Tonight's sky indicates chem activity 3/8/17

Chem-trails dispersing in fluffy fullness

I caught this image today looking towards the sunset… Salt lake city UT

Busy bee’s up there.

The amazing thing is the ripples as it disperses, and here comes a new spray to fill in the gaps.

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I can’t seem to imbed the image but still working on that… you can copy the link for now.

Pointing out spray plane activity is not a gifting report. What’s the purpose of this post, please?

It’s in “Questions and Comments from Readers”, and you are a forum member.

It shows spray activity, discusses it briefly, and does not offer any solution to the issue.

If you had a body of posts documenting your gifting activity and discussed this picture within their context, it would perhaps be different.

The lead-in, the headline “Chem-trails dispersing in fluffy fullness” is hopeful, in that it includes the words " dispersing " and " fluffy ", which just barely might imply that Orgonite you distributed is dispersing the chemtrails, as Orgonite does…or it might not imply that. The reader can’t know.

My personal experience has been that chemtrails expand into a flat and greasy deck, and, in the presence of Orgonite, simply disappear, fade away. Puffy cumulus clouds, a separate subject, exist in a healthy, POR-rich atmosphere.

" The amazing thing is the ripples as it disperses, and here comes a new spray to fill in the gaps ."

The ripples you describe are a signature of scalar weather modification, from what I’ve gathered, so that’s not “amazing”, to me ( amazing having generally positive connotations), but is rather “disturbing”. From what I’ve gathered, Orgonite does not cause chemtrails to dissipate in a rippling fashion.

And even if it’s correct that there’s a vague inference that the distribution of Orgonite was helping the situation, dispersing the trails, that hope is dashed by " here comes a new spray to fill in the gaps ", which makes the whole affair appear a task of Sisyphus. “Might as well just give it all up.”

Perhaps I’m misreading things.

^^ It was not my intention to offend you.

I wasn’t aware that all posts need to display a clear sky, with no “ongoing issues” being reported. I had no idea that the subjects thrown for discussion must have the before/after “happy ending” attached.

I apologise for offending you.

btw: I might of thrown the post and the photo on here to seek confirmation on what I was seeing was what your group describes. I didn’t realize I would be judged for making a simple observation on what appeared in the sky above my head.

Again, it’s not worth the debate.

Switchback, I can’t speak for others but I don’t think you offended anyone. You’ll find we’re generally pretty thick skinned over here when compared with most forums. Maybe it has something to do with the harassment that usually comes with the territory.

There’s no policy about “happy posts” here. Several examples of this - Jeff’s ongoing “Rising Female Death Rate”, the recent plea for help on behalf of Christine or a whole forum section dedicated to reporting instances of personal/business sabotage.
We’re not really into making purely negative observations, either. We’re more into solutions and reporting something negative is often paired with some tool or strategy to counter that negative situation. The single, casual observation of chemtrails and a DOR-laden sky doesn’t seem to me to be productive in any fashion.

You say you were seeking confirmation but the language in your first post does not indicate that, at least to me.
I’d also like to suggest debate about a particular post is welcome. This is after all a forum and as long as we keep polite and the subject has merit, personally I don’t see the problem.
There are several forums concerning orgonite which unfortunately seem to be little more than pits of drama and mysticism and that’s something we are trying to avoid by pushing each other to have a little bit higher standards. We’re not asking for perfection here, just for people to be a bit more conscious of the effects of what they post.

I’m sorry if you took any of these words personally. Any criticism is being directed to the content of your post, not to you as a person.

Salt Lake City is one of the most ‘resistant’ to orgonite on the continent and I’m not aware that anyone has committed to large-scale work, there, which is what would be required to stop the chemtrail crud from lingering so long in the sky. I guess one ‘happy-post’ note could be that it obviously never drops down to sicken people Wink, even there.

Las Vegas is the other resistant town but that’s likely because the massive number of towerbusters and earthpipes that Carol and I put in place, there, were evidently removed due to having been associated with questionable characters there at the time. Las Vegas, most days, looks like a city that hasn’t been taken care of with orgonite, yet. Even LA and Mexico City have mainly smog-clear days and Sylphs in blue skies overhead nearly all the time. Mexico City was the smoggiest city I’d ever visited and LA was certainly second place and quite notorious for the smog.

I don’t have a problem with someone sharing bad news, Switchback, but the purpose of the forum is to demonstrate solutions so now that the first shoe has dropped with your bad news post, we can expect you to go out and do something about the lingering chemtrails in that spot, then report back–fair enough? You’ve posted several times and have yet to report any of your fieldwork, so now we’re curious and expectant to see some of that. When I met you last summer I was impressed with your determination and I know you’ve got what it takes.

For the bad and spurious-bad news one can turn on a TV, read a newspaper, listen to a blowhard academic or read and watch fear porn on the internet. You might not know that this forum has developed a reputation for sharing solutions and is not just another outlet for doom and gloom.

^^ thank you for the response, Don.

I want to take a moment and let everyone know I wish to be part of this happy family. :)

We all have different “gifts” or experiences, mine are a little different than monitoring the sky.

I decided to gift for the humans more than the sky, as that is where I was prompted.

My experiences started by “charging” the orgone with a request for the Gift of Discernment, the Gift of Love, etc… I did this by holding it between my thumb and forefinger, focusing on the object, making the request 3 times, then gifting them in troublesome areas of the Valley, or where I felt negative energy and then watching for changes in human behavior or ground level environment changes… I always made sure the orgone tb was in contact with natural earth.

I will admit, I came into this work a little naive, but I can’t deny the confirmations and things that were shown to me…

I still need to share my experience, but let’s just say I know I hit a “nerve” somewhere, and wasn’t really prepared for the retributions.

Good, bad, right or wrong… In the end, I got my butt kicked, retreated and licked my wounds, and after some reflection, I realised I can’t undo, you can only learn to grow in strength.

My story will take a few pages, but I promise to start working on that and share it.

Blessings to all.