The Two Horns Of My Current Dilemma

Don Croft
21 Feb 2008 02:53
Subject: The two horns of my current dilemma
For some months I’ve privately and very courteously appealed to the promoters of the ‘underground cloudbuster’ and ‘peacemaker’ to do more research before continuing to offer any exclusive claims for these devices, which in the view of some experienced gifters are, in real effect, no more or less than ordinary earthpipes.

It seems that the more I pleaded with them, the more aggressively they and their followers have promoted the things and that has put me in a hard position: if I remain silent the promotion of these things will eclipse the more genuine and empowering reports of a few other contributors and if I object to the promotion of these things I’m certainly going to be cast in the role of ‘reactionary,’ by some other very busy people.

If you think ‘followers’ is too harsh a term I only suggest that you leave emotion at the door and watch the dynamics dispassionately. That behavior is unworthy of Dr Reich’s legacy, I think, and we’re building on that legacy, here.

Abraham Lincoln was adept at silencing his less rational critics by telling harmless anecdotes and riddles. Here’s one of his riddles that I think applies to this situation:

During a debate (I don’t recall the subject or opponent) he asked, ‘If I call a tail a leg, how many legs does a donkey have?’ His opponent immediately said, ‘Five!’ and Lincoln said, ‘No, four; calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one.’

Calling some short lengths of pipe that are stuck in the ground with some towerbusters a cloudbuster doesn’t make it one.

I’ve referred to teh Indian fellow in Western Montana, seven years ago, who was getting paid by ranchers to make it rain, which he did. He did it by sticking pipes in stream beds and aiming them at specific areas of the atmosphere. He got solid results, not mystical ones. Just like Georg Ritschl has been getting throughout the Kalahari and Namib on a larger scale with ordinary orgonite (and with no fanfare) so why is there so much enthusiasm being generated on this website for essentially untested ‘new’ items that get lackluster results by comparison? Does applause and self promotoin now magically replace valid results? It reminds me of how religious fundamentalism and Theosophy are irrationally promoted.

I’ve always avoided personal confrontation like genital warts, so I’m sticking my neck way, way out by simply stating this obvious fact, which I’m doing on account of all the emotion that has been generated among some of this website’s contributors around these claims in the past month or so. This appelation, ‘underground cloudbuster,’ has been applied to a device that only one energy sensitive person has field tested, as far as I know, and that test was partial, at best, and without a comparison to ordinary earthpipes in the same situation. I’ve privately repeated, to the point of annoyance, to some people that it’s a disservice to our expectant readers to advance claims that are based on one person’s subjective impressions, no matter who that person is or how trivial the claim is.

The reason there are so many reputable energy sensitives in this network, I think, is because it’s preferable to get consensus among them by collecting their subjective, unbiased observations and insights. It may be that the reason more of them aren’t leaping to field test these two offerings is because they haven’t seen compelling arguments, yet, that this is more significant than simple earthpipes.

There are some basic orgonite tools that most gifters use which have remarkable, consistent track records. The reason so many people make and distribute these simple devices is because of the consistency of the visual confirmations, first, then the more subtle confirmations after teh gifter has developed a keener sense for observing the subtler dynamics of simple orgonite. The devices’ simplicity and economy are also important features, of course, which guarantees broader dissemination.

It takes some faith to turn a gallon of resin into towerbusters, then go out and create a beautiful display in the sky by busting 20 or 50 contiguous death toweres and HAARP arrays but once that’s been done, a gifter is hooked. Most people seem more inclined to ‘build a cloudbuster’ becuase it requires less commitment to do that. I think this is the lazy dynamic behind the promotion by sycophants of relatively complex and mysterious devices, which we’ve seen happen so often over the past seven years but not until now on this forum.

To offer inadequate claims based on a more mystical approach angered Dr Reich, who was also adamant about proper research being done before specific claims could be made with a clear conscience. He called that approach, ‘fake science.’ You might be astonished by how many people who have science training are as mystical and ungrounded as Theosophists (they used to call themselves, ‘irrationalists’) are. Reich called materialistic science, ‘mysticism’ for this reason, I think. Aristotle was said to have carried a lit lantern around in the daytime to find ‘an honest man,’ but, today, maybe he’d have to do that to find a ‘rational scientist.’

When one person is allowed or encouraged by even just a handful of blindly imitating, ‘vocal others’ (read: sycophants) to have the final word on the validity of new, inadequately tested devices then this forum takes on the aspects of a personality cult, or like Buffalo Bob and his Peanut Gallery on the Howdy Doody Show. I can’t think of anything that’s more counterproductive than that.

