We're back up! It took quite a bit of time

It took quite a bit of time, sweat and effort but we did it.

I hope you enjoy the upgrade. The site should now work smoothly. It was no small feat, but we managed to upgrade the forum software to the latest version, hopefully solving the registration problem we’ve been experiencing.

We had to deal with quite A LOT of interference, needless to say.


way to go steeve and jacques! the new upgrade looks great! it’s good to be back running again.

I can see the site returns a “database error” when posting and viewing some topics, however there doesnt seem to be any problem whatsoever. Posting still works fine…

Will investigate and fix asap.

Like steeve said, there was alot of interferrence durring this procudure.

Yesturday when Steeve and Jacques was working on the site, a jackhammer managed to break the fibe optic connection to our servers in montreal University/Cathcart Street corner.

On Monday February 13th 2007 at 17:30 (GMT-5) construction workers ruptured a major fibre path that connects our data centre with our upstream providers. As a result servers were offline from 17:30 (GMT-5) to 4:30 (GMT-5). </font>

Unlike what we were told the “redundant” fibre lines share the same conduit, a critical flaw that we will be correcting in the coming days. We’re extremely sorry for any problems this may have caused you, this is by far the longest downtime we’ve experienced in the 6 years we’ve been in business and we will make sure it doesn’t happen again."

See anything related here?

When the psychics in the chatroom looked in on Jacques, Steeve and Jean Pierre on Sunday they saw these resolute, highly skilled fellows (and the Montreal-based server itself) utterly besieged by scores of sleepless hackers. ‘Fire ants’ was the analogy Dooney used for the hacker horde, this time

We did the requisite boosting and our whale friends apparently took an active interest in interfering with the NSA/CIA and MI6 hackers’ management cadre, again.

Taking down the entire server with a MI6 jackhammer might be a sign of desperation–sour, sewer rat grapes <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />. Come to think of it, maybe they did it IN a sewer. They prefer to work underground, after all. We like to see signs of these traitors’ desperation in the face of our continued success (and survival; even prosperity) in spite of their efforts but we sure don’t want our good friend, JP, to have to deal with them on our account, of course.

His dedication to our continuing, secure presence (along with some of the French sites) on his server has often confirmed my hunch that EW and Carol’s and my business website are much better hosted outside the US and we’re deeply grateful for these three guys, of course. I particularly wish that Jean Pierre, our host, will ultimately prosper more and more because of his association with the orgonite boards and sites.

The site looks even better, guys, and I’m looking forward to some other pleasant surprises that you’ve no doubt brought in over the past few days.

We’re all deeply in your debt, especially to JP. Until we found him Carol and I took our site through a succession of American hosting IPs who all bent over for the felonious feds (our previous, .org site, wass hosted BY the feds: Yahoo, and they cut us off, almost five years ago, the day after I posted our first report about how to easily disable the then-new death towers). THANKS, Jean Pierre!!

I should point out, too, that apparently the sewer rats tried much harder, this time, to destroy EW than they did the two times, in late 2005, that they did manage to destroy it so Steeve and Jacques are well ahead of the sewer rats’ learning curve by now.


OOps–I should have included Alex among the guys who have husbanded EW through this tough test. Thanks, Alex Emarde (he’s got quebecorgone.com and the related board and sites), for your frequent, unselfish help!


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