Triggerwords - I've been getting these strange emails

(cesco) #1

I’ve been getting these strange emails a few times lately, I only kept one and will post it beneath.

The sender on this one is: Maryanne Colon <[email protected]>

I believe it is some sort of triggerword email that “someone” is sending out “randomly”.
It did not do much for me:), but take some caution before reading it although it seems like nonsense.

Here they go:

“bub lebensraum estuarine marimba vinyl? interpret dilapidate technic anastigmatic oil.
aerial terror thresh airfield bride, dissuade corpse prudential eucre polyploidy courtyard. buzz destabilize anterior echoes lawmen?
butene coffeecup kennel? penultimate clipboard adelaide plethora scoria, shrill wakeful tenant valley lager easy.
intuit objector batten, deane concomitant bylaw? cos gradual mere velours protozoan excretory.
february laminar bootes”

Will update this thread if more emails like the above comes my way.


(NedWalsh) #2


Now that you mention it, I have gotten emails like this in the past, but never thought anything of them, until you mentioned it. I think you are right about the trigger word thing. As you know, some mind control victims can be set off by a certain word or phrase, often that sounds like nonsense. I decided to read through the email you pasted into the post, but I made it a point to do it fast so I didn’t give myself time to think about the words, only to notice the ones that stood out to me. As I read it, I put a mark on each word that stood out to me. I think that it could be different for everyone, but I’ll share the words I noticed that particularly stood out to me.

dilapidate, aerial terror thresh, corpse, kennel, shrill, bylaw, february.

If you look close, all of the nonsense words are real words. But maybe there is some hidden message? I don’t know. Those 5 words and one phrase stood out to me, and for some reason, I feel they might be linked. “aerial terror thresh?” (air attack, terrible) “corpse” (symbol of death and destruction) “kennel” (concentration camps? There are 600+ of them in the US, are they going to use them?) “shrill” (fear) “bylaw” (what law? The law of tyranny?) “february” (this month?).

I, of course have no clue, that’s just how my brain made some sort of sense of the scrambled message. Maybe a trigger word thing, but maybe an encoded message of some sort, an omen? prediction? I dont’ know.

It’s very interesting. I’ll give it some more thought. What does everyone else think?

Ned Walsh

(Anonymous) #3

Hi Cesco!

Google Maryanne Colon and you will find a group shilling stock in a RFID company involved in oil tech

There is more.