The UFO Video Thread---a good bad example

Carol and I have seen a lot of UFOs, several of which were up close and resembled the video. That’s why I was pretty excited to post it when Meta sent it to me.

See how the CIA disinfo boys jumped in as soon as that video got online? Whether it is, indeed, created by a clever special effects guy (typical CIA disinfo ploy) might be moot.

Here’s an example of why we can’t use any psychic’s individual impression as more than empirical evidence in terms of trying to prove or disprove something. We still feel that this is real footage of UFOs, by the way. Since we’ve personally seen UFOs, including some quiite close to us, we don’t have a vested interest or an unreasonable hope that this one is valid. I still feel like I fell headlong into a psych warfare trap, though

I recommend reading Jim Marrs’ ALIEN AGENDA, which is a comprehensive history of the CIA’s and US Air Force’s costly campaign to keep people from knowing about the presence of aliens and their long history of interactions with people.

I didn’t delete that thread because I think it’s a good example of what this forum isn’t about. Falling into speculation about reptilians, film-makers’ demonstrated lack of personal integrity but overabundance of cleverness and dissimulation (CIA owns and operates HOllywood and all the other main movie industries as their primary disinformation outlet), and other non-informative pursuits is something that I hope our readers will experience on less substantive websites.

I’ve always felt that if we don’t stick to genuinely empowering and informative subject matter we’ll quickly lose our hard-won reputation of reliability and consistently good reporting. It really doesn’t take much to lose a good reputation, folks!

As tempting as it is to rush into speculatoin about subject matter that’s mainly controlled by the CIA’s army of clever liars, may we please rather stick to reporting substantive material and inspired subjective hunches that can be acted upon?

Everyone who posts here was invited to do so because he and she had demostrated the latter to me (and agreed to 'no doomsaying, no talk of devils, no Theosophy-preaching and no personality-cult strivings) and I expect this standard to be held up. It doesn’t take much for any one of the army of sleepless, jobless, relationship-free CIA/Monarch freaks who swarm the internet to get a foot in the door and stink up a perfectly good forum, after all, even vicariously.

I mentioned the reptilian thing to Carol, just now, and she said, ‘That is SO yesterday!’ It’s fun but it really has no bearing in our collective efforts.


Let’s see if the alleged maker of this film comes up with the promised proof that he did this, okay? I don’t want to energize this any more except to take a look at his promised ‘next’ offering (I’ll be astonished if that ever shows up) and see if it measures up to this one, if indeed he made this one as claimed. Disinformants expect us to forget all about stuff like this, of course.

I enjoy watchingg ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, by the way, because it’s a good example of Monarch/Montauk programming and a fun story. It’s also a good illustration of the CIA’s time manipulation but the special effects in that film didn’t seem to measure up to this UFO video, cerrtainly.


I woke up early this morning, worrying a little that our fellows who posted in that thread, also Meta, who sent me the video link, might be seen in a bad light so I want to assure the readers and our friends who contributed to the thread that I’m not being judgemental. I’m the one with egg on my face, really, because I fell into a typical CIA disinfo trap.

The last time that happened was right after the US Navy detonated the hydrogen bomb on the seabed near Malaysia, three years ago. An alleged gifter sent me photos of deep ocean fish that had allegedly washed ashore with the tsunami, which woiuld have been solid evidence of a bomb, then after I posted it a rumor was circulated that these fish were lab specimens in some other country, retrieved by a research submarine. Since, like with the UFO film, we didon’t have enough facttual information to determine if the ‘other’ explanation is valid we had to just stop mentioning it if we wanted to keep or salvage our credibility.

For a change, though, I’m going to hold the alleged special effects artist’s feet to the fire and expect him to follow through on his ‘proof,’ at least. I’ll post a request, in a month or so, for him to share his promised proof that he had merely committed a clever hoax. The reason I suggested reading Jim Marrs’ ALIEN AGENDA is that he documented a bunch of similar disinformation ploys that were based around real events. For instance, when half the state of Arrizona witnessed the massive visitation of space ships in the late 1990s, ‘Major’ Ed Dames claimed unequivocably on Art Bell’s radio show that a Hollywood special effects company had done the deed as a hoax. See a similarity?

Meta, thanks very much for sending me the video link!

Meta sent it to me with a request to have Carol look at it and try to determine if it’s real or not. I might not have explaiined that, before, and if so I’m sorry, Meta.

I’m feeling just as sheepiish as any of the contributors to that thread may also be feeling right now. Discernment never gets a vacation, after all. YOu guys who got sucked into the disinformation scam can learn from your mistakes the same as I’m doing, of course, and there’s no shame in making occasional errors in judgement, of course. HOpefully, it makes us a little sharper and a little more skilled at recognizing the world odor’s poisonous scams. The entire world odor, including their four main predatory governments (China, Russia, UK and USA) are merely a hoax, after all–an exceptionally mean-spirited one.


