What Teleported?


Relating this story a friend told me about a motor cycle accident he had in London a couple of weeks ago. He was going along and all of a sudden there was a truck in frount of him. No time to swerve or reaction.

A blink later the bike is on the side. Part of the break clutch broken off. He’s standing uninjured on the sidewalk wondering how in gods green earth he got there and the truck is long gone.

In my childhood I had something similar: Climbing on a cliff face in the maritimes, at the top the bolder I was on starts to shift. I remember knowing that part – reacting with ‘oh shit’ – blank. Then 30-ish feet away from the cliff (was angled) with a large rock on my leg. Couple of egg sized bumps and nothing else.

Anyone know about these phenomena?


It’s not always the good guys saving someone. He could have been abducted and they implanted the event into
his head to cover their tracks while they messed with him.

This speech by 80-year old Bob Dean on 25 July 2009 touched my heart…
Not so much because of the topics addressed – but by the humorous way he
describes this journey we’re on as humans. A journey which crushes our paradigms indeed,
yet is fascinating at the same time.


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