Welcome to the New Etheric Warriors Forum!

Hi Everyone, the new forum is finally ready. Let me know by PM or email ( [email protected] ) if you have any problems logging in or with other functions of the the forum. There is a FAQ button that has alot of info about using the forum, read that first if you are having problems. Please explore the functions of the sofware, you can post video files from youtube or google , real, flash or quicktime. Many posts of the past couple of months have been lost, please re-post any of this material if you wish. Thanks to Cesco for the new logo, now displayed on the top of the page, and to Eduardo for saving all the valuable info of the past years and for all the programing.


The recent topics box takes a little time to get used to: It took me a while to figure it out, but I´m dumber than average, so don’t worry. When you place the cursor on the box the topics stop moving, when you move the cursor up the topics move in the same direction and at the same speed, when you move the cursor down nothing happens, this way you can´t scroll down as slow or fast as you want.


If your trying to email Don Croft, please do so at [email protected] . The [email protected] adress has been re-directed @wildblue.net

Hi Ale.

I just uploaded a few images using Internet Explorer and had no trouble.

I particularly like the fact that EW can now apparently host images so no need to host them elsewhere and post the links here.

Good jpb guys and thanks to you all.


Glad to hear that IE worked fine for you, Dan. I was using the latest IE that comes with windows vista, so maybe its just that version that doesn´t work for pics and videos. Also, the link to the chat room is not working yet, and the archive’s database has to be “re-loaded” so its not working for the moment. Please let me know if you find any other problems or glitches with the forum, please try all the buttons, links and functions you can.


Great job, Ale and Eduardo~! Thanks for the timely submission of the lovely new logo artwork, Cesco!

Please send energy to Alejandro and Eduardo, folks. I know they spent some late-night hours to accomplish this for our benefit.

It’s fun to see some of the speculation on the web about why EW has been down this time and some of the disinfo sites are finally taking the hint and faking their own hacker demise in order to seem more genuine

Imitation is the best kind of flattery, of course.


I"m told that Eduardo was a little skeptical about the amount of CIA and MI666 hacker interference we’ve been encountering but that now he’s a believer. It’s good to keep some healthy skepticism, of course.

More secure format means we can spend less time smacking hackers and their sewer rat masters, by the way.


My first email at the new addy (other than Ale’s updates) was from Mike, a fellow flyer and potential fellow Etheric Air Force volunteer in Wales. I’m posting some helpful suggestions from him (below). I’ll also answer a couple of his questions (Hi, Mike):


In order to reach the site delete the existing favourite and search on
google then click the link and it comes to the new website.

It’s the old links that aren’t working. I waited for days thinking that it
was hacked and you were struggling with it.
As soon as I deleted the favourite link, and did a search on google I got
straight through.

Hope the flying is going well:-)
Not been able to get a loan of a microlight, so it will have to wait now
until mid September.

Do you know of any problems through security with the HP and SP?

Are there any gifters out Perth way you know of?


People rarely have trouble with the airport Gestapo with any of the devices we use, don’t worry. If you’ll wear the HP you’ll probably shut down teh metal detector, so don’t bother removing the metal from your person, okay? It’s a fun experiment and kind of confirming. Apparently, metal detectors, like most other world-odor tech, run on DOR [Image Can Not Be Found]

An American Gestapo in New York once took a SP from me when I was returning from a trip to Africa but, after that, I simply took the battery out of the box whenever I had a SP in my carry-on bag. Putting the SP in checked luggage is more certain but, even so, I think it’s a good idea to remove the battery and open teh thing up. They can probably detect the radio signal.

The first time we encountered that ability was seven years ago, when we were parked at an RV campground in the Florida Keys. I had just hooked up a 15Hz circuit to the energy grid under the floor of the Zapporium and a big chopper with weird instruments sticking out came roaring over the campground and circled just above the trees. I unplugged the circuit and the chopper started looking elsewhere. This was an extremely weak signal but they apparently picked it up with satellite. At the time, we were aiming our then-new cloudbuster, wiht extended pipes, at the persistent thunderhead over Homestead Air Force Base, 60 miles away. In those days, I think orgonite and concentrated, healthy orgone in general, was an extremely potent irritant to the world odor. Now, I think they’re kind of numb and more concerned with their own survival than with our defeat. Too bad we can’t find an unoccupied continent or moon for them all and the fun part is that they probably can’t even wipe their own @[email protected] without the help of MKids or other braindead slaves. The defeat of the world odor is the automatic liberation of those untold millions of programmed walking assets, of course. It takes a huge amount of infrastructure to keep them all drugged and asleep, after all. That means it takes a pirated global economy, since the world odor are only parasites.

We obliterated that thunderhead, by the way, which is probably why one of the air force’s slick little flying saucers buzzed us when we left that campground, a couple of weeks later.

Two years later, we busted the underground base at Homestead, also the huge HAARP array on top of that artificial hill (made with the dirt they excavated from underneath) and we got treated to a barrage of green lightning, followed by a mini-hurricane (the jet stream, locally forced down on deck?) and a massive torrent for a few minutes, about an hour later on the highway through Miami–what fun!

I hear from busy gifters in Oz, now and then, but they generally don’t network much. If you see signs that a lot of gifting has been done in W Australia, please let me know, okay? ~Don

Compliments on the great work on the new forum guys.
Here is a full version of the new logo:

I liked the design right away, Cesco, and thanks for sending it along in such a timely way! Maybe, before very long, this will be as omnipresent as the logos for Ford, Nabisco, Exxon, Coca Cola and Trojan

Thx, Ale, for keeping Genghis Kilroy’s inspiring art on the introduction page. It’s ‘St Georg Slaying the Tapeworm,’ by the way. Here are some paintings from johnkilroy.com, including a portrait of Cesco and one of John (Genghis):




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