Unconditional Love

Special note: this information which has been considered esoteric and only available to a few is available to all but must be seen directly by an apparent individual.

unconditional love

You are unconditional love period. Well then, can it be proven? Absolutely positively. Will you understand it? Only if you do not use the mind as a filter. (Okay, then let ‘er rip) The truth is that you have mistaken yourself to be a ‘mortal’ or human being, all the while the truth has always been directly under your nose. In believing in your mortality, you denied your immortality otherwise known as “presence awareness” which is NOT A THING The mind will never understand what you are (presence and awareness) and to understand this you must recognize the part the mind plays as well as it’s limitations.
You are not a thing, the mind’s only recognizes things or objects. Can you guess what your next thought is going to be? Absolutely not, because thoughts arise spontaneously and they are not and have never been yours Thoughts happen by themselves and continue after this has been revealed but it loses it’ hold over The mind loves it this way because this allows it to maintain it’s temporal control over our lives and this is referred to in the bible as “sin or missing the mark.”
The mind you are accustomed in using 24/7 freaks out because it cannot put a label on presence and awareness because these are NOT THINGS Why? The mind as well as the body appear in your presence and awareness. FACT: Are you not present? Yes. Are you not aware? Yes Yes . TRUTH: do presence and awareness allow EVERYTHING AND THAT MEANS EVERYTHING to pass through (as it does 24/7) for everybody in the world UNCONDITIONALLY? YES (You are that)
When Jesus said “he who seen me has seen the father.” what did he mean? Did he mean he who has seen his physical body? No. He meant he who keeps his attention in AWARENESS has seen God or the Father as he called it.Or one might say being reborn.
(these answers are consistent with many of Jesus’ traditional teachings) He who stays grounded in awareness and not the things of the phenomenal world will discover the kingdom of heaven or God the father which is within all. Do not worry, there is nothing to achieve, you never had to do anything to do to be what you already are. All we have ever had was confusion and a bunch of undefined goals and rules that never amounted to anything that made sense.
The entire human race is just in a case of mistaken identity and you already have all the answers The answers have obscured by the mind and all of it’s super imposed contents.
Remember when Jesus said you could be happy in times of tribulation? Impossible? No, not at all. Because if your attention is grounded in awareness then the content going on all around you cannot affect you because you understand the real you is outside of time and space. That’s what Jesus meant when he said I am in the world, but I am not “OF THIS WORLD.”
Jesus always spoke the truth, but has not been understood by dogmatic misinterpretation for many years. OKAY, TRY THIS What did Jesus mean when he said “If thine eye be single your body will fill with light.”? Was he talking about your third eye? No. Was he talking about looking out of one eye? NO. Then what on earth did he mean? He meant when you attention is grounded in single pointed awareness and not the phenomenal world, your body will be transparent and then you would be one with GOD Stay there if you like and give up all worries once and for all.
Good news, you are UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and always have been there is no way out of it. It’s up to you to accept or deny it.



Here are some clear poniters from a man by the name of Gilbert Schultz, from that land down under:


“Gilbert is extremely blunt, to the point, and spot on when it comes to conveying the truth.” The rest is up to you.


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