UFO Around The Sun?

This topic started around the internet the last 5-7 days and now the pictures mentioned can’t be found on the official NASA website!
That means they are hiding something IMO

The pictures that revealed these strange metallic spheres around the sun are gone from the website

So here they are for your pleasure, I managed to find copies online and I’ll spread them far and wide!

The link is dead…

Here’s a copy
Look on the right in the corona, there are 2 metallic spheres

and that one
The link is also dead.

Copy there:
Look at the bottom the mettalic sphere

Here’s a most recent (23rd january), that is still working:
Look on the top left there are 3 spheres…

I Wonder how long it will take them to delete it, tell me, I’ll post it online again

If you look at that last picture and zoom in on them, they all look identical in shape and size. Why UFO’s would be hanging out in the corona of our sun perplexes me.


there is also a link at youtube

it appears we are getting closer to full disclosure

stay tuned, there is a lot more to come in the near future.

AL, Yes I also think it’s close, they can’t hide the facts any longer

Why UFO’s would be hanging out in the corona of our sun perplexes me.

I wish I had the slightest clue to answer this question…

What amazes me also is the size of these objects! they might look small there, but they are actually bigger than earth!

So the idea of comets, asteroids etc. is totally excluded, or we have some new planets

I ahve been taking screenshots as well before they were removed. They were as many as 3 spherical disc’s (apparently the size of earth) changing position ove rthe last few days. I am sure the sewar rats are shitting bricks as they try to airbrush them out before people could view them. That is why they moved around so much I believe… There is a tremendous amount of solar activity occurring that usually relates to earth changes…. Pretty cool stuff whatever it is. Nasa trie dot blame it on a softare glitch that “they were working onfixing” but Software glitches dont usually reflect points of light in the way these mother ships (I think) did…

as far as disclosure, I dont really care abou tthat. When was the las ttime the maggots did anything honestly and without promotion of fear and lies. I also dont need permission to believe what I know to be true (from PERONAL experiences) and last time I check 80% of the population believed in offworld visitors. I think the benevolent ones are sending a clear message that knowing will come on there own terms…. The only reason disclosure is discussed is because they have no IDEA what to do about all of the sightings and contact experiences currently happening around the world—they are losing control and they are going to try another disinfo campaign to try and lead the hearts and minds of the people. They will fail.

And people like Stephen Greer, C2C and many other “mainstream” ufo “experts” are supporting the fear and disinfo campaign with gusto–ego’s fully engaged. 99% of what people spend all there time researching on bunk youtube videos and disinfo sites they would see that most of this is fear based garbage and focused on the greys and lizards that run the whole new age and conspiracy theory movements…. If people spent more time going within and seeking with intention a personal contact of there own they would be much closer to the truth (and self mastery)

All it takes is an open hearth, clear intent and the willingness to meet them halfway— (ie- doing the inner work) connecting with the benevolent beings is easier than most realize if you can get the programming out of the way….

sorry for all the typos, I have tried to post several times lately and my text deletes and my cursor seems to have a mind of its own and wont allow me to type normally-- anyone else experiencing this interference? I am a little tired of being monitored and having my computer messed with but I guess it goes along with the territory…. I guess they have nothing better to do….and I must be on the right track!

I like sending some juju right down the lines back into the control centers as Don once suggested, I am sure it works as I feel them when it backs up into there systems… te he… fun fun fun…

Finally, hehe, the last link is finally offline

has been replaced by:

Sure enough the Unidentified objects are gone

Here’s the original to compare

I see the original picture is raw, whereas the new one is enhaced/retouched and the spheres are replaced by stars… Just match the pictures side by side.

Whoever retouches these pictures must have a lot of things they cannot talk about

Pam, as a matter of fact I’ve been having troubles since I posted on this thread yesterday. The Explorer has not been working right. I have to keep reverting back to a previous dates settings to even get on-line. Further my e-mail account no longer displays my addressbook.

On a previous computer I had experienced the same problem you have indicated.

It’s true, these snakes have nothing better to do with their time. The Motherland Insecurity group appears to act like the Gestapo of the past. It’s just been transplanted here and updated.

Much to their dismay, their days are numbered. They won’t go out with a wimper though. We can expect all sorts of interfearance as they near their end. Trust that their end is near. I’m meditating on it. As more people put their positive energies into the universe I’m sure it will manifest.

The most exciting to me right now is that there are more and more indicators that the pj people are slowly waking up! At the same time there is infighting amoung the various factions of the controllers. INTERPOL had been granted diplomatic status here in US and the possibility of arrests is immenent. I can’t wait! The rest of the world community is not going to stand for the criminal cabal getting away with their theft any longer.

So, in short, the idea of full disclosure goes far beyond just are there, or are there not ufos. But disclosure of the fact that they have not told the truth about anything at all.

Fascinating, enormous worldships orbiting right in the blaze of the sun. At that size, they are basically travelling planets.

I’ve been reading and hearing about more and more sighting of unexplainable aerial crafts all around the world. There’s currently no official explanation for missile like objects shooting out of the ocean and into the sky in Newfoundland on Jan 25, 2010. Some people are programmed to immediately scoff and mock anyone who claims to see anything but it’s more difficult when groups of people are reporting and documenting.


Those certainly had a more terrestrial origin but you can see how flustered authorities are getting about what more and more people are seeing.