Vice Vukov And Our Past

Don encouraged me to write on the forum about very famous Yugoslav singer and his tragic fate…tragic is because his career ended so suddenly because of political cause…in Yu it was not very wise to accent nationality…in wrong company…and this is what happened to him. He was punished with prohibition of public appearance. All forms of political regulation has their darker sites in this was one of them here. Our political regulation was labeled as “regime” and I know that there is A LOT of misinformation especially in USA that’s why I feell it is necessary to list very important facts of the good points which we miss very much now in our “promised better futureâ€? in this capitalism and “democracyâ€?. I regret very much loss of many values which were cultivated in past. Once we had:

1.Social state
3.No unemployment (only lazybones)
4.Not possible chicanery on work (or very rare)
5.Very good health state service
6.Possibility for getting apartment for young families and social weak people
7.Safe old age and secured retiring allowance

Nothing of this is in our so “bright every day�. But as I mentioned before there were some big mistakes and treatment of Vice Vukov is one of them. It was big loss for all of us as quality of his voice is really really nice. As my English is not something one would look forward to read, I am copying the information about him from Wikipedia. It is a little dry but at least in good English [Image Can Not Be Found]

Vice Vukov (born August 3, 1936) is a Croatian singer and politician.

In 1960s he used to be one of the most popular singers in Yugoslavia. He appeared at the Eurovision Song Contest 1963 with the song “Brodovi” and at the Eurovision Song Contest 1965 with the song “Čežnja”. Neither of the songs was successful at the Eurovision.

In 1972, after Croatian Spring, he was branded as Croatian nationalist by Yugoslav authorities. Subsequently, he was barred from performing publicly and all his records were pulled out of stores.

In 1989 album of his new songs, albeit without his name, reappeared in Croatian music stores, signalling the political change.

After the introduction of democracy to Croatia, Vice Vukov became a prominent supporter of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia. He ran several times for the seat in Croatian Parliament, finally succeeding in 2003. [1] . In 2001 he was suggested as ambassador to Switzerland.

On November 17, 2005, while descending the stairs in the Parliament building, Vukov tripped and fell, sustaining a serious head injury. He was hospitalized and underwent surgery; as of March 2006, according to his doctors, he is in a persistent vegetative state, with no chance for recovery. [2]


Very interesting article. The fact he fell while walking down the stairs in the Parliament building raises the hackles on me. The fact he was very popular and would be an advocate of change makes the whole episode very elitishly suspicious. Since he fell in the Parliament building I have to wonder if the event was caught on camera. Here in the United States, they refuse to show what the hidden cameras catch on tape (Deja Vu the Oklahoma City Bombing) Perhaps maybe in your country the people could successfully push for the release of Vice Vukov’s fall (if it was filmed) to see if it happened the way they say it did. I would think that an important political building such as a Parliament building would be alot safer for people.

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Vice is Croatian singer and citizen. He was working in capital of Croatia. I don’t know about cameras in their parliament but some accidents are just accidents. His fame passed long ago and he was not 30 years a star so such thing is hardly possible.

Unfortunately I can not attach mp3 of that song for you in this post …if anybody is interested in it let me know on my mail and I am going to send it.

But something else crossed my mind! Would you boost him…hopefully it will make him (and to his family too) some good…maybe to die peacefuly? OK?


I am boosting him now.

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