Thomas Trawoeger´s Pyramid

Thomas Trawoeger, an austrian inventor in the fields of free energy is back again on the internet.

Thomas runs a board now, on which he provides all the necessary information to construct a pyramid which is generating electric energy, obviously from orgone.
For having access to the information you will have to register and log into the forum.
You´ll get very detailed sketches and information for the do it yourself experiment, in order to confirm his findings and to contribute to the research.
Please send him also a good boost, he really needs it.


Thx, Manfred, and please let someone in the chats know, quickly, if this fellow comes under attack, okay? There are scores of legitimate free energy devices out there, operating on many different orgone principles. The more we can all protect the inventors from being suicided or heart attacked, the sooner their free energy tech will undermine the petroleum cartel and, by extension, the entire corporate world odor!


Trawoeger´s site including the board with all the information has been hacked away.

Please give him and his family a good boost, for he is the first one who published all his discoveries in the internet, so far, accessible for anyone who is interested.
It is time to hunt once more for the resposible forces and to call them to account.


a quick peak into the etheric realms shows that they are FURIOUS about this initiative. Indeed, imagine independant people like us starting to construct their own free electricity goodies.
a really good boosting target,


Thomas doesn´t capitulate.

Here is what he wrote in a free energy forum this morning:

Hello friends:
Yesterday evening, we had a spacial meeting with our Lawyer, and we discussed the problem…
Well, we had the full program yesterday…. bombing the servers, a burglary in my old garage, and some defenitive
warnings against me and my family.

Now, everything is done for the security of my family, and so we will go ahead to swap V12.

No, and really no… Nobody can stop the process of swapping these informations, but the other side will try to make me unbelieveable, and as they told, they want to blame me…

Now, this is getting a private thing between me and these fuckin´ assholes.

We are living in a free world, V12 is my private property, and everything we do isn´t against any Law.
(We do not construct bombs)

So let me tell you, what we do…. we will start again, and all the interesting members will stay behind us…
And if we get bombed again, we will start again and again and again….

I gave the word, that on Christmas Day some V12 will run in the whole world, and i will hold this word….
I WILL BLAME NOBODY, and i got some new friend in Swiss helping me to fullfill my promise…

We will finish our work and we will compare our results. AMEN!

So don´t put away your Constructions. I will give all Constructors Info as soon as possible!
ng, Tom

V12 is the pyramid generator.
There´s only one thing in which he is wrong: It is not only a thing between him and these “f… @$$….” as he says.
This thing touches every human being of good will.


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