The 'World Savior' has no clothes

(Don Croft) #1

I’ve been corresponding with this guy for a week or two and I accidentally erased his first email to me, which had some enlightened speculation about the origins of the Maitreya character, whom the occult/corporate world order has apparently failed to trot out onto the world stage as a savior and gateway to their world dictator, who is apparently supposed to have been Prince William Arthur.

I think you’ll enjoy this as much as I am and I’ll post more in the thread as I get it from him. My response to his first email about Maitreya possibly being a guy named Craig Smith is first and his response follows, etc.:

[from a couple of weeks ago]


DB told me that he knew “Maitreya” when they were both in the GWB guru
stable together, along with Braden, Twyman, Houston, Drunvalo, MacLaine,
etc. I’ll ask him if the guys’ name was Craig Smith back in the day.

This is tricky ground. DB hesitates to publish what he knows becuase he
doesn’t want to be murdered again but he put a present photo of ‘Maitreya’ up
on his previous site, at least. [D Bradley’s new site is ~D]

A big part of the savior scam was that M was to remain
entirely concealed until he got trotted out on the world stage as a youth to perform
miracles. Even the old hippies failed to get enthusiastic about that
agenda, which is probably why it failed. Prince William Arthur was apparently bred to be the
global dictator–the other shoe to drop in a revived version (I wonder who it was supposed to have been in the mid-80s, when Benjamin Creme was pimping for Maitreya)–and that’s alfready failed, too.

Only a few people understand that this occult/corporate world order is
essentially dead–no more a threat to us than a headless chicken running around
the barnyard is to ants. Our challenge is to keep them from doing any massive
mayhem in a sour-grapes, ‘#*ck You Very Much!’ gesture on their way out.

I think the Maitreya scam stopped being a potential threat about ten
years ago, when he was no longer suitably ‘youthful.’ Carol and I pretty much
nailed ‘Count Ste Germaine’ 2 1/2 years ago at Shasta, which is why newage nazis stopped channeling him after that (it started up again this year but he lacks the punch he had before). It was the first time we felt compelled to carry pistols on a gifting expedition [Image Can Not Be Found]
and it’s good that we did.

DB told us that he met that offworld predator twice, by the way. He was not entirely physical either time, apparently, and Carol and other psychics have claerly seen the true ET form of ST Germain as being hideous by human standards, not like the Benjamin Creme paintings at all.

The Theosophically camouflaged hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood is in disarray these days,
which is why the lower levels, such as the Chinese & Russian military, the BushSr regime and the Jesuits, lack the ability to arrange a global conflict. We can take
some of the credit for their demise but other groups are finally smacking these blood
drinkers silly, too.

The NSA hackers took EW down again the other day. Steeve, the webmaster,
doesn’t apparently want to give them full credit for that and I think he needlessly assumed some responsibility for not preventing it but it happened the day after I asked Steeve to boot ******** from the memberlist. I’d left him on there after ***** started sniping at Carol a couple months ago (booting her immediately preceded the previous destruction of EW by hackers) and I got evidence lately that he’s been trying to undermine our livlihood, apparently at *****'s behest. This is confidential but I thought you’d appreciate the
peek. We don’t advertise our enemies, of course, and these two were apparently sent in by the Russians–a new twist.

**** got pretty close to Carol, who doesn’t make friends as casually as I do, so the betrayal hurt my wife personally. Usually, saboteurs can’t get that close to us. Casting saboteurs out of our personal lives usually removes their ‘platform,’ at least, which is why they all never got a good foothold in the expanding network, even though a couple of them are featured in a surreal way by a couple of the top (read: CIA and MI6-owned) search engines these days.



Hey Don,
I didn’t think it was a heavy thing, this comparison I made. Did you see
the two Maitreyas to compare for yourself? It’s harder for you, not
having the M. Kali CD with the pix. Just my observations, but the whole
thing’s curiously curious. I was just wondering whether someone else
who’s had some experience in sifting and weeding out BS would see the
same connection.

As for my name, I’d just as soon keep it between you and me. I won’t
repeat the various things you tell me also. I’m often wrong and I’d
rather not look like an idiot on something like this worldwide, lol. I
have a feeling that a lot of people who knew Craig Smith back in the
days will say, “uh…hey folks, I knew him when” if the TV ‘saviour’
message comes to frution, which is already pre-bolstered by his healings
and miracles in Africa and wherever else he was platformed. Aside from
the Ascended Masters crap on the ‘crystal links’ webpages, he’s not too
public lately, though.

Most likely you’re right and he’s yesterday’s news. He really looks
about the same age, or maybe +10 years of the pix on the Apache/Inca
flop album of '72, though so who knows…if Craig Smith went to the
Himalyas like Maitreya said he 'd come from, there’s some weirdness. St.
Germain did so too, yes? Fountain of youth/elixir of life? The Tibetan
masters should be pretty good at judging character, though. I can’t
imagine them letting a guy as whacked as Craig Smith/Maitreya Kali hang
around for more than five minutes. Let me know if Tom Bradley did know
him as Craig Smith.

