Treating Myself (for Now)

13 Oct 2008 06:14
Subject: Treating Myself (for Now)
Here is a piece I made recently, which I though some folks might like having a look at.

As I virtually always end up selling most of my own good pieces, when I get higher order volumes from time to time. I thought I would treat myself when the last batch of gold arrived and make myself a pure gold generator. This piece is 3 layers of 24carat Gold and 2 of 12carat White Gold. In the centre of the piece there is a Lemurian (which also has a clear record keeper on one of it’s termination faces), plus at the tip there is a Ruby Heart, then Apatite Briolettes surrounded by Rhodolite Marquise.

Top View (doesn’t do the gemstones justice in my opinion);


Side View (I haven’t filed the bottom edges yet);


Underneath there is a small sapphire heart, surrounded by Amethyst and Amazonite, then Peridot and Rhodolite with an outer circle of Baltic Amber and Mexican Fire Opal.

Of course, the cost of this piece means I won’t likely be offering any for sale.

Laozu Kelly said of it “Your generator is quite strong and good, the white gold being more mild than the 24 caret stuff.
It has a really nice feeling at the top, as good as I remember seeing.”

After appreciating it myself for a few days, (also now it has a strong seal of approval) I am going to give it to a good friend who has done alot for me, as this is the way :~)

Best Wishes


Andy Schwarm
13 Oct 2008 16:27
Subject: Re: Treating Myself (for Now)
That is very beautiful! NIce work…

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