When Carol and I get a new idea or someone sends us a new device we get the three dimensional observations and views of as many energy sensitives as we can before we even try to figure out what the parameters and uses are. If it turns out to be something useful, we adopt it for our own use and also prommote it, giving credit where it’s due. We don’t make a nickel from the inventions we donated to this movement, by the way, even though others are earning their livlihoods by making and selling them… The reason we chose this course is because we realized that the only way to quickly spread this empowering technology is to give it away and to not attempt to keep our names stuck to any of it. It’s easy enough for our readers to see, I think, how eager the world odor’s disinfo spewers try so hard to make personality cults out of every progressive movement, after all.

You might know that many or perhaps most of the people in teh world who now make and hopefully distribute orgonite don’t even know who the Crofts are, or perhaps don’t care who we are. To me, this is the finest confirmation of the power of this simple material, also confirmation that the non-proprietary approach is the right one.

When someone we know feels a need to make a mark and have his/her name on something just for the sake of notoriety, at least when it’s attempted on this forum, I feel personally cheated because Carol and I busted our humps to make sure that the claims we’ve made for our own inventions were backed up with a whole lot of independent confirmations by other people, including every reputable energy sensitive we’ve known. Let’s also contrast the gratuitous promotion of unsubstantiated claims with the way people like Georg Ritschl and Steve Baron have earned good reputations by producing undeniable, massive-scale three dimensional results with years of consistently hard and effective work.

If someone casually tosses out a grand claim and sycophants refexively promote it on this website it’s a sad commentary on my own discernment in choosing contributors, I suppose. I’m responsible for whatever happens here, after all.

I can’t stress, enough, the importance of gathering consensus among reputable observers. This flattens the tires of the less scrupulous promoters and brings a little sanity and genuine momentum to enthusiastically promoted but little understood, substantive new applications. Someone we’ve known has claimed to be able to photograph orgone from his devices, for instance, and I’ll get all the available evidence together before I support his claims.

How many unsupported claims do you reckon a website like this one can promote and still retain its credibility? I honestly don’t want to find out, so I’m going to keep some high research standards, here.

I insist, specifically, that anyone who advances a new claim on this forum will adhere to teh same standards that we’ve set for ourselves, in other words. In the case of the ‘underground cloudbuster’ and the ‘peacemaker,’ this hasn’t yet been done and I’m hoping that these inventors and their promoters will come down to earth and stop their mystical chest pounding. It’s hard enough to keep this site credible as it is, please understand.

When we started promoting the orgonite cloudbuster in May, 2001, after several months of field testing and observations, we were careful to make a clear distinction between our device and Dr Reich’s cloudbuster because they operate on slightly different principles. Our version, we feel, is close enough in practice to his that we feel confident to use the term, not least because we want to continually draw attention to Dr Reich, whose cloudbuster is a great deal more powerful than ours. What ours has in its favor is that it’s harmless and its success has been based on proliferation. The original cloudbuster’s success was based on skilled, conservative handling and on the operator’s sensitivity to atmospheric energy dynamics.

Since sticking ordinary earthpipes in teh ground will routinely clear a patch of sky above the gifted area the inventor, Gail Stark, originally insisted (perhaps still insists) that it was a cloudbuster, five years ago. We quickly discovered, though, that clearing the nasty energy, underground, was simply immediately reflected in a clearing of deadly orgone radiation in teh atmosphere right above that area. I don’t know whether she knew or cared that this invention acted primarily on the bad energy underground but we were thrilled to observe that effect because it implied that there is now a way to neutralize the vast network of underground bases, which we feel are the last stronghold of this deteriorating, predatory world order and that the ‘stronghold’ is quite vulnerable to anyone, now.

Naturally, putting six similar items together can have a slightly more vigorous effect but the drawback of doing that, rather than distributing the same number over a wider area, is that if we’re gifting an underground base, for instance, it’s likely that we’re under surveillance and that we’ll be spotted digging the things in. Here’s where a little rationality is handy: a minute pounding one thing in the ground gives us time to get clear of the area before the feds get there but taking the time to dig a hole or pound six things in the ground almost certainly guarantees a sewer rat agency audience.

Carol suggests putting three earthpipes together to ‘anchor’ the energy dynamic over a wide area, then to distribute as many more earthpipes as the site demands, according to one’s intuitive promptings. This has never been more than a suggestion but it has been successful. The reason so many people try our methods is because nobody’s shoving it down their throats and because they produce consistent confirmations. We never discourage people from trying new approaches but I particularly discourage anyone from making claims based on partial experimentation and without any consensus.

