We need YOUR help! (Urgently)

(Egoli.buster) #1

Folks, this is a cry for help!

We are in the middle of some of the busiest gifting schedules ever and there’s nothing that can stop us. (except death or total and immediate ruin)

Because we are so busy I have had less time (and will have less time in the next 4 weeks) to communicate with our friends and customers in the usual frequency.

The basis of our ever extending gifting acitivities is the prosperity of our orgone and zapper business www.orgonise-africa.net

We feel that the other side has concentrated it’s efforts on destroying exactly this economic base from which we are operating.

This was done by hacking my German speaking forum at www.geistig-frei.com/cb exactly when Kelly (Laozu) arrived here for extended and time consuming joint gifting activities.

So I had little time to fight back and get things in order there, because the hosting company “was not able” to perform the simple task of restoring the directory to what it was before interference because of “miraculous” malfunctions in the server backup program.

Of course all just a coincidence…

This whole last week I’ve been hampered with a strange flu with fever that held me in bed for 3 days.

At the same time orders have suddenly slowed down in March to a level way below average which will not allow us to survive this month end (without massive Sh…t in our face) if this trend continues.

I have no idea if this is a sudden lack of interest in our products (unlikely, I think) or if subtle foulmouthing campaigns are being waged behind our backs.

What I can see is that our psychic friends see a deliberate effort to suffocate our business and thereby stop our effort to orgonise Africa sufficiently to prevent the New World Order from completeing the takeover including the biochemical genocide.

Maybe the impression is created that we are not there or some unknown trouble has befallen us so it’s better not to order from us??

Well, that is not true. We have been open for business and we want your business more than ever.

Or is it just the protracted winter in large parts of the northern hemisphere?

A certain point of desperation has been reached so that I feel compelled to launch this appeal to come to our rescue immideately and massively!

We are not asking for handouts but for proper consideration of our attractive range of products which are based on 4 years of experience in applying orgonite on a continental scale, manufacturing it to ever higher standards of beauty and energetic effect and shipping it worldwide.

So this is the schedule I will not change, no matter what happens:

23 Feb – 9 March : Vortex gifting with Kelly/Laozu (done)

19-26 March: Marine gifting along the Coast from Durban up to Bazaruto Island in Mozambique

5-20 April sailing trip from Durban to Cape town to gift that coastline too.

The 2 boat trips together cover some 3000 km of coastline which will be spiked with dolphin cups (courtesy of Steve B in Toronto who has also generously made the upcoming cruise to Bazaruto possible)

The next big thing is the upcoming “Great North Tour” along the Great rift Valley traversing Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and maybe Eastern Congo. For this trip I’m still looking for participants who have 6 weeks of spare time in July and August this year. Participation is on a fair cost sharing base and after that trip you will have seen a lot of Africa.

For all this to happen we need to sail on a wave of positive support, emotionally, financially and logistically.

We need an abundance of orders to make this happen and those of you in a somewhat comfortable economic position who feel it in their heart that we’re doing the right thing can support us with direct sponsorships as well.

Please have a look at our website www.orgonise-africa.net for the great range of well crafted orgonite products, zappers and other related items at very attractive prices.

To end the blockage and initiate a real springtime awakening I will also announce a surprise discount on our website in the next few hours.

Greetings from South Africa

Georg Ritschl

(Egoli.buster) #2

Dear friends in this formidable orgone network!

We have exerienced a wonderful wave of support and already feel much better now! Thanks to all of you ou there.

We’ve just returned from the first ocean buster tour. Report to follow.

Special discount on all orders oin our website is still on for tonight.

speak to y’all later!