Ware these HAAP antennas?

For nearly 50 years these US installations on the Costa Brava (Catalonia, Sp.) have been operating under the name of Radio Liberty; let’s understand this: anti-comunist propaganda (<img border=“0” src=“file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/p/CONFIG%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.jpg” />supposedly) launched every day towards comunist countries. Till here offical version. This summer this complex has been demolished because contract has expired <img border=“0” alt=“Laughing” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-laughing.gif” />

Have a look to this site:


So, as I do not believe (I never believe) official versions on anything (a radio transmitter, ha, ha, ha) I wonder where and/or what other <font color="#000000">antennas they must have to replace these old ones.

You still can see this emplacement with googleearth

41º 59’ 27’’ N
3º 12’ 00’’ E

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