Treating patients in regular hospital with orgonite

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It was a bit exciting, and a few times I have been withholding myself, but today the inevitable happened: I proposed orgonite as a treatment in the hospital in a conversation I had with the parents of a child. Needless to say I won’t let it interfere with the normal steps that will take place in the clinic (I work in a psychiatric hospital for kids), but the decision what we will do for treatment is still a few weeks away, long enough for the orgonite to do its first work.

The kid is hyperactive at school, at home parents learned to reason with the kid when or instead of punishing, which helps apparently. They started talking about the fact that the kid is clairvoyant, seeing ghosts.and I took the leap. As I am clairsentient, I can make custommade orgonite for the kid and parents for next time they visit, which is next week.

My son, whos is three, is a bit hyperactive, too, and the orgonite I made for him did some god, hoping for the same with this kid…

It is a big step for me as you can imagine, as I now only do ‘regular’ work at the hospital, which is not doing the kids much good most of the time (I have to be honest, sometimes the Ritalin does work). I feel this is going to be a big step forwards for me, that I am eager to make. I don’t want to stay the slave of the health care system all my life, after all.

As I was writing this post, a woman called to have a treatment by me, which I advertized for in the local organic food store. I will need to have some practice if ever I want to do some serious healing of course. This is the first step.

All this comes after a good gifting run last night, nice confirmation.

Write me for the TB improvement method!


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I think you just made history, Doc–congratulations for your persistence paying off! Most of the significant historic events in human history didn’t reach the history books in a balanced way but I hope this one will.

It may be that we in the West relate more to orgonite’s influence through the brain while Africans relate more through the body/heart. Dr Kayiwa and Kizira Ibrahim distributed orgonite in a couple of hospitals in war-torn Northern Uganda, last year, and many of the patients simply went home because they suddenly felt well. Kizira is a traditional healer, so I wonder if much of that success wasn’t due to his interaction with the patients, in addition to gifing them Doc K’s orgonite. I know that he considers physical illness to be a manifestation of spiritual imbalance.

I’m really glad that you started this thread because I think we can track some interesting things if you’re allowed to distribute orgonite in the facility, itself.

There are good people in the psychiatry profession besides Dr Dirk, of course, or the administrators where he works would have avoided orgonite like genital warts.


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The constant NSA/CIA/MI6/ad-nauseum hacker infestation here is one of the best evidences that this site is worthwhile, of course.