quite a show lately. I’m actually getting worried. Not too much though.
My thoughts on why they would coordinate these attacks on you guys to happen in such a short time would be
a) they are desperate and want to cause as much pain as possible before doing the ungraceful exit
b) they are actually up to something and don’t want to be tracked right now, which doesn’t explain why hitting on Kelly and Mrs Odondi for example

I would like to know what are you guys feeling on this. I doubt Dooney and Stevo would stay out of chats for a while if they would feel it’s a bad timing for it.
In the case any of you are planning on mid-week chats, I’m voluntering Smile


Don Croft
11 Jun 2008 10:29
Subject: Re: Triad Storm?
Thx, Carlos–the psychics need a break now and then. Most of us don’t realize how much effort and energy is required to do that work and the reason they’re taking a break, right now, is becuase the current threat level of the corporate world order is relatively low. They’re still hitting some of us but it’s at a level we can handle. They’re criminals and predators and have to be stopped, of course. There’s absolutely nothing whimsical about it.

When Carol broke her arm in Wisconsin last week we were able to visit Dooney adn STevo on the trip home for a brief session. She’s getting a plate in her arm on Friday and the super bone-mending supplement Doc STevo gave her will probably heal the bone in a couple of weeks.

As we see it, the abiltiy of these new tormentors to manipulate the elements to cause ‘accidents’ is a new level of threat but is also just another way to help us refine our own characters, so in a sense the Triads are partners in our development as well as just etheric parasites. My wife has a sense that they’re personally skirting the abyss by presuming to influence the elementals this way. Nobody who crosses that line ultimately benefits, of course. We got a dose of new poison on our way to Wisconsin and it was so subtle that we didn’t even discuss the odd symptoms until we we got home. Fortunately, a few doses of PCA Rx got rid of the stuff. The sewer rat agencies still poison a lot of us, also poison some of our kids and pets so a bottle of PCA Rx ought to be in a gifter’s standard first aid kit, along with any zapper. I advise against using zappers with timers and multi-frequencies, though, and with electrodes dangling from wires. They’re overbuilt and relatively ineffective.

In a broader sense, nothing at all happens in this existence without God’s explicit permission or The Operators’ permission if one objects to the notion of an omnipotent and all-loving Creator. I assume the former is the case but that doesn’t make it so, of course. I think that by now only dimwits still think that they’re God.

I got a kick out of how the Chinese gov’t apparently allowed Alex Jones to flagellate some of the Illuminati’s less illustrious errand boys and girls at the Bilderberger soiree last weekend. I encourage people to read between the lines and observe pertinent clues, like some of the corporate participants driving their own cars through the main entrance in daylight. In past years, each of these corporate schmucks arrived in his/her own private jet and were carted around in limos. They’ve all got bodyguards, too, or did have when they were higher up on the dungheap.

Here’s another example of why it’s useful to know something about history. When the corporate owners of the Roman empire decided to cut a bureaucrat loose they allowed the mob to tear them apart. Scapegoating the bureaucrats ensured that the corporate masters would not be noticed by the mob. They’d simply appoint another bureuacrat because all politicians and corporate middle managers are too greedy to notice such subtleties, so they were/are always eager to get ‘promoted.’

Someone who directly knows something about how the Illuminati operate once told us that the only reason the middle managers of the world order are invited to Bohemian Grove and are required to witness the theatrical presentation of the slaughter of an innocent in a satanic ritual is so that they can be extorted into silence and continued complicity at some future date if they suddenly acquire a conscience as some inevitably do.

Most of these corporate, political, academic and clergy types are sexually distorted enough to be pedophiles, of course, so children are supplied to them at Bohemian Grove but a few of them don’t take that bait, so apparently those are the ones for whose sakes the ritual human sacrifice is conducted. It’s done in such a way that the rational mind of a ‘nice’ person rejects the possibility that there’s actually someone under that sheet who is being stabbed to death by the knife-wielder before the body is adroitly consigned to the adjacent bonfire (literally: bone fire).

The psychics need to rest up because the world order typically does its worst deeds in August, during the dog days. It may be that they’ll be back in the saddle in a week or so. Meanwhile they usually get together spontaneously if something really awful comes up. It only takes three people to take care of something in a pinch, assuming at least one is psychic enough to get a picture of the dynamics and players.

