There is Nice Aura

Here is a nice confirmational email from a chap who just bought some orgonite from me last week;

Just thought i’d let you know. I went to the mind body spirit exhibition
in London yesterday (nobody had heard of orgonite). I convinced a chap
taking aura photos to take one without and then with me holding the
small hhg made by you. The gentleman seemed a bit ruffled at first but
when he saw the results he was quite amazed as was I. The first image
without the hhg was almost entirely green with a small brown inclusion
on one side.The man said some very complimentary remarks whilst looking
at this image Holding the hhg the second image took a while to settle
down flashing all different kind of blue eventually settling to a green
core surrounded by blue, he said this was a significantly stronger image
than the first.


In general I’ve been having lots of wonderful feedback lately, this makes all the effort of making personal pieces worthwhile, and, is really heart warming.


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