There are always, always, always, always many ways to achieve the same ends, so of course it’s good to be creative and to follow our instincts. Blind imitation is a poor substitute for this, just like goose-stepping soldiers aren’t as inspiring as ballerinas are.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but on this website it’s no more glamorous than denial is.

I’ve known too many well-meaning gifters who deny that they’re being tailed by secret police, who happily follow along and scoop up all their orgonite. What a coup for these federal jerks! That’s a terrible waste and, maybe worse, causes the gifter to lose heart because he won’t then see any confirmations in teh atmosphere.

The fastest way to clear up underground death energy is to drop orgonite plugs in open pipes that are already in the ground, of course. Carol and I did much of the Hannaford Nuclear ‘Farm’ that way, several years ago, literally a step ahead of several obvious fedmobiles. They were like a Gypsy caravan, no kidding! Cool There wasn’t any other traffic on those bleak, rural roads on that snowy afternoon, so the determined little entourage was quite a spectacle, following us from site to site. Since we’re as aware as the average efficient gifter they didn’t dare get close behind us, so we had time to do the deeds unobserved.

I’ll say, too, that the people who are promoting these two items and even arguing among themselves about their relative effectiveness, strange to tell, haven’t felt inclined to participate in the other activity, besides healing the environment, that this forum is set up to foster, which is to go after the world odor’s hierarchy of predators, etherically, in our weekly efforts to prevent these global-scale freaks from committing mass murder in our world. I never fault the inventors and their imitators for not supporting that activity that but under the circumstances I’m feeling a little cheated by them all on that count, too. I feel like they’re using this website as a sort of Punch and Judy drama and that feels cheap to me. I’m basing that on what’s being thrown around in private email, by the way. They mostly have the grace to keep that stuff out of their posts but the life of this forum is reflected in unseen dynamics, just like the health of the world is mostly characterized by what’s happening in the unseen realms.

I think it’s clear that even though a dozen or so people engage in some unique and interesting exercises together, in the chatroom, and that the psychics and others are seeing or feeling the same scenes and events in real time, we’re not offering any specific claims for what we may be accomplishing, there. Just reporting about the sessions seems like a stretch in terms of the credulity of most of our readers, which is why we stress, over and over, that all of it is subjective, not authoritative.

The participants include at least four reputable psychics and the rest of us are generally balanced, mature, accompished individuals, including some doctors, and represent eight or so countries. We believe we’re stopping a lot of plots by various government and corporate agencies to commit mayhem in the world and there’s obviously some problems that we’ve failed to address before they happened, like the induced mayhem in Kenya, for instance, and the bombing of London’s subway, also the bombing of the train in Spain and of the nightclub in Bali.

We won’t make a specific claim that what we’re doing is real becuase it’s impossible to back it up with sufficient evidence. Whether we get some independent validation, later on, isn’t even a factor. We do get some solid, if empirical feedback from time to time, of course. A dozen of us do this every week, sometimes three times a week. For our efforts, apparently, some of us have been poisoned, our families and livlihoods have been sabotaged, and we know that if we were to make any specific claims we’d be laughed to scorn in some quarters but we do it, anyway, because it just seems right and productive. This activity, too, feels trivialized to me whenever anyone frivolously advances claims or when sycophants sing anyone’s praises on this website. Did you know that Dr Reich detested sycophants?

If anyone wants to call this new item a cloudbuster I prefer that he or she wait until enough sufficiently-objective comparisons between this device, earthpipes and orgonite cloudbusters have been made in the field by a consensus of adequately skilled observers before I’m comfortable with the promotion of that term for his or her invention. For now, I firmly request that contributors to this forum stop promoting this item or the ‘peacemaker’ as a fait accompli, in fact. Carol and I have simply worked too hard and sacrificed too much to allow our own contribution to be trivialized and eclipsed this way, please understand.

Note that whenever a genuinely practical new device comes along it’s simply added to teh arsenal; it doesn’t negate previously proven offerings. Georg Ritschl has been accomplishing his unspeakably impressive results with ordinary devices, for instance. I mention him because he took care to record his efforts and results sufficiently and because his results were observable to anyone, not just to energy sensitives.

