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Somehow, there have been some univited registrations and I just deleted a dozen or so of them from the user list. It’s possible that one or two of them were invited by me but since an unfamiliar username was used and there was no personal information in the profile section I have no way of knowing who they are. If you’re one of the latter, just email me and we’ll discuss why I consider that sharing, publicly, at least one’s name is a prerequisite to genuinely standing up to the world odor, okay? Otherwise, we might be calling this forum, Etheric Clever Hiders. Well, maybe not so clever, since the NSA and/or your own country’s sewer rat agency probably knows all about you, so you’re not hiding from them; only from us.


Update: Alejandro just informed me that Eduardo had to quickly eliminate a lot of the Administration functions last week (when the sewer rats also suddenly and entirely destroyed my [email protected]email account, by the way), including the registration process, because hackers had gotten into the admin section to try to destroy teh site, yet again. This might have been the first severe test of Ale’s and Eduardo’s timely ministrations on our behalf–thanks, guys!

I should have known some new hacking was afoot when emails from a few of our bigger zapper/pendant distributors suddenly started disappearing before I could answer them, a couple of days before the email account was killed. The rats also interfered with some of those payments in the mail, too, which they rarely do these days. We’ll go after them when we get a few minutes, though. It’s usually FBI thugs who are assigned that sort of work and stupid guys like that are the easiest etheric targets–good subjects for predator-blasting practice, if you’re having trouble with them, too.

Eduardo’s so good at his job that he managed to still funnel all that email to my current account, beyond the reach of the CIA, NSA, and MI666 dung beetles.

It means that all those folks who got onto the userlist, after that, were put there by the feds, themselves. Thanks for showing your hand, $#!+birds!

If you’re an okay person, whom the feds inserted into the userlist, my condolensces to you for having been used and we can discuss registering you, in that case. Just email me, okay? There are lots and lots of creative ways to turn things around on the world odor these days because they’ve lost their center and are strutting around like headless chickens. Pretty ridiculous.

I see that someone has been charged with sedition and advocating the violent overthrow of the US Gov’t. I think the fellow is merely a disinformant in need of validation, so let’s see if anything comes of it. In my case, I never advocate violence against the government. That’s because:

  1. ‘The Government’ only exists on paper (paper tiger?)

  2. Anyone who gets a federal paycheck is technically a traitor by now, according to the very clear description of the US Constitution

  3. Violence against a paper corporation is counterproductive; lawful secession by at least one state is the key to finding ways to appropriately punish federal traitors, not shooting them, though it might be appropriate to let them all (twenty million or so, by now, including all the new Fatherland Security Administration jackboots and bureaucrats?) live in Washington, DC, with a force field around it. If I weren’t a nice guy, I’d advocate the lawful punishment for treason, which is death by hanging.

Lots of folks praise me when I write posts about dolphins, healing the earth, etc., then they treat me like an embarrassing uncle when I write things like this. What they apparently fail to comprehend is that, on a planetary as well as on a personal scale, ‘curing’ is as essential as ‘healing’ is. Right now, there’s a cancer in the body politic of this planet, for instance. It’s most apparent in London and Washington, DC, so acknowledging this cancer and then aggressively going after it (as some of us do, internationally, each week) is the first step toward erasing it. Just like with ordinary zappers, cancer is cured with mild but potent energy, intelligently and persistently applied.

I’ve never known of a case of cancer that just goes away because it’s ignored, have you? Nor does hacking away at it with knives, poison and nukes do much good in the long run.

Let’s all grow up and take responsibility for our planet, okay? Remember that the new paradigm’s clear trends are decentralization, new awarenesses and the empowerment of the individual, meanwhile. Empowered individuals don’t ignore life-threatening dangers, don’t you agree?

On the other hand, since the worst among the world odor are apparently dug in by now (thousands of new underground bases around the world), maybe all we need are a few thousand well-placed earthpipes to stop all their nasty fun.


The tide of uninvited users keeps coming. Today I deleted three unwelcome guests from the memberlist. We’ll be working with Eduardo to eliminate this problem real soon, by disabling the registration function altogether. Until that time, if you see any abnormal posts, email me to [email protected] and I´ll take care of it asap. We also have to put up the profile button on the menu bar so the members can change their password and other info without passing through one of the admins. We´re working out all the “bugs” that come out when the forum is in use, Thanks rats, for pointing out the remaining security vulnerabilities, we couldn’t do it without you guys!

I’ve been hearing from some of the univited EW users and I’m heartened to know that they’re mainly unaware that this is an invitation-only forum. I’ve asked Ale to set up a registration process in which we have to approve an applicant before he/she can post something.

This note from someone who registered on his own was interesting and heartening, so I want to share it, also my response:

> I was unaware of invitational requirement, because it allowed me to create
> an account there anyways. But anyhow, i would like to ask if i would be
> allowed entry into the forum as a registered user. I’m very interested by
> the route in which all of the users are working on. And I find it awesome
> that orgonite is something i had never heard of up until a week ago or so.