Don, I do not think you have any egg on your face, it’s the hoaxer(s) who does. After all what’s wrong with trusting your fellow man? Any one who spends enough of their time trying to fool people may eventually succeed, but if they spent one tenth of that trying to help folks instead, they might find out they have something in common with all of us.


Thanks for the kind words, Louis, but the egg on my face is from making the wrong play and getting snared, not from being humiliated, especially since these freaks probably weren’t aiming this at me personally but, instead, to anyone who sees the film and is hopeful about the presence of aliens and their craft.

The timing is interesting, though. Lately, the psychics, on everyone’s behalf, have been shown incredible new approaches to defeating the tyranny of parasites, so in the past couple of weeks some stuff has been thrown at EW with the intention of discrediting and weakening the psychics.

The funny part about the past subterfuge efforts aimed at our chat session efforts is that we’ve been painted as etheric berserkers, even prone to violence but the clear trend, now, is toward the use of pure love energy, directed at the core of the world odor, who are apparently an ancient race, now blocked from 3D, whom the psychics are calling ‘The Fallen Egos.’

A wonderful aspect of these new awarenesses is that subterfuge and slander are becoming less important issues, here. Pretty soon we probably won’t even need to be concerned about stuff like that, though, as Alejandro noted today in Dooney’s chat session, this might be partly due to the fact that the ‘first generation’ of gifters are mostly no longer in contact with any of us and were kind of prone to intrigue, personality worship, Theosophical and other irrational identifications, while the present (‘next’) generation, who happen to be younger, are mainly concerned with the work and reporting successes.

For the few, like you, Louis, who have stuck around in spite of all that mess, there’s a lot of earned honor, I think.


You are not alone Don when you felt that there was an egg on your face. I most certainly felt the egg on myself as well when I saw that UFO video. I think a lot of people fell for that video. I really did almost jump out of my chair when I saw that video and thought that some of the operators were really going to make their presence more visible. The darksiders and scumbags, sure have been becoming more visible lately and I have seen my fair share of these things as well (particularly last year) but do not have photographic evidence to post it. I think most of us have experienced these things.

My gut feeling on this…the operators do keep a low profile but enough for most of us to ‘feel’ their helping hand in difficult situations and rarely make themselves visible to us (not including sylphs that are always there to encourage us on while on gifting runs). Maybe that is the whole point. It’s for us to finally take ‘responsibility’ to heal this planet and they (the operators) help to level the playing fields. Hehehe…I am sure it wouldn’t feel ‘sweet’ when you read the headlines in the near future …“Parasites finally evicted from Earth by off worldersâ€? and ‘without’ the active participation from ourselves. It seems to me, all the tools (orgonite) and help (operators helping to level the odds behind the scene) are already made available to us. It’s just a matter of stepping forward to take on that responsibility.

Anyway, that’s my feelings on that.

(Harideran Sivagnanam)

P.S. – I still sometimes smile when pouring my TBs and still just can’t believe ‘the odds’ on how simple it is to make orgonite. No moving parts, no complex components that require machinery or any high-tech solution and all the materials are ‘accessible’ to all of us. What are the odds of that? What are the rest of humanity waiting for?

P.S.S –I admit that I am a stubborn fellow sometimes and still think that the UFO video was deliberately faked (at least the background) so when actual ‘identical UFOs’ do get filmed, it can be pushed aside as disinfo. I think Don says it very nicely… “Discernment never gets a vacation�

Thanks, Hari–in fact all of us are content to ‘grow’ our connection with The Operators but, in fact, the CIA’s history of obfuscation and their (at least until now) easy ability to turn genuine information into a poison cocktail really ought to be exposed. I see that you assumed that the video is fake just because someone in the film industry, whose reputation is not known, claims that he did it as a hoax.

That reaction, too, needs to be discussed some more because I personally think it’s time to just discard the What To Think Network and its CIA owners. Part of their scam is to get us to assume that we don’t need to hold them accountable but that we need to hold ourselves too accountable.

I trust the psychics’ impressions, especially when they’re seeing the same stuff. There are other good psychics, out there, who are also reputable and dependable and the consensus is that there are many, many alien races and species involved with humanity: some are benevolent, some are malevolent and some are neutral, with all the shades in between.

