Watching A DVD Changed My Whole Day

Andy Schwarm
27 Oct 2008 21:36
Subject: Watching A DVD Changed My Whole Day…
I just finished watching Nicolas Ortner’s DVD production; “Try It On Everything,
The Revolution Starts Within.”

It’s an overview of a weekend training seminar involving EFT, or “Tapping”.
We get to see people make amazing breakthroughs with the various things
that are in their way of feeling whole, worthwhile and “happy”.

The material resonated greatly with me as this form of therapy entails a lot of
the various techniques I learned in Lifespring seminars and in other self-improvement
courses I have taken over the years, such as Neuro Linguistic Programming studies.

Nic’s DVD about Tapping" reawakened many memories of breakthoughs I
have made and witnessed others make. It reminded me that I STILL get
to have breakthoughs. That was one right there.

The methods described in this video would, I’m sure, work hand-in-hand
with orgone-work and even zapping. We can’t have too many good tools offered to us.

Thank you Nic for such a cool gift. It more than made my day! I even got
an order from Ireland; small but hugely appreciated!

To check-out Nic’s DVD and find out more about EFT go to;

I highly reccomend this DVD and it’s message!



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