This here is an after-word as a fore-warning, lol. I just got typing
and stream-of-consciousness took over. Reading’s optional, of course.<<

Along with the Maitreya identity discovery(?), I think I’ve discovered
St. Germain’s real name and even his home, as in his house. If I’m on,
it’s still a hotel in service today. I can send some links if you’re
interested in the trail. There’s a reference to his real name (Claud
Anglancier, if I’m right) which indicates mention of a grown man in
1707. There’s another mention of same(?) retrieving belongings from the
family household in 1795 (the hotel). Of course, it could be one of
those families that have a ‘jr.’ with a few generations in between, as
in my case. There’s a gravestone in a yard where my grandmother’s buried
with another James Ketchum, died about 1910. A lot of ‘ifs’ to sort
through before any seriousness could be put to any of this, but it’s
worth a little more digging to me. I read about his ‘demise’ but just
that and no details. I’m assuming there’s a reason for that, c’est le vie.

I’ve always thought the new-ager wanna-think of the old picture of M.
H.P.Blavatsky with two standing men in elaborate clothing along with St.
Germain was BS. Turns out the third man was the husband (a real count)
of Blavatsky’s sucker of the moment, the rich spiritualist-interested
countess wife of this other count (just did a quick search to find her,
no luck but …anyway). This falsity of the picture makes the claim that
H.P.B. knew St. Germain more dubious than ever, so I almost threw out
the baby with the bath water. While sifting through other Theosophy
nonsense about their endless virtues of St. Germain along the way and
comparing other sites on Blavatsky/St. Germain, I found a supposed fraud
who published a palm-reading book in 1897, Edgar de Valcount-Vermont
under the pseudonym of Count C. St. Germain (C. for Claud?). He was
found to be a newspaper editor in mid-western US, Kansas unless I’m
mistaken. The middle initial C. lead to another book on palm reading
(the St. Germain-Blavatsky link, btw?) and one on Astrology. There are a
few of this vein, but here’s something kind of weirder. Along with the
general mystic-type writings, this mid-western newspaper editor was into
tarot cards. Blavatsky inner-circle members used a one-of-a-kind deck of
tarot cards designed by them and this same mid-western editor published
them in one of the Count C. St. Germain books, 1901, I think. So maybe
her claim to have known him is true? The last and possibly oddest book
St. Germain ala Valcourt-Vermont had published was a translation of
one of Balzac’s ‘French rich society’ dramas into english. What the…?!
Meanwhile, back in Kansas… There are a couple other points that add to
the possibility, but I’ll skip them here.

Oddly enough, I started the whole search not looking for anything about
St. Germain, but trying to find Fulcanelli’s real identity (another
alchemist of mystery, 20th century). Quite strange the trail that led me
to find what I did. Whether I’m right or not is another thing.
Fulcanelli appears on the scene as an unidentifiable, but almost
instantly-famous alchemist (sound familiar, ie. St. Germain?) in the
1920’s and publishes a highly-acclaimed work of genius on how the
secrets of alchemy are ingrained in the architechural designs and
artwork of the great (matter of opinion) churches. How’s that for

I’m sure DB met a lot of ‘interesting’ people. I didn’t know Drumvalo
(forget his real name …anyway) and Greg Braden went to the same
school. Who’d of thunk it?

There’s an online radio show in Vancouver I really dug a few years back.
Some pretty good shows. Then, I started doubting some of the guests (one
of which was Braden) and all the newer ‘spiritually enlightened’ people
started ringing of the same backgrounds- ex-military or unintelligence,
left their family due to act of God stuff, found correct new mate, etc.
Now, it’s all channeler’s and hocus-pocus a 5-year-old should be able to
see through. It took me awhile, but I think those really looking for
truth will grow beyond it, too. Suckers abound, especially the recently
graduated naive seeker kids, but we all get bit now and then. I think
these new-age hucksters are a good school in spiritual street smarts.
Just another of the NWO’s attempt to put off the inevitable by twisting
a truth they can’t erase. There IS a new world coming. Love IS real, so
they’re playing Charlie Manson. Love is this, this is that. Keep 'em
spinning. All these ascended masters being the human/ET ladder to the
Federation (good god!) have the stamp of idiocy that they’ve come to
expect us to bite on. Their problem is people really ARE evolving. I
wonderif their fake ‘landing’ is still in the program. I don’t see how
they pull it off now. The stats on people now heavily into UFO’s and
ET’s has gone through the roof in the last 3-4 years and most people
already know there are several different angles being thrown out to keep
folks spinning as to which one, if any is true. So, a ‘landing’ of their
design would be scrutinized and thrown out of the mix in a matter of
hours today by the exposers. Not to mention the already known foiled
‘landing’ of 1997, which folks were skeptical of back then(!). So,
they’re bag of tricks is pretty limited at this point. I’ve been reading
some forum stuff of the new-age/ascended masters crowd and the juice is
running out. Sananda’s running very late and the faithful are getting
suspicious. On the common sense front, it took quite awhile for the 9/11
story to be picked apart on a wide scale (though it shouldn’t have) but
sure didn’t take long for the London bomming to get exposed, huh? In 3-4
days after the Katrina fiasco, I was reading reports of the N.O. levee
concrete piece being anylized and the Coast Guard lab (God love the
Coast Guard) finding powder burns. The Canadian thing is going to be
another example of TPTB shooting themselves in the foot. It already
looks dubious and too agenda-oriented. We’ll see. Better days ahead.