Al Bielek told us that there’s a galactic federation which is mainly set up to facilitate trade and other exchanges, not at all like the science fiction paradigms we’ve been exposed to. According to him, it’s not organized or heavily centralized the way our parasitic governments on earth are. Apparently, membership of any qualifying planet is entirely optional and the more advanced civilizations won’t even bother with any of that. Apparently, the scummy species who guide and support the world odor are mostly members. He told us that the only prerequisite to being invited to join is that a planet has to have a universal government and that it doesn’t matter at all whether the government is a bloody dictatorship or is borderline anarchic and peaceful. Apparently, part of the world odor’s motivation is to be seen by this agency as The Government for the planet but, thankfully, that’s no longer possible because humanity is simply getting sick of being exploited and ruled by these parasites.

I want you and our readers to notice how the film’s alleged creator deftly stomped on all of the viewers’ hopeful attitude toward offworld contact. Theosophy’s brand of irrationalism teaches us to scorn confirmations and proof of supernormal phenomena and I suggest that assuming that the film is fake just because some unknown person said he made it is a programmed response, not a rational one. I’ve rather adopted a detached attitude and won’t ‘believe’ it’s his handiwork until after this unknown person has produced the promised evidence and the evidence lives up to his claim. As I said, I’ve watched a lot of movies but have never seen special effects as good as that. In three more weeks, I’ll fling him a challenge [Image Can Not Be Found]

Theosophy, whose name is rarely mentioned any more because it’s generally seen as kind of dirty, is the source of most of the What To Think Network’s and even churchianity’s and academia’s offered spiritual paradigm. Just like the fundamentalist Christians’ artificial ideology, this London-contrived, pseudo-HIndu/Buddhist regurgitation is always presented as ‘revolutionary’ and even ‘risky,’ though everyone who buys into the artificial ideologies are like goose stepping robots and are probably the majority of intelligentsia in the West. Another coup by the programmers is that most of these benighted folks actually believe that they came up withall these ideas on their own. How funny is that? These PJ folks are the noise makers on the web who energize the disinformation websites and attempted and failed to create a shadow gifting network. I’d like for us all to be entirely detached from that silly stuff and if we can demonstrate a more practical approach to the finer points of reality, maybe this vast flock of over-imaginitive, confused and powerless parrots will eventually just leave the field.

I"m suggesting that the programmed response of disbelief that I think is represented in this situation is the intended result. There’s no shame in responding to that sort of programming but my hope is that we can be more mindful to notice when we’ve fallen into these traps so that we can recognize, identify and expose them. I can tell you that reading Jim Marrs’ book has helped me put the CIA’s fifty year history of these tricks into perspective. This claim by the alleged special effects artist is so typical that I assume he’s lying and it’s not at all because I hope the film is real. I’ve seen plenty of UFOs, some of them even cooler-looking than those, so my ‘faith’ hasn’t been challenged. The book also shows how this stinking agency and it’s ugly twin, the US Air Force, have gradually refined their ability to lie and obfuscate about contact with offworlders. How good would you get at something if you had fifty years to work on it?

I wish more people in this forum would notice and talk about the UFOs that abound in our skies. All it takes is to pay attention, of course, and the reason more people won’t do that is also that we’re simply programmed NOT to do so.

The most comical UFO sighting Carol and I had was when a flatbed truck, carrying a battered, silver flying saucer, literally ran us off the road in the middle of the night, near Walla Walla, Washington. The saucer was sitting on the flatbed at a sharp angle and literally stuck out to the far side of the two lane road. The tanker truck in front of us nearly wrecked when it turned sharply onto the soft shoulder.

I also tried to show how disinformation can wreak havoc in forums. Can you imagine what sort of mess there would be from all this if there were moles posting here? Our readers would probably stay away in droves after a thread like that one if clever moles and their reflexive MKid peanut gallery had chimed in.

The concept of The Operators, which is our arbitrary term for the various unseen species and souls who are giving us technology, guiding our steps, helping us undermine the world order and teaching us to protect ourselves and each other in the process, is apparently an integral part of the emerged paradigm. When a person starts healing the environment with orgonite he/she usually becomes aware, through instinctive processes, of this guiding agency and none of us have a sense that we’re being rescued by ‘superior beings.’ Rather, we have a sense that this is a partnership, one of the benefits of which is our growing awareness of the dynamics of the unseen realms. Some of us even have a sense that all of this will be seen before long. I can’t think of a better way to blow the parasitic CIA and US Air Force out of the water, by the way [Image Can Not Be Found];

The old conficence scheme that the world odor’s sewer rat agencies employ to publicly deny the presence of offworlders is that ‘ordinary people would lose their minds’ if all of this were known but I can tell you, as a bona fide ordinary person, that seeing this stuff is no more threatening to my sanity than seeing circus freaks is. What really alarms me is knowing a little bit about how this world odor actually operates, rather
Now THAT grisly mess is bound to challenge the equanimity of even the most detached and spiritually hardy soul.


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