Focusing too much attention on energy sensitives causes them to be seen as clergy, by the way, which is another function of the slave/sycophant paradigm. It’s helpful to them when we relate to them as ordinary people, I think, rather than as aristocrats. Really, most psychics are no more or less trustworthy than anyone else, which is why most of them get paid by or are programmed slaves of the CIA. Most of these self-centered ones consider themselves ‘spiritual’ and superior, by the way: legends in their own minds. It’s the few who actually have characters, humility and personal integrity whose advice we value.

I’ve utterly failed to demonstrate these points in private conversations with the contributors to this website who are promoting the ‘UCB’ and ‘Peacemaker’ so I’m doing it publicly, which is unfortunate and I"m risking being abandoned by perhaps half the posters on this forum, all of whom I had invited to participate, of course. It seems to me that part of the impetus behind this, mostly behind-the-scenes activity is fueled by some resentment of ‘the boss’ (me) but in any group of people, at least in the West, this ought to be expected. Anyone who knows me well, personally, would have a good belly laugh at the notion of me being a boss of anything, by the way.

I suppose that if it were possible for someone to conduct a forum for advancing half-baked claims and implied mystical promises it would have been up and running years ago becaue there’s been a long, steady parade of people for the past seven years who have offered claims like these. Actually, the origional cloudbuster forum is still breathing on Yahoo. I occasionally suggest looking at that site to see some contrast between a substantive presentation (ours) and a consortium of grandiose chest pounders.

Actually, we’ve been at this juncture a few times before. The realization that a smaller number of substantive contributors who will ultimately inform and inspire our readers (and enrich the public record with our collective accomplishments) is always preferable to a larger number of self-promoters and their sycophants.

Can you see why so few of the people who made names for themselves in this unorganized movement over the past seven years are still heard from, except on relatively obscure, unproductive forums like the one I mentioned above? The Operators, I presume, will quietly do what’s needed to inspire someone to keep at least one website clear of distractions and dilution and the best any of us can hope for is that we’ll keep enough personal integrity to stay in the game for the duration!

By the way, the orgonite cloudbuster’s building instructions that I wrote, seven years ago based on Carol’s original, dowsed recommendations (December, 2000) only needed one small change over the years: we came to realize that a single-pointed crystal in the bottom of each pipe works as well as a double-pointed one and it really doesn’t matter whether that crystal is coiled, glued in position or is loose. It might not even matter which direction it’s pointing, which is perhaps why Carol initially dowsed that a double-pointed crystal was called for. Dowsing is never authoritative, of course, but these older parameters have proven themselves in the field. One can get impressive results with less, of course, but the original plans have held up to close scrutiny.

Lemurian seed crystals have been found to last indefinitely in orgonite cloudbusters but ordinary quartz gets ‘used up’ after a year or years and new crystals ought to be dropped into the pipes in order to ‘freshen’ the cloudbuster at that point. This energy exchange seems to be an essential feature. If anyone claims that other alterations are ‘essential,’ the reader is free to accept or reject those claims, of course, but I hope that the reader will at least insist on some convincing evidence that the new claims are valid before leaping to promote those claims. Blind imitators are sycophants. Not very flattering, is it?

For what it’s worth, Carol has been adamant, right along, according to how she watches the energy dynamics, that when the crystals in the pipes are encased in resin or orgonite the cloudbuster loses a lot of its effectiveness. I’ve learned to trust her observations because they’ve always panned out but neither of us offer her or any other individual as ‘the authority’ on these matters, which is why Carol and some other psychics always seek consensus instead of insisiting or even just implying that their own individual views should not be questioned. Genuine teamwork seems to be an important aspect of the emerging paradigm. Before long, I think self-promotion or personality worship will be generally seen as coarse and even infantile—very soon, I hope. Notice that the falling paradigm’s version of leadershipo is characterized by duplicitous politicians, parasitic corporate captains and pedophile clergy.

I’ve always based my own inventions on what skilled psychics can see happening. Yes, there actually are a few grownups who clearly see subtle energies, otherwise there probably wouldn’t be a grassroot movement based on the distribution of simple orgonite. I couldn’t have done what I’m doing without Carol being my close partner, for instance. I would personally never be satisfied with less than that and there are only a few people who can do this reliably, by the way.

Feedback from people who merely feel the energy isn’t conclusive enough for me, though their feedbackis very useful in terms of overall consensus, of course. To be able to feel orgone dynamics is a precious benefit to the person who has the skill, obviously.

This consensus aspect is the research standard I intend to uphold on this website.

Let’s immediately and entirely lose the slavish devotion to personalities and unsubstantiated claims, folks, and let’s get back to work! To continue down the other road seems to me like rejecting a banquet for a crust of bread and I won’t allow that to prevail on this website.


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