Website About Orgonite In Portuguese

I would like to announce (ahem) a portuguese website about orgonite where one can find tutorials on how to make it and suggestions on what to do with it, beyond keeping it to yourself and giving it to your friends and loved ones.

As far as I know it is the only website in portuguese about orgonite and will hopefully encourage people in Portugal, Brazil and the “lusophone” countries of Africa to make and gift their orgonite.

Portugal for one seems to be the only country is western Europe which still has not been extensively gifted and despite Je’s goodwill and tremendous energy I would personally like to see some locals gifting over there as well [Image Can Not Be Found]

A page (in portuguese) containing translations to some of coach Dooney’s etheric exercises is also in preparation.


P.S. Je, would you write a post about it in the spanish forum too? It might help.

great stuff, Carlos. We might make some extra leaflets for our Mozambique trip (lusophone Africa) with this link on them. Would you be able to design a leaflet in portuguese for that purpose?

Sure! Knowledge is power
Maybe we can sneak in some basic orgonite making instructions. I’ll have to be more economic with the text though – I tend to write a lot
Will email you about it.


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