Those Damn White Vans

I see these white vans all the time. Always with a single driver.

I did a google on Renzenberger and the top entry is the company:

They are a transportation company for the railroad. They pick-up railroad workers at the railyard
and deliver them to wherever. I live near a huge railyard, so it’s not unusual, I guess, to see them around.

In the pics I got there is a passenger, belted-in. I don’t recall seeing a passenger before, always
a solo driver.

The second url on the Google search is a service that allows people to review companies they work/ed for.
Renzenberger is not widely loved by ex-employees.

So am I being paranoid feeling like they are always dogging me?

Maybe there’s a company within a company. I think that’s how they work. One’s a front for the other.


I don’t know why the pics won’t show. When I wrote the entry
the page was all jumpy and weird. Hard to describe…


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