Vinegar Against Chemtrails Is NOT A HOAX!

Hello my fellow Orgonauts !
There is one issue i would like to discuss with you, and i think this suits best to be in the “Misc.”

One of the cheapest way of the healing of the atmosphere is… VINEGAR. Yes.

Our whole Czech gifting network accepted this, and we are now using it regulary as a common thing in our fight against climaterrorists.
This topic is very uncomfortable to the NWO rats, and due that fact, i was banned from one popular “wannabe” orgone dedicated forum,
i suppose you do know which forum am i talking about.

Vinegar does a lot as a support to our orgone devices. Why ? Reason is pretty simple:

It is all about the electrical charge of the atmosphere. Fellow gifters all around the world were trying to figure out how it is possible,
that such cheap and funky substance, as vinegar, is delivering such spectacular effects on the chemtrail-rich atmosphere. Here is
the simple explanation:

During the chemtrail attack, atmosphere is charged with a lots of positive ionts. Well, and dispersed vinegar is charging the
atmosphere with negative ionts.

TRY IT YOURSELF. If you see the chemtrail attack in your sector is going on – buy a liter or two of the vinegar, and disperse it on the asphalt surface of the road (it is the best platform for the vinegar to go up to the sky). Or throw black T-Shirt into the vinegar and leave it on the sunlight.
Vinegar begins AT ONCE to vapor to the sky, and sky is getting charged with the negative ionts by very aggresive chain reaction.
Within maximally ONE HOUR you will get the results.

Our folks in the heart of the Central Europe are doing it. Gifting network in Slovenia is getting spectacular results, due to organizated vinegar
dispersing during geoingeneering actions of the criminals….

Whole youtube is full of it.

Well, i guess, i fulfilled a little gap in the informations available here on EW

Thanks for the info! Very interesting topic indeed. I will surely try this out. One question though… do’s simple vinegar work or do we need a specific type?

Well there is no diference in the type of the vinegar. There are folks who are using and recomending alcohol vinegar, but from my experience it doesn’t
Here in the Europe we’v got autumn in the full scale, so our folks are using various methods to get vinegar to the sky. I just returned from a little shopping in a small town nearby. While i drove my car, i opened a bottle of the vinegar and let the heater on the full. I opened all the windows, and…. within few minutes blue sylphy sky came out ( due to the fact, that my area is gifted).

Orgonauts in Slovenia are more agressive in the aproach. They are cooking galons of the vinegar on the open sky, on the strategic spots. Destroying succesfully almost every attempt of the enemies to attack Slovenia.

Just bought vinegard to try it out! Found a new antenna on the way and gifted it – good day.

Thanks for the information.


The idea of countering thousand dollars of chemtrail with cheap vinegar is very apealing. I’ll try it.

Must be humiliating to them

Some experimentation with this new “weapon” would be useful.
We all know that a well gifted with orgonites area (antennas, water ponds, yards and houses) creates a grid of negative ions that charge the atmosphere and the environment in general with POR in a permanent basis.
Vinegar seems to act fast but for a limited period of time after the evaporation.

I don’t know what kind of observations our fellow gifters already have and I do not say it doesn’t work but as we all participate in an orgonite forum and we all know the value of orgonites I thing it’s necessary to experiment a little and answer some questions :

  1. How fast vinegar eliminates chemtrails in a non-gifted area?
  2. How fast vinegar eliminates chemtrails in a previously gifted area?
  3. How fast a cb (alone) eliminates chemtrails in comparison to how fast vinegar (alone) eliminates them?

The 1st question and the answer are both rhetoric because if it works, it works and it’s good regardless if it takes 10 minutes or 1 hour.
The 2nd answer will probably match with what Kozma says about the support that vinegar offers to the orgonite devices and…
the 3rd answer will assure us that no vinegar is needed if there is a cb around.

