Update from Harsa in Czech Republic

Harsa has been gifting extensively for some time and sends me updates. I’m posting this in case other gifters in his region want to support his new blogsite (I’ll get the URL and post it below) and maybe do some networking. My comments follow his. ~Don


Hi Don,
This is Harsa from Czech.
Gifting in the Czech Republic continues O.K., some new people got interested and started gifting, I am trying to disseminate information on beneficial effects of orgonite via my blog “OrgoNet”; it has now more than thousand visitors daily – quite a lot for my country with population of 10 million. So I hope we will be able to gift our small country rather soon…
One question: I am in contact with the international movement Next-up http://www.next-up.org/intro3.php, trying to make the authorities set the limits to microvawe radiation to 0,6V/m. They have a large website containing many fieldmeter measuring data and documents proving the bad effects of radiation, etc.
I would only like to know if gifters have ever measured the radiation coming from a death tower/antenna/computer non busted and busted by orgonite and if these results can be found somewhere …
Thank you for your answer.


Thx, Harsa–if you send me the URL of your blogsite I’ll pass it along. I’m pretty sure other Czech gifters are reading this forum and some networking is usually helpful.

I think that any attention brought to the death towers is helpful, even if people believe they’re for cellphone communication

A court or two in Spain forced the removal of some death towers, several years ago, after sufficient public protest about the skyrocketing cancer rate in the vicinity of specific death towers.


Hi Don,
this is my blogspot: http://orgo-net.blogspot.com/
Don, | really would like to know if any gifters have ever tried to measure the density of radiation by a fieldmeter, for gifted and non gifted death panels/towers/computers/laptops/wifi or anything?
The Next-up movement [http://translate.google.com/translate?u]
did a lot of these measurings as you can see in their web so it cannot be difficult to do… | think it would help greatly the orgonite movement if the results could be measured exactly.

In France this spring a court also forced the removal of two deathtowers, and about twenty other processes are being lead – the French are very strongly aware of the danger…
Thank you, Harsa

Thx, Harsa! I think a tri-meter gives good readings. I wonder if a Geiger counter might also shed some light on the nature of the death towers’ energy. I doubt it’s fundamentally ‘electromagnetic’ and a geiger counter would prove it. Geiger counters evidently measure orgone energy and dont’ distinguish between the good and the bad stuff. Dr Reich wrote about that and used them to measure and demonstrate the energy potential of his orgone accumulators.

I personaly rely on my wife’s observations when we’re gifting together, since she sees the energy of the death towers, also sees the energy signature of a gifted death tower. Otherwise, the simple techniques we use are quite successful and their consistency is obvious.

There are lots of gifters who are sensitive enough to make that determination for themselves and the visual confirmations for gifting are evident enough that most don’t seem to want instrument confirmations.

I suppose measuring instruments, which are quite expensive, might help Pajama People see the benefits of orgonite, but of course they’re more likely to want to hit or shoot you if you show them anything that’s actually empowering

This is something that someone (you?) on ethericresearch.com will no doubt explore in a timely way. We do need to have some hard science for the record, of course. That will be handy when this unorganized movement eventually comes under rabid attack by academia and the corporate media. Georg and crew’s plight in Mozambique points this up.


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