Undermining the Terrorism Meme Some More

Don Croft <[email protected]> Mar 11 (6 days ago)

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All of Livingstone’s stuff is solid gold, I think, though he’s biased toward Sunni traditions (probably not an important point). From what I’ve seen, it’s the Muslim clergy who were responsible for the decline of that civilization around the time of the Italian Renaissance and also the reason Muslims generally don’t know their historical roots. Knowledge of history has always been a threat to the tyranny of superstition. It got a whole lot worse after the Brits took over the Turkish empire at the end of WWI, then even worse when they established the present fundamentalism in 1979.

I’ve known a lot of people from the Mideast. Persian refugees in the 80s told me a lot about the conditions before, during and after the period when the British installed Khomeini to ensure BP’s cheap oil supply and to prevent industrialization. Until the sudden dominance of repressive clergy in that country the mullahs were afraid to wear turbans because they had created such despicable reputations for themselves in the previous century or so as more and more Persians became educated. Most of the traffic in and out of mosques was on account of their having public toilets (a rarity in those days).

Beirut, before the sudden oppression of clergy, was ‘The Paris of the Middle East,’ and all of the Muslim countries were finally experiencing the benefits of modern civilization: relaxed gender prejudice, more education, more money, industrialization, transportation, etc. The almost complete lack of attention of this crucial subject has all the characteristics of a grand-scale psychological operation. I don’t know of any other research journalist and historian except Livingston who is exploring it thoroughly, yet. Even some of the most informed conspiracy historians are deeply prejudiced against Islam.

Undermining the meme might be the shortcut to removing the present terrorist regimes (US/UK/Israel) from power sooner, though China seems to be doing it in small stages, already. These police states are entirely relying for their continued existence on public acceptance of this murderous scam.

If I were a Jew I’d probably make a better impression, since so much of the terrorist scam rests on the alleged hatred of Jews by Muslims. The simple historical fact is that a lot of the first Muslims were Jews and Christians and when the Church was committing the ‘earlier holocaust’ against European Jews, centuries ago, a lot of them found refuge in Palestine and Turkey and their descendants remained safe and prospered, there. Muslims never committed such pogroms agains Jews or Christians, nor did the Persians persecute the Zoroastrians after the majority of people had converted to Islam. Zoroaster was descended from Abraham, after all, as were Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

I think Islam’s decline as a civilization gained momentum after Tamerlane (Mongol emperor of Russia and the Central Asia steppes) weaponized it but I’m still looking into that. In the same period, the Mongol khan of Persia had pushed the Ottoman Turks, a related tribe who also came from the Asian steppes, from Persia into Anatolia and they became the Turkish Empire and also weaponized Islam. The Arabs had earlier conquered all those territories and North Africa but they never forced people to convert–it was a purely military conquest and was clearly against Muhammad’s teachings. Muhammad led battles but they were always purely defensive; He never pursued a defeated enemy, nor ever took territory.

Even the Mongols and Turks, though, pale in comparison to the unspeakable later brutality of the Roman church and no Islamic empire stopped Christians, Jews and others from practicing their religions. Greece might be the only exception but I’m still looking. I think that after the fall of Constantinople the Ottoman Turks were afraid to allow the Greeks to continue as a culture, though they never stopped Greek, Coptic or Roman Christians within the Turkish Empire (including Palestine) from practicing their religion. I think it’s helpful to know that if one is determined to break free of mind control memes.

The willful stupidity of the sleepwalking majority, meanwhile, is evident in the fact that they passively accept the notion of terrorism even though there has never been a de facto terrorist event. The few fake ones, which happened many years ago, were exposed well enough that even the sleepwalkers won’t deny it. If the majority actually did have strong emotions about alleged terrorists then everyone reading this would probably be in concentration camps or mass graves long before now. When Hitler’s boys burned the Reichstag and blamed the commies, for instance, most of the German citizenry happily turned in their guns. Dr Reich actually wrote a book explaining why communism couldn’t possibly succeed in industrialized Europe at the time and he had been a communist before he wrote it. According to him, it could only be accepted in an agrarian society that has no middle class, which in fact were the conditions in Russia and China in those days.