More boosters is much better, which is why so much can be done in the international group sessions. There are lots of similar groups who have varying levels of success, apparently. I personally think our psychics have an advantage because they value feedback and corroboration and try their best to look at information in a detached way, rather than feel compelled to put it in the context of their personal beliefs. We’re all constantly challenged to seek truth that way, of course (rational reflection and unshackled consultation), and this is the only productive way to empower ourselves with new truths.

Most other psychics and groups who sincerely want to fix the world probably also produce results but because they suffer from a combination of arrogance and low self esteem–a bit of schizoid Theosophy programming that seduces the ego–they cut themselves off from an essentially rational approach so they’re never quite sure that they accomplished anything.

All of that sort of programming is based on the systematic breaking of one’s spirit and mind in order to overlay false ideologies that are essentially manacles to the mind and cut the recipient off from his/her own heart promptings and instincts

These unfortunates are then content to let triggered squirts of endorphins take the place of actual education. Religious fundamentalism is the same as the newage movement, this way. The evidence that this programming needs to be constantly reinforced is the way certain beliefs are constantly repeated in groups, even when these groups are not directly affiliated with Theosophy-based cults. I call this ‘fake spontaneity.’ The world order has long been adept at inducing people to police each others’ behavior, thus control each others’ thoughts. This is more effective than anything a government secret police agency, the What To Think Network, academia or clergy could ever do on their own. The vast Monarch programs were apparently created to enhance the brain-police programming efforts but that programming breaks down in people who have character and conscience, so other vast programs were created to neutralize this minority. Killing this many people was seen to be impractical and counterproductive, so a combination of psychotic honeypots, self-limiting and even self-destructive post hypnotic programming was deployed. That’s obviously breaking down, too.

I think that one of the many benefits of spreading orgonite around the planet is that these essentially superficial old shackles are being discarded by more and more people. The Big Lies that the world order bases it’s hegemony on don’t go very deep in our psyches, really. I think that’s because parasites are incapable of comprehending the deeper nature of their host and it’s the time in humanity’s development when the finer aspects of human nature are finally being honored and uncovered on a larger scale.

Sure, the world order is weakening and falling but it’s too soon to retire. It may be that things will get pretty bad for a lot of gifters before long if orgonite reaches mainstream awareness. I don’t sugarcoat my presentations because I want to attract people who are willing to sacrifice something for the sake of getting the world clear of institutional tyranny and exploitation. The militant pacifists and saccharine vendors are welcome to peddle their wares elsewhere.

The recent/current spate of accidents and poisonings might be a mild foretaste of what’s to follow but there are apparently enough people who are committed to this effort that such overt intimidation and interference will rather spur us on to more effective gifting campaigns rather than make us run and hide. The chat sessions ought to perhaps be seen as a temporary measure to prevent the worst of the global mayhem so that the Pajama People (the vast majority) can’t be weaponized into a fascist mob, the way they were in the previous century… It obviously isn’t preventing the $#!+bird agencies from interfering with us, personally, nor perhaps should it do so. Hardship has the distinct effect of cuasing us to be better people, after all. It also scares away the faint-hearted, who can’t be trusted up close, anyway. It sure limits my email workload because, by now, the faint-hearted are mostly afraid that contacting me will bring the direct attention of the FBI, CIA, Mossadomites, MI6, KGB and other heinous organizations into their personal, pot-inebriated lives Cool

Disabling the death transmitters is only one step toward neutralizing corporate tyranny. Disabling the underground bases and seabed death transmitters is just another step. In order to finally neutralize this predatory corporate organization it’s going to take a lot more work than we’ve done, so far, and it’s going to take a lot more people. The ones who stay in the fight and keep gifting are the ones who will get the most from all this.

The ones who mainly like to hear themselves say grand things won’t be around much longer, perhaps, and that’s fine with me. Of the many hundreds of people we’ve known who became active in this effort in the early years, only a dozen or so are still with us and that’s good odds, considering the grievous spiriitual handicaps that my generation is saddled with. Most of the earlier gifters are baby boomers; most of the new bunch are younger.

The majority who have gotten into this in more recent years have demonstrated a lot more stamina and commitment and that’s a sign that humanity is generally rising to the challenge.

A couple of days ago Carol mentioned that she now feels comfortable making her Harmonic Protectors a little smaller because the central gem doesn’t need to be as big, any more. She said that it needed to be bigger, before, because people generally needed that bigger boost but since so many people have been around orgonite in recent years the entire species is literally rising up to another level. I’m happy to say that the slander campaigns against Carol are finally failing, too. I think people are just losing interest in melodrama, which may be yet another sign of humanity’s impending maturity.


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