Thus to say, I believe that vinegar is an emergency remedy in areas with no orgone devices at all or very poorly gifted.
However what acts in a permanent basis is more beneficial for the nature and the people and it’s much easier for gifters (us) to toss tbs or install a cb than leaving what we are doing in order to evaporate vinegar in the air

Here is the data I got from a preliminary essay I just did in my hometown. The back ground info is:

The area around my house is gifted. I’m sure there are no active towers in about 1 mile radius around it. But there are still ungifted areas over the town. I gifted it recently. Before I gifted most days were of complete witheout. After I gifted I could see shitbird effort to whiteout the area (HAARP like wave pattern, chemtrails), but mostly in vain. The sky was blue with few clouds and eventual sylphs.

Today (06/11/2011) they restablished the whiteout but it seens to take them extra effort for keeping it now. The sky is clouded and white, but with no signs of rain. The weather is warm and there is almost no wind.

The sky just before the experiment. The time is 14:24

With a small hand sprayer, 250mL of vinegar was spread from my room window, wich is about 5 meters above the ground, so it didn’t form a small pond of vinegar. I made little effort to spread it, just continuosly sprayed it from my window for about three minutes.

Hand sprayer

Sky just after I sprayed (14:28)

I did the mistake of not take the photo of sky [u:ps5ybhv8]exactly[/u:ps5ybhv8] above me, but I’m shure it was completly white, with no visible blue sky. Anyone trying to reproduce it should remenber this.

After about seven minutes after the spraying, a blue hole apeared just above the spot I sprayed

Blue hole (14:35)

The hole remains (14:40)

The rest of the sky is still completly clouded (14:40)



14:43. This seens to be the apex of the hole size. It kept this way for about 2 minutes


14:47. After this point it quickly diminished until it was no longer was observable


14:47. Note the HAARP like wave pattern over the clouds. I think they felt that!

14:48. No more hole

14:50. No blue sky observable until now

The results sugests that:

A small amount of vinegar (250 mL) seemed to be enough to punch through the whiteout. It quickly reached the artificial HAARP cloud cover after 7 minutes. It seemed to keep acting on it for about 12 minutes. I think that’s the time the acetic acid stays in the HAARP like cloud layer, until it diffuses and its efects are no longer observable. It acts quickly but the effect lasts few minutes, with no remaining efect. I wonder if charging it over a cloudbuster or a HHG will increase its power. Vaporizing small amounts of the vinegar continuosly might give better results, keeping it acting continuosly over the HAARP like white out.

[Image Can Not Be Found] It has localized effect, right over the spraying spot. I couldn’t estimate the actual size of the blue hole of action, though, since I lack the experience needed for that. Note that I had no significant wind, at least at the spraying altitude. It seemed to have no wind at the whiteout layer. Wind might help spreading it, but may also dilute its efect by spreading it too much. Better results might be achieve by spreading vinegar in spots over a larger area.

Note that it action might have been supressed by HAARP like weather control. Better results might be achieved over better gifted areas.

I think it migh be usefull as an auxiliary method or for emergencies.

Note that the results shows its action over the artificial cloud layer that is kept mainly by death tower, comonly known as whiteout. I can’t say if the layer had any contribution of chemtrails (probably had). I didn’t saw any spew plane during the experiment, but, how could I see anything through all this whiteout crap! Does anyone knows at wich altitude the whiteout forms, and, at wich altitude the cloud seeding spew planes fly ???

An small beechcraft airplane just made a U turn right over my home

I wonder if it’s just coincidence.

Yes, i completely agree on your points mate. I would like to aditionaly say, that vinegar dispersion can be used in the days of the heavy spraying activity combined with HAARP action, for the purpose of the humiliation that can be caused to the climaterrorists.

I think you could try more vinegar. I usualy spend about 500 ml.
Now in those autumn days, our czech gifter Orwa invented one very effective method of the vinegar dispersion to the sky, which is pretty useful
in those days of the weather inversion supported by aerosol crimes as the support to our deployed orgone devices.
It is based on the very simple principe, look at this schematics

What is interesting is the amount of the surveiliance planes and helicopters coming over the area. People are reporting, that the hole which appears above the vinegar dispersion area, can be very quickly fulfiled by chemicals, if the area is not gifted. I won’t speculate the particular reasons, but it is confirmation good enough.
This is pretty good way how to make them feel miserable and desperate, as a quick slap, which is not trying as long, as a good, long lasting orgone bite