Tina V/d Maas's Wellness Program Against AIDS, Cancer Et Al

I have told you about Tina v/d Maas before. Just type “Tina� in the search box [on my blogsite
on the right to read previous posts about her.

She’s probably the most hated person to the pill pushing cartel of lies that runs the official AIDS story in South Africa because her simple nutritional detox programme has restored 1000s of “full blown AIDS� cases and sufferers from many other diseases to full health.

Just recently a very good friend of mine came back from a visit to her parents in Germany with very bad news: Her father was ill with a terminal cancer of the liver.

The doctors had given up the case as untreatable and predicted the death of the dear old man (he’s in his 80s) within 6 months.

My friend was very depressed.

We told her to bring her father out here where we would introduce him to Tina and make him whole again.

This we did and after 10 days on Tina’s programme my friend had a first blood test done.

The results were so dramatically improved over the last one done by the university German hospital that the doctor who explained the results to my friend and her father said he won’t charge them for the consultation – that’s how excited he was.

I personally know another man who got rid of a very agressive prostata cancer with Tina’s programme.

So I thought it’s about time to post her simple and inexpensive nuritional detox- and immune boosting programme [here on our website

You may also want to go [straight to her documentary http://www.youtube.com/Alunine:36ecv8h7
about her phenomenal healing work in rural Zululand.

It’s just so amazing what she has done and so equally distressing how the press has managed to keep this under wraps even though Tina had the ear of former health minister Dr. Manto Thshabalala Msimang. It just goes to prove how powerless the elected government of any country is against the big agendae of the secret government.

You will not be surprised to hear that this works synergistically with the use of a zapper and other valid natural treatments including the Hulda Clark type liver cleanse.


Fantastic! Simple and beautiful and I’d say that this method aligns 100% with my personal experience. Living in Hong Kong/Asia I’d add goji berries and coconut oil as they are quite available in this part of the world and I consider them “super-foods”. Good to see she is using our fine friend hemp seed…also fully available here in the shell and known in Chinese medicine as “fau ma yeung.” It is illegal to have hemp seed in the shell in some parts of the USA…but available extensively thoughout all of China and here in Hong Kong. Hemp is a super food. Red beets too…very powerful healer…great in the blender…great in the juicer.

I’d say that if you follow what this woman has outlined on a daily basis that vibrant health awaits you. Letting go of all that processed adulterated “muppet food” is excellent advice too, since it’s simply designed to depricate our mind, body and emotions and keep us “dumbed and numbed down.”

Thanks…Hong Kong John

All the more reason to take Tina’s advice and stay away from the lads in the white lab coats:




All good and valid nutrients can be combined with this as well as all genuine energy healing approaches.
Sometimes when dealing with “terminal” dread diseases like cancer we must be more careful with extra supplements because some may feed the cancer.
But when you wear a zapper that should be covered.
I didn’t even mention it, but Tina loves orgonite and zappers. Would you be surprised?


Yes my experience aligns totally with the discovery that orgonite, zappers, boosting and the nutritional protocols that Tina presents all come together. I would even go so far as to say that adopting Tina’s ideas as a form of life-long habit would be extremely beneficial. Just the other night I went for a long run in the mountains and
I didn’t even warm up…which is interesting…does the gazelle need to warm up before going into a full-throttle run as a Cheetah is chasing it…NO. It doesn’t pull a muscle…it goes from calmly munching wild grass…to full speed in an instant. It could be different if it ate at Denny’s, McDonalds or KFC…maybe?

I recently listened to this radio interview with a man named Dr Len Horowitz. I found it inspired me to gift even more and to bring the agenda of the parasites (both micro and macro) to closure…where it belongs. I don’t know much about Dr. Len and I don’t agree with all of his cosmologies and predictions but I found his perspectives useful. Like all fringe information there may be some disinfo peppered in the talk. But I feel many of us are “etherically mature” enough to discern what resonates with our HEARTS and what does not.


All the best…HKJ

Dr Horowitz wrote “Emerging Viruses – AIDS and Ebola” in which he linked those viruses to well funded CIA programmes for population reduction. He also wrote “Death in the Air” about the role of mycotoxins in chemical spraying. Both very important books.
May those viruses be the deadly biological warfare agent or not. A healthy body does not succumb to them.
The whole picture becomes more simple than even Horowitz’s well researched books may suggest:
Detox, get the bad stuff out, kill the buggers with a zapper. Then put the good stuff in your body and be healthy.
All the good things work together of course.

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