> I have spent a great deal of time and energy seeking out information about
> government coverups and coveted stories from the media. I believe that
> phrase “the meek are inheriting the planet” is a true one, there are tons
> of people waking up and i feel that i myself am one of them. I am interested
> in being apart of a group of people who have the interest of doing good for
> others. I found myself on ethericwarriors website some time ago after a
> long exhausting research session. It seems to me that instead of going out
> after work i come home and just constantly read and read and read.

it seems like
> i am looking for something and i’ve reached a state where i am no longer
> searching but i am knowing a great deal about myself and the actions of
> the world. I’ve read so many posts on this forum, alot by you i’ve noticed,
> and i’ve found all of your posts are so deeply engulfed with information, and
> confirmation of things i’ve read, and that some of the things you mention
> are not quite under my magnifying glass yet but you’re insighting me to go
> forth and learn more.

So i would be interested to hear back from you because i really would like to take part in this
> little community that seems like there is nothing “little” about it.
> Thanks for your time, and i’m sorry also for infringing upon creating an
> account without invitation.
> -Ryan


Ryan, it’s natural to assume that what we’re doing has some aspects of an organization but, in fact, most people who do exemplary work in this movement don’t care to participate in forums and most of the people who do no work at all seem obsessed with posting on forums.

I can see that you’re serious and have good intentions but in order to get invited to post, here, I need to be sure that someone has been doing the work and can offer an aspect or trait that will help EW show a more rounded demographic, that’s all.

For instance, I’m inclined to invite gifters who are members of minority races, cultures, nationalities, etc.

There’s no evidence to suggest that merely posting on a board ensures that one will have more value in this effort, of course, unless the reports he/she is posting are inspiring and educating the rest of us. I’m happy to correspond with anyone who is making a good faith effort to make the world better and several other members, here, also correspond with people and can be contacted. I think the vendors account for most of the latter.

What might happen, if you start posting substantive material here, is that you will start being assaulted by the sewer rats on account of it. It’s a good test of one’s commitment but I don’t wish it on anyone. Even very prolific gifters who choose not to ahve a public profile can be assured of less scrutiny and interference by the CIA, FBI, NSA, MI666, Mossad, KGB, Chinese military freaks and other satanic agencies, which is a real blessing. I think there are just too many gifters, by now, for these criminals to adequately surveille and hinder so they save their best/worst efforts for the relative few of us who stand in the front row. The ones in front always take the spears, of course.

If you still feel inclined to participate in this forum, keep me posted on your progress with orgonite-tossing, okay?



Great Work Alejandro and Eduardo !

I had an UU (univited user)post on my metal shavings thread a few days ago asking if I was still selling aluminum shavings and then on Thursday I think you deleted him.
No matter, my post clearly says that I’m on a holiday gifting adventure in the south of France and that I’m unable to ship any until later in the month.
I’ll let you all know when I’m able to ship more aluminum when I get back to Boston and then anyone can e-mail me with an order.
Ciao from sunny France home of 1000’s of death towers and soon to be Orgone generators [Image Can Not Be Found];

As a follow up to Don’s post above mine there is another Orgonite Board that is open membership at http://www.warriormatrix.com . It’s not for me, but for some it’s a good place to share gifting stories and other intel on Orgonite and the effects of Orgone energy on the enviroment.

There are lots of gifters in Southern France, Eric, which is perhaps why you found someone else’s hidden HHg when gifting the old castle ruin, there, awhile ago. I hope you’ll take care to at least dowse whether a death tower is already busted so that you can extend your ammo or even give more of it to strangers! Otherwise, more is always better, so whatever you toss will have a good effect.

I posted Ryan’s email (above) to show that some of the folks who are registering are not the enemy. It’s likely that the CIA would like us to start suspecting or even insulting honorable people in this case but, really, the only challenge may be to tweak the registration software a little bit, which our partners in Chile are doing. It looks like the sewer rats latest strategy has been to call out some of their deeper moles who have been, themselves, entirely unaware of that function and had even developed good reputations in some cases. Maybe this trend will continue, in which case it might be prudent for us to focus even more on our own individual contgributions and even less on the organizational mode, which is inescapable in any group effort, of course.

Thank God nobody, here, is calling EW a ‘family,’ at least [Image Can Not Be Found] . I don’t think I know anyone in my generation who has experienced a healthy family paradigm, growing up, but I have faith that it exists.

Most forums on the web are fairly open, after all, so why wouldn’t someone assume it’s okay to just register here in the absence of a billboard-sized, pulsating notice to the contrary? EW is simply an exception to the rule.


I’ve been unable to get into this site for days. I thought it was spoox, I guess I was banned!



OK, It’s neither. I just discovered that if I click on the saved ethericwarriors link in my bookmarks, I get this:

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.


Apache/2.0.53 (Unix) Server at ethericwarriors.com Port 80

If I click on the ethericwarriors link on my own homepage, it takes me right inot EW, signed-in.

My old bookmark: http://ethericwarriors.com/ must be no longer valid? I’ll
have to check to see what the link is on my homepage, it’s embedded.

Now I’m thinking I have been trying to access a dead link to this site because I had the wrong link
but my website has the right link. ???

Think I’ll go to the homepage and change my bookmark!



Hi Everyone, the registration function has finally been disabled. Also the profile button has been put on the top of the page. Please go into your account and add your email address, this way you can receive a notification when a reply is posted on your thread or when you get a PM. All emails of users were lost when transferring the accounts to the new forum software.

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