Well, there’s today’s epic something-or-other. Don’t take my theories
too serious till you check them out yourself. I just find all this stuff
kind of interesting. Hope today’s a good one for you.


I can tell you, J, that DB looked ten years younger than his age of 43 when I met him in May, 2002. Lately he’s showing a little wear and tear from the incessant assaults, even radiological and microwave, that he’s gotten since then but he’s still a peach, physically, in my view. These guys were bred and well trained to be healthy, in fact, so I doubt that alleged trips to the Himalayas should be factored in. The entire thrust of the GWB guru mill scam is to get people to believe that there’s something particularly mysterious or exclusive about them, other than their obvious gifts, which are not that uncommon.

They’re beautiful people who are personable and charismatic and what some have learned is that this kind of packaging can be a handicap to personal development because it performs as a barrier to basic human relationships. Isolating their gurus from the rest of humanity is one of the ways the GWB controls them, though, as one can see in the sad personal lives of many celebrities.

They really screwed up in DB’s case, though, because I think they failed to notice his incessant drive to genuinely help others until it was too late to stop the development of that character trait. The gurus, after all, are like expensive race horses and in fact fortunes were spent on developing these personae and the dark masters have to be very careful not to squelch any genuinely creative urges in the neophytes who will end up being their facade in the world. They start them all out with ritual sexual abuse as infants in order to ensure that they’ll have dissociative personalities but of course the other side never quite comprehends the higher powers of the human spirit, so they constantly shoot themselves in the foot. Any living human, at any moment, can choose to act out of personal integrity, no matter how degraded we’ve become. That Divine gift simply can’t be taken away or programmed out of people and the dark masters understand this, at least, which may be why they’re so obsessed with trying to erase it [Image Can Not Be Found]

I can’t do justice to this subject and I encourage DB from time to time to publish some memoirs. I think those would be the best medicine for helping folks ‘get over’ the entire Theosophical paradigm, which is much more deeply rooted in white people’s psyches than most people realize… Look at how thoroughly people are programmed not to intelligently criticize it, for instance.

I absolutely love your comment about the GWB’s incessant attempts to steal and pervert that which they’re unable to destroy. Theosophy was set up by the GWB to do that in the late 1800s but in fact most clergy have been in that profession since the dawn of this closing age, perhaps 6,000+ years ago. When you think of how long humanity has perhaps been creating and then losing global civilizations on this planet that’s not a very impressive timeframe, don’t you agree?

I’m posting our conversation on EW, J, because I think others will get as much juice from it as you and I are getting [Image Can Not Be Found] Nothing’s vested here becuase you and I aren’t making any claims. When/if you get some documentation for any of this we can really rock the GWB boat, though.

If you’re able to document that Ct Ste Germaine has a stable human form that would be terrific, even though it seems contrary to what DB, Carol and a few other reputable psychics have seen about the guy. DB, in fact, three years ago fingered a man in the Pentagon who is apparently the same ET specie as Ct Ste Germaine, though perhaps a human hybrid, who was responsible for schmoozing the Joint Chiefs to do nothing about it when the feds blew up the WTC and that guy puts his pants on one leg at a time and is on the faculty at STanford, apparently.

He was one hell of a hard target during our earlier informal group efforts to disable arch predators, by the way, as Ct St Germaine also was. The slick guy who apparently sired Prince Charles is perhaps another of that predatory specie. The GWB has a smorgasbord of predatory species in it’s character list, we believe–even big insects, as in the case of the ones which apparently animated the Rosicrucian order and the Ramtha agendae until recently.

It’s really okay to say these things that are based on personal and collective observations without claiming that our statements carry any authority. We act decisively on our intel and we can fairly say that the result of that is that there hasn’t been any mass murder in North America since the feds blew up the WTC, though we’ve missed the beat a few times in the case of foreigh mayhem. Carol got a sense yesterday, by the way, that the Chinese are going to execute BushSr for his having failed to live up to his promise to facilitate their and the Russians’ invasion of North America and W Europe lately.

What the Chinese military may soon find out is that just because they now have all of the gold that used to be in the US and Russian Government Treasuries it doesn’t mean that they can pull the plug on our economy [Image Can Not Be Found] and I was tickled to finally recognize that the Russians have been China’s lapdog ever since WWII, if not before that. It may be that the City of London, which owes its centuries-old earthly power to the Chinese dope trade, was also originally set up by an old Chinese secret order. The ancient Venetian families who took London over in the 1600s in order to eventually dominate world trade and politics seem about as genuinely powerful to me as the stupid Colombian smuggler/murder cartels do. No culture in the world embodies patience and subtlety as thoroughly as the Chinese one does, I think. Eat your heart out, Machiavelli [Image Can Not Be Found]

It’s going to be a lot of fun to unravel this new information in coming days if I’m not mistaken.