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(Anonymous) #1

Its’ been 2 years since Cbswork named Terrance Littleton(agency suit) as the one who ordered the sinister Dr. of Neurology to sabotage my life and my girlfriend’s at the time.
Cbswork even revealed to me the doctor’s name before I knew it. How is that for a psychic moment ?
Finally and
with the help of boosting, gifting and some divine intervention I was able to rid myself of the sociopathic Dr. and his twisted ambition to put me away for making(HARMLESS) orgonite and posting about it on the old agent run .
Hamstrung for 2 years by a bogus restraining order, which my girlfriend was brain washed into getting by the Neurology Doctor , the two of us were unable to share what we knew to be true about the evil Agency Dr. and to talk openly about his work mind controlling children and adults.

Unlike myself the old girlfriend has been living a life of hell since she met the imposter who deeply programmed her and who still controls her behavior as her handler today.
Sticking to the fundamental brain washing technique of dissociating the victim from family and friends, the Dr. had her leave the state, sell her lovely home at a loss, lose the emotional support from friends, distance the children from their father and relocate 100’s of miles away from relatives in order to continue to brain wash and control her.
Unfortunately for her that has meant moving to the epicenter of covert agency mind control and programming at the UNC.