We might have killed satan this morning ;-)

A year ago the psychics found a sort of animating symbol in Israel at the heart of the then-current occult strategies to generate World War Three. As usual, when we followed the energy signature we found the source, which was apparently a very tall, ancient draconian with wings who has gotten sustenance from massive-scale human suffering for perhaps thousands of years.

That freak showed up several more times, though successivelyt weaker, when we went hunting for new genocide agendae, sort of culminating, we assumed, with the psychics’ discovery of the very big, old Vril ritual site under Lake Geneva.

This morning Dr Stevo, the psychic safari personality, was indisposed due to three weeks of intense pain after he put hiys back out while building the floor of his new office/clinic. In spite of the pain, he carried almost the entire psi load last week in our Sunday chatblast session because Dooney and Carol were too tired to do much, then.

Carol saw a Mongolian at the head of the attack on STevo, surrounded by five psychics who were attempting to hide him from us. She said he’s a ‘dark master in training,’ and of course ‘Fu Manchu’ who took a seat right beside Carol on a plane, early this year, was a dark master who apparently got sanctioned for failing to mess Carol up. I say, ‘appparently’ becuase he hasn’t been seen by any of the psychics since he showed up in 3D that day. I think a lot of sewer rats commit the fatal error of underestimating our female cohorts

Dooney said, ‘Hey, there are dracs behind this guy!’ and we helped her dodeck them all out of the way, including that freak. A Jesuit ‘fell on the grenade’ in an attempt to get the psychics to assume that this was a Jesuit strategy. What a guy! Give him a medal! Our guys have gotten pretty good at seeing these misdirects.

The dracs were in a ritual room and Carol saw a door behind the altar, behind which was the large, winged draco I mentioned above. I once saw a draconian and most of them look just like the Scottish Rite image of ‘Baphomet, the hermaphroditic she-goat.’ That’s the horned figure with slitted pupils that’s shown in inverted (satanic) pentagrams in masonic literature.

I’ve long suspected that this draconian is also the figure worshipped, er I mean identified, as satan by fundamentalist Christians and other irrational chumps. ‘Fallen angel,’ my @$$.

We had apparently weakened this freak enough that he couldn’t hide from us any more. The first time the psychics saw him he was presenting a fearsome image in a stream of white energy that was shooting out the top of the GReat Pyramid at Giza during one of the Mossad warmaking rituals. We did miss the beat when Mossad started firing all those misslles at Israel from Lebanon, I’m sorry to say, but maybe we’ve prevented a lot worse stuff in the past year, like Teheran getting nuked.

Anyway, we’ll stay on it. This week we took a lot of time to fix Dr STevo and also to work on getting Dr von Peters out of the hotseat with a certain state medical board who periodically tries to put him out of business. We found some pretty reprehensible serial killers on that board when we dodecked them all today <img border=“0” alt=“Wink” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-wink.gif” />. The way we can tell when a predatory government bo dy like this has been defeated is that they simply stop sending threatening letters to the would-be sacrificial victim. You probably know that there are only a handful of genuine physicians left in this benighted country, two of whom are gifters.

One of those two, Dr Stevo, could fill a wall with the trophies he’s taken from among the sewer rat hierarchies during our weekly chat sessions.

When we nailed that old freak several others among us also felt a lot of relief because he had personally corded a lot of us.

The last thing we did this morning was to see whether Andy Schwarm of ctbusters.com needed help getting rid of interferene with his biz. I"m happy to say that he broke the latest attempt by re-gifting Mt Wilson, which is where Carol saw the radionics assault getting sent from. I won’t mention who was engineering the assault but a lot of folks can probably guess. We did that guy and his voodoo wife for good measure. They, too, are finding it harder and harder to withstand our efforts, I"m happy to report. Carol sees the wife as a draconian.

If you’re reading this and have a hard time accepting it, don’t worry. I don’t think it’s necessary for anyone at all to believe what I’m reporting but I want something in the record. Last week we did a whole lot of work but I forgot a lot of it before I got around to reporting it, nor did anyone else report about it. I remember that we helped John Leach and Igor Cinti overcome a new wave of Jesuit dirty magic directed at them and their families, on account of the incredible gifting they’ve both been doing in and around Rome.

By the way—a few days ago I posted a request for someone to get busy with Lake Geneva, also with London. The day after I posted that a tornado touched down in London. This was unmistakably a HAARP assault and is entirely unnecessary these days. There are a lot of good gifters in England but I don’t think anyone’s taken responsibility for doing London, yet. As far as I know, there are a few cloudbusters in the metro area, at least, but if the death towers are still mostly functioning the sewer rats can overcome the beneficial effects of cloudbusters in an urban area. When you figure that there’s normally one new death transmitter for every 2000 people you know that the concentration of death towers in London is quite dense and menacing.

I thinik a score of good people have gifted the usual ‘high energy’ sites and this is wonderful; more is always better but anyone who will systematically gift London will be striking a grievous blow to the world odor, in my opinion.



Sounds like an awesome time. I’d like to start helping out with chatblasts again, I had a bit of a break for awhile. It’s a long and unimportant story.

Anyway, I was wondering when the chatblasts are held now, I looked around the site, but couldn’t find it readily. I know they are on Sunday, but I don’t know what time, (East Coast time zone). I would have emailed you about this, but you recently said that you weren’t receiving all your emails, so I thought I’d post about it.



Sure, Ned–every member is welcome to blast with us on Sundays and, as you can see, most of the members here don’t show up in the chats, which is certainly alright & is evidence that none of us are motivated by peer pressure or conformity. It’s 1PM your time, which is to say 1800GMT.

Reminder: if any member gets into trouble with any of the sewer rat agencies or treasonous governments (assuming that it didn’t happen on account of breaking scarce, genuine laws) he/she is very welcome to ask for our help on Sundays. We’ve kept a lot of the world odor’s would-be victims out of harm’s way over the years.


Since that chat session, Carol and I have experienced a lot of ‘new’ hacking in the form of disappearing emails. It’s literally happening to our mailboxes right in front of us

So, if you emailed me and didn’t get an answer, this is why. In Carol’s case, her PayPal order confirmations are getting erased, though at least the customers are getting what they ordered.

I bet you hate PayPal as much as we do but for those of us who work outside of the Babylonian system it’s a necessary evil, like driver licenses and state-issued photo IDs (both of these ARE the national ID cards that the feds promised they’d implement).

Next Sunday we’ll probably look into MI5’s announcement that they’re ‘tracking 30 plots to bomb London during Christmas’ which tells us that MI5/6 are conducting thirty separate plots to bomb London . I think we can prevent them.

Hopefully, we’ll have time to launch another assault on the hacker horde’s cadre, too. I think we’re gradually getting to the bottom of this epidemic but it’s time consuming, so we don’t get to it